Poll: How Much Can You Pay for 3G Services?


With all the excitements, we are sure that 3G services are finally going to surface in Pakistan with-in just weeks, inshAllah. Yes, after years of delays and several abortive efforts, 3G is finally happening in Pakistan.

At this point in time, mobile phone users have now started to think about the possible costs and rates associated with 3G services and its usage.

Pakistan – due to competition and market dynamics — has remained a tough place for operators. They have thrived through the years with lowest possible tariffs for voice and SMS rates. This might change now, but you never know.

We are not sure yet about 3G data rates, but track record of Pakistani cellular companies hint us that exciting services with feasible rates are all what you will get over next few years.

We have observed that ProPakistani readers are apprehensively discussing the possible 3G rates and caps, it is high time to get a feedback from our readers to estimate their expectations and affordability.

We, at ProPakistani, believe that 3G rates might be little expensive during first months as telcos will be evaluating various things including demand, supply, competition, dynamics and feedback, but our estimates suggest that tariffs are going to get settled after 3-6 months.

It is confirmed that telcos – well majority of them – will take a careful start, but since Zong is in the race, situation may not prevail for long.

Bundled rates, App specific charges (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp only usage at a fixed charge), capped data plans etc. are all on the cards. Just wait for few days and it will be all unrolled.

Participate in below poll to see what others are feeling about the costs of 3G services.

Note: In this poll, we are considering a data plan with monthly limit of 4GB. We want to know that how much can you pay per month for this particular data plan?


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    • It depends on usage, but it’s not enough by any mean, remember this is not 2G, which will provide speed of Max 296KBPS, it’s 3G, and most of Pakistanis don’t know the rule ofsurfing, wether in mobile or PC, when your internet speed is higher, you’ll use more volume,and not to forget, these days someone would be hardly using Nokia S60v2/v3 Phones etc, all of us have moved to Device which has Android/IOS/WP8 etc, so i don’t understand most of the people saying 4GB/2GBis more than Enough, i am sure you’ll not use your phone for surfing web in your entire life, will you?

      • My comment was based on global trends. I’m not sure Pakistani companies are going to offer cheaper than neighbor countries. They are going to exploit the market like Mobilink did a decade ago. It will be expensive and the initial offerings will be in MBs.

        I get 600 MB usage for 10 euros and when the bandwidth exceeds it switches to 2G which is FREE until next billing cycle.

        In Pakistan 3G on mobile will be used mostly for Skype calls and video streaming as recent poll suggests.

        • well Exploitation is not welcomed here anymore, market is very tough here and in order to be competitive, cellular companies”ll have to come up with cheap rates.

        • There you go bro, oneexample you mentioned is “Video Streaming” and believe me, it’ll eat the volume more quickly than our imagination, and yes it’ll be very expensive, no doubt about that, but what I said is the volume operators will offer will be too high for our likings, so with such high speed 3G networks, we would definitely want to surf/Download/stream more, this is the main reason 4gb etc will too low in high price, in 2G, I have been using 2gb Package, and I hardly used 1GB in that speed, but when I connect to my wifi having 2mbps broadband, I use 25GBs in a month in my handset :)

          • When i was in dubai my data cap of 10gb just finished in 10 to 15 days. I use video streaming, web surfing through hotspot and skype. So i think it is not enough

            • Exactly, this is what happens when you start using High-speed internet, even if you know about your data limit, you’ll still utilise more volume than you would have wanted, it’s 100% certain high-speed internet increases data usage, we enjoy it in that speed.

          • MBs to GB packages are very common in the globe. Nobody offer 30GB data bundle with your postpaid package. Its usually MBs to 1GB.

            But the situation is different in Pakistan compare to Europe or any developed country. I’m unable to utilize 1 GB in the whole month because when i am in the Office i have free Wifi, when i get home, i have Wifi. During the walk or travel i use 3G internet services. In Pakistan i understand 1 TB will not be enough if you talk about a bus driver who will stream Video songs in HD on youtube in D7 or W11 Mazda(coach) in Karachi or the Pan Shop and Hotels.

            Don’t expect less than 2500-3000 PKR at-least for 3-4GB Data.

            • i have 4g connection in uk with unlimited internet and i am using more then 80gb every month it depend on what mobile u have what sort of surfing u doin and wa8 is ur connection speed

                • jee bahi agar app apnae laptop ki jaga bhi apna phn hi use kero gae to 4g speed sae bohat khch ho sakta hai main nearly apna 50% sae ziyada kaam ab mobiel use kr kae krta hoon like surfing net payments dealing with my bank with my clients booking tickets ordering food looking for transport even some petrol payments and also news automatic update on stock exchange gps and so on and also i doo have galaxy note 3 with three uk network and there 4g unlimited data service .. now wa8 u say ?

