Pakistan May not Open YouTube Immediately, Even After Removal of Anti-Islamic Video


We are told that Pakistanis are anxiously waiting for YouTube to start appearing on their screens – without proxies – especially when Google has removed anti-Islamic movie from YouTube.

However, that’s not happening – in next few days at least – as government is not definitive about lifting the ban on YouTube even after removal of the objectionable video.

Before the recent development,  Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority were working together to work out the arrangements with Google to get YouTube back in Pakistan.

Then there came a news from US that a federal court there ordered Google to remove an anti-Islam movie from YouTube over copyright claims from an actress who appeared in the video.

Google, while complying with the court-order, started removing the video from its website.

However, Pakistan is still not planning to unblock the access of YouTube in Pakistan based on the fact that Google has announced to fight the decision and all the blasphemous videos may return back to their life.

A source in Information Ministry confirmed ProPakistani that MoIT, PTA and Google are collaborating to bring the website back. He said that there are points/steps in hands now on which everyone has agreed but they may require some time to get implemented.

According to Google, our source told, out of 4,320 copies of “Innocence of Muslims”, just 1400 copies were removed and replaced with a message (pictured above). Remaining copies of the video are being removed by YouTube and may take few more days.

Moreover, our source further opined, there is no guarantee that these videos will not come back on the website and hence unbanning YouTube without reaching a conclusive understanding is not possible.

Our source confirmed that YouTube will be back – thanks to the arrangement between MoIT, PTA and Google and not because US court ordered the removal of the video.

Unfortunately, there is no timeline available for that.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Google lost their case in the re-appeal also! update your news to reflect the facts!

    • No, they did not. they wanted to keep the video online UNTIL the appeal was heard, but the court ruled no so they had to take it down.

      The court has not heard the appeal yet, that will take months.

  • good decision. This is a bad news for bollywood youtube songs shedai awam.
    google a company which disrespcted our religion and government.

    also that’s true that youtube is another porn site. x rated or r rated. dirt is dirt.

  • Word On The Street Is YouTube Again Blocked In LHR PTCL @ 2:55PM Was Open On 12:10PM. So I Enjoyed Apx. 3 Hours. I Watched “Just For Laugh GAGS”, 4 Music Videos. It Blocked Again When I Was Watching “Bikers Fail Compilation”.
    If You All Know I Didn’t Watch Any Anti Islamic Movie. But Who Gives A FFFF!!
    Well F_|_K PTA & PTCL & Our Very Own Stupid GOVERNMENT!!

  • Bhai ye samajh nai ati ke akhir youtube ab tak kyon kar rakhi hai.anti islam movie ka link block karna chaiye puri youtube kyon ki hai aur agar kar bi di thi tu ab tu khol.hum students hain kai dafa problem hoti youtube open karne main jab proxy main koi problem halanke pemra ko pata bi hai log proxy softwares use karte hai tu bhai main un ko ye kehta hun ke youtube open kar hi do.logon ne youtube tu karni hai chaiye wo kisi bi tareqe se karain.aj kal youtube ke bagair zindagi na mukamal si hogae hai.i want to raise my voice to higher authorities through this channel that please for GOD sake open the youtube now.i been 2 years now that youtube is being blocked

  • Please open youtube.please………….pakistanis are fed up now.jis tarah halat ja rahe hain mujay nai lagta ke youtube agle 3 4 saal bi khule gi.kam karne kk niyat hai in logon ki.students ko bohat problem hoti kindly meri awaz ap sab log bi age apni apni koshish se poachain aur aam karain is baat ko ye kyon nai samajh ati pehli baat ke hum muslims hain aur agar youtube ye khol bi dain tu koi itna pagal nai hai jo is anti islamic content ko youtube pe dekhega.har kisi ko allah se dar lagta hai

  • It makes me sad , seeing people being sarcastic “youtube should not open in Pakistan”…..come on has done a lot of great things besides that film…education for students, Islam preaching, and loads of other things you can count.

  • Dunya jahan ka third class decision jo hamari government ne kia. Kar kuch sakte nahin hain aur sab kuch band kar dete hain. Terrorism ke liye kuch nahin kar sakte toh mobile service band kar dete hain. School aur college band kar dete hain. Video hata nahi sake toh Youtube band kar dia. Bare Mussalman bante hain. Yeh dunya toh Islam ko badnaam karne ke liye kya kya nahi karti aur kya kya nahi kehti. Hazrat Muhammad SAW ke zamane mein bhi unko takleef dene ke liye Mushrikeen ne kya kya nahin kaha tha aur kya kya nahi kiya. Aur hum log, hum jahil Mussalman, jin ko bari gherat ke doray parte hain, sarkon per nikal kar apni hi property, apni hi gariyon ko aag laga dete hain aur is sab kuch ko dekh kar Islam ke dushman khoob khush hote hain kyunke woh yehi toh chahte hain ke poori dunya ko bataein or dekhaein ke dekho is jahil qaum ko, Allah aur uske Rasool SAW ki di hoi taleemat par amal toh khak karte hain aur jab inka mazaq urao toh sarkon par nikal kar apni hi cheezon ko aag laga dete hain. Toh phir dekhao saari dunya ko apni jahalat. Toro, maro aik doosre ko. Mujh sameit kitne log youtube par achi achi videos dekhte the, KAAM ki cheezein dekhte te KAAM ki. Hum farigh logon ki tarah youtube ko naach gaane ke liye nahin istemal karte the. Aur ab….youtube ko band kiye hoye kitna arsa ho gaya hai. Aik to pehle hi itna thaka hua internet hai, ooper se proxies toh aur bhi slow. Dil karta hai apna sar dewar per maaroon. Aur is awaam ko bhi comments mein aik doosre per laanat dene ke ilawa koi mufeed kaam kar lena chahiye . Shukriya!

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