Hoodere: Time to Plan Out in a Newer Way [App Review]


Definitely, these days, application development is getting people to utmost craze. Out there, everyday new striking apps are hitting the stores that are indeed innovating our lives.

One of the unique apps coming out of Pakistan recently is Hoodere, founded by Sameer Noorani, who was previously high-paid employee at McKinsey. His inspiration and thrive to launch the product, made him to quit this job.

So to start off, Hoodere is a social application designed to convert your virtual hangouts and meeting plans into reality. Put simply, Hoodere uses Facebook – as a platform – to discover, plan and coordinate hangouts and meetings with your Facebook friends.

You can access the app from the web, iPhone/iPad or through Android devices.

Designed in a simple and collaborative way, Hoodere will let you plan a hangout, trip or activity that will be broadcasted to your Facebook friends, who can of course join you in to add more fun to your events. Similarly, you can remain aware of the future plans and happenings of your social circle.

So from planning to coordination, with bunch of features, Hoodere is intended to connect your social-media friends in the real life with parties or other activities.

Check below video to understand Hoodere well:

Designed with a catchy interface, Hoodere has this ability of indulging the users at once.

If we say that Hoodere is a merger of various apps and ideas then it would not be wrong. The app is fairly a combination of Check-Ins with photos and ideas for plans to be shared as an addition. Other than it, this app is getting itself to compete at a place where Foursquare has previously come, got enjoyed and went back to crust.

Hoodere currently integrates with Facebook only. More integrations with other social-networking platforms – such as LinkedIn and Twitter – can fetch more audience for the app.

Currently Hoodere is just a collaborative platform, however, one can hope to see more features and value from the app in coming days.

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