Zong Launches Customer Care App for Smartphones


Zong has launched its Customer Care App for smartphones. Now Zong’s customers who possess Smartphones can check their profile, current balance, perform various activities on their number, get information and know about latest promotions, amongst many other services through this wonderful app.

The app can be downloaded for free from Zong’s website or by clicking HERE. There are no charges for using this App; however, standard GPRS charges do apply. Details of transferring the Customer Care App to your smartphone are provided below.

Once the transfer is complete, open up the App in your smartphone and enter your number without zero, for example 31XXXXXXXX, and click on register. Once you complete this procedure a Password/PIN will be sent to you via SMS; do not share your password/PIN with anyone as it will give them access to your account and information.

Installation Steps:

  • Download the App and copy the file
  • Place it in your Smartphone’s memory card
  • Plug the memory card in your Smartphone
  • Access the memory card through your mobile
  • Click the file and select Install
  • Register your Zong number
  • Sign In and Use the application

This can be a very useful application, but it will serve a very small fraction of Zong’s customers as only about 3% of Pakistan’s total cellular users own a smartphone. Nonetheless, its a brilliant step towards automating the customer support.

  • I moved to Zong thinking that I should support it even if their services are of poor quality. But now I am changing my mind, ye bohat nakammi company hay quality wise. Zong remaining gprs sms minutes service stopped working after few weeks. This app didn’t work with my android 2.2, installer said parsing error.

    aur Zong ke websites dekho english mistakes to aam se baat, broken links, broken images, porani informations, main page per ad banner bardi screen ka jo aksar computer users kay monitors wide na honay ke wajah say banda comfortably close nahi kar sakta.

    quality is network ki kabhi bhi theik nahi ho sakti. networks ke jesi base shuru main ban jati waisi he aakhir tak quality aur policies rehtin.

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