            • Well i dont know the situation in euprope but as in kuwait we are getting from 100-150 GB with 4G speed on very reasonable rates with postpaid packages. Well choice is up to you,what package you want to use.

      • u r correct Alli asghar aj kal smartphones hn jin ki games hi 2 2 gb ki yeh woh log lhtay hn … jin ko ilm nahi hota k 2gb data ho ya 4gb bht hai…. 3g pay is data ka to pata nahi… challlnaa kaha urrr gyaa….

      • not enough
        One HD video steam take 35 to 50 mbs
        and social media also take lots of mbs…
        So plan in UK, UAE, USA, Saudi Aribia is 1GB, 2GB, 4GB & 10GB
        Same trend will be in pakistan
        For basic user it will be 1GB for almost 350 to 400
        2GB will cost 400 to 500
        4 Gb 800
        10 GB will cost almost 1400 to 1500
        and packages will desgin ( Apps wise like social ( facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp)
        and monthly

        • Haha , Good Khuram Bhai agr uy charges hon to apke mithai to banti ha ,,, wesy mery khyaal say in figures k aagy aik aik digit zero ka add kr lo because auction bht costly ha companies kafi invest kr rahi hen ,
          wesy agr itny he charges hoon jitny ap ny likhy to economical rahy ga mery khyaal say or number of subscribers b kafi increase kren gy taqreebn double.

          • Yasir Bhai 1st of All ap itna expensive nai hota…
            Apko phlay tu yeh pata hona chahay k pakistan mein users ki deman kia hai..
            13 coroe mobile users hain aur maximum 10% users have smartphones.
            aur if servies expensice hoon gi than users aur kam hoon gay.
            Ap PTCL evo ko dekh lean phlay they are single player in market and muje yad hai jab evo launch hui thi tab ma nay 3000/- ka package lagwaya tha.
            aur ab price 1000 par aa gai hai
            3G senerio mein not a single player.
            4 player or may be 3 will get lience ..
            so serives will not as expensive as people think..
            example India:
            vodafone give 1GB in 250 IND Rupees
            Tata giving 1Gb for 149 Ind Rupees
            in Bangladesh
            Serives are not expensive.
            if serveces are cheap than customer will increase and smartphone penetration will incress
            i saw a interview of PTA chairman and he also point out this that serives are not as expensive as people think
            so be positve..
            ma nay almost 1 year se 3G data plans par nazar rakhi hai and i asure you k 1GB will be maximu cost you 400 to 600

            • here in Qatar i uses 4G weekly package which gives me 1500 MBs and in a month it reaches 6 GBs which cost here QR 100 only and in Pak Rupees 2650/- . here they pay more to labour and employees. should be under this rate in Pakistan. Rs.1500-2000 for 6 to 10 GBs.

              • Your are right brother, but they have spend millions
                which they will recover by any means. I really feel pitty
                for poor public of Pakistan. We should just stick to our
                normal PTCL 1or2mb Internet which is way better then
                this new blood sucking scheme of telecom companies 3G.

            • i just want to say that only 5 % users in pakistan use edge and gprs service and now they will get 3G :P

          • beta, aik company ne koi 10 bandoon se paise nahi pure kerne auction ke, there is a population of almost 18 crore in Pakistan, and if u take the Rs. 500 package (although some people might take the 800 or 1000 one) there will be a total of 90 billion rupees for the four companies, doing simple calculation we can get 22.5 billion for each company…. aur zahir se baat hai koi aik banda kaie bar package krwai gai ane wale salon main… an advice for u: think logically before commenting

            • beta kabi tum b yahi ho me b yahi hon pata chal jay ga
              2G pay monthly package lyna kisi b company ka average 500 per month ha or 4GB average
              2G pay exact speed 25 Kbps b ni aati , jb k 3G or 4G pay ap ke consumption 3 to 4 time ya is say b ziada ho jay ge , to tum kia companies ko chona laga ray ho k wo tumhen 2G pay monthly package 4G Rs. 500 men dy rahy hen to 3G men Rs. 800 men dy den gy ,,,
              Soch samjh k bat kro bety

              • bhai meray aisay nai hota na. 3g technology kisi wja se “modern” technology hy. 2G network pe 10kbps bhi kafi burden hota hy network pe. jb k 3G service network k liye bhi light hai. ap isay data volume ki form me na lain. technology ka farq hy…. ye aisay he hai k optic fibre pe data transmission zyada taiz or efficient hoti hy jb k normal cable pe nhi hoti…

            • 1st of all initially i don’t think that all the net users will shift to 3G because most of them are using WiFi and they’ll feel OK with that..
              second is 50% of android users are office going or businessmen and they already have a facility of WiFi so i don’t think they needs the service as much.

              and coming to my third point is. the remaining 50% of android users are categorized in journalists, students, medical raps, doctors and others in which most of the users are not able to afford a service which is expensive than Rs.500/GB.

              so its mean there must b the package of rupees less than or equals to 200 per GB

        • I am using 4g in Saudia , with normal browsing , mail and youtube i use upto 10 to 12 gb per month easily.

