Poll: How Much Can You Pay for 3G Services?


With all the excitements, we are sure that 3G services are finally going to surface in Pakistan with-in just weeks, inshAllah. Yes, after years of delays and several abortive efforts, 3G is finally happening in Pakistan.

At this point in time, mobile phone users have now started to think about the possible costs and rates associated with 3G services and its usage.

Pakistan – due to competition and market dynamics — has remained a tough place for operators. They have thrived through the years with lowest possible tariffs for voice and SMS rates. This might change now, but you never know.

We are not sure yet about 3G data rates, but track record of Pakistani cellular companies hint us that exciting services with feasible rates are all what you will get over next few years.

We have observed that ProPakistani readers are apprehensively discussing the possible 3G rates and caps, it is high time to get a feedback from our readers to estimate their expectations and affordability.

We, at ProPakistani, believe that 3G rates might be little expensive during first months as telcos will be evaluating various things including demand, supply, competition, dynamics and feedback, but our estimates suggest that tariffs are going to get settled after 3-6 months.

It is confirmed that telcos – well majority of them – will take a careful start, but since Zong is in the race, situation may not prevail for long.

Bundled rates, App specific charges (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp only usage at a fixed charge), capped data plans etc. are all on the cards. Just wait for few days and it will be all unrolled.

Participate in below poll to see what others are feeling about the costs of 3G services.

Note: In this poll, we are considering a data plan with monthly limit of 4GB. We want to know that how much can you pay per month for this particular data plan?

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