        • Considering the fact and past. What I’ve observed and experience as one of the above user said it will be very costly rightly said. When the GSM was launched in Pakistan back in 2000 or around that. The call charges per minute were way to expensive compare to recent tarrif. It was around 9 to 12 PKR per minute. As for GPRS from the begining till now it is very costly around 15 PKR for 1mb of data. Price skimming is going to happen for sure and ONE SOLID reason is the company heavily paid out for the licence for 3G/4G and they have to recover it anyhow.

    • Agree with you, 4GB is enough.

      Send 250 emails daily, visit 250 pages daily, 2hr audio streaming, download 30 audio tracks of 3.5 min, 3.5 hours video streaming, upload and download 100 images, 5 hours of video calls, use navigation for 2 hours — cost you 107 GB per month, which is less than 4GB per day.


    • Brother, when you adopt 3G. Data transfer ration also be more faster. Then you try to surf webs and videos as well.. And one day you will think that 40GB is too low data for mobile.

    • my usage .. 6.57 GB in past 30 days .. but that is in US. Same level of growth will happen in pakistan too, if things really pick up. However in Pakistan we are really used to very low-rates, and it will be difficult for people to justify $60/$70 per month.

    • Dont forget guys some companies calculate both download and upload data usage. so its not only download that matters but also the upload. so 2GB means not only download but also upload included.

    • haha …maybe you only use fb on mobile….4Gb is nothing….I use 60Gb on average monthly basis on my mobile thorugh ptcl wifi

      • Yar companies itni mehnge licence khreed rai hen unhun ne bhi to paise pure karne hen na ap log bhi kuch guzara karo!!!

        • ye loag jitna rate low rakhen gey itne successful rahen gey, there are millions of user. bat service quality per bhi depend kare g. jese aaj kal mobile service bethi hui Pakistan me net bhi esa hua tu Allah hi hafiz hai phir.

      • bhai jaan aap aik kaam karo 3g choro aur chanay khaareed kay khao kyun kay wohi aaein ge jitna aap ka budget hai.

    • Then you wont have to worry about anything cause you wont be getting 4GB in any case regardless of what you are willing to pay or not.

      Geez 500 for 4GB :P

      • Yar apko kya lagta hai 3mb speed pe 4gb ki limit kitne din chalegi? Ajkal mobile pe ek game sirf 2gb ka data download karta hai.

        • price set speed k according hoti ha on mobile..more speed more charges…ye ptcl ka dsl nhi ha jo apko 4 mb kum charges and 8 mb or kum and so on
          wireless speed on mobile expensive he hoti ha..ye new market ha.
          aese samaj lo jub new mobile market mein ata ha to kitne ka hota and after 6 month kitne ka hota..same mobile service k liye b hota

    • Watching 10minutes Videos in normal Resolution i.e 720p will cost your
      atleast 350mb, and 4Gb = 4096Mb, that means you can watch only 12
      videos for Rs500/- … Its really Unfair.
      I am only assuming Download data, Users also upload their Videos to
      share with friends and family. If i include Uploading then result will be
      more worse. :( may be only 6 videos for Rs500/-.

      • yes but what you think? will ptcl in a position to lose its wireless subscriber which they are trying to grow with heavy promotions…. They probably pay fine and get some solution to deal with the situation or there dream of average speed of 4mb will be ruined.

        • I agree with aamir bhai. PTCL to bhagtay chor ki langoti pakar reha hey by offering those insanely cheap evo packages.
          Did you notice the term “Fixed Wireless Broadband” on latest evo ads ? Wondering what does that mean…!!!

      • If this happens it would be biggest fraud with the subscribers, both on Part of PTCL and the PTA. I had purchased two of them only based on mobility and I guess every one else for same reason. If they take this away now, evo is worthless.

        If there was something like that, why on earth ptcl was allowed on first place to give mobility on evo.

        Btw, I doubt that they can undo this mobility thing of evo right now.

  • not more than Rs1000 per month provided they provide 12GB free monthly volume, if they provide something like 1Gb to 4Gb i will not subscribe 3G or 4G services

    • My dear 4Gb is enough for mobile internet usage like fb,twitter updating,email updating,skype calling

      • On my tab, i use wifi with 4mb connection and i end up consuming10gb monthly despite i use net all the day i.e 16 hours daily.

      • sorry you are wrong. have you ever used 4G or 3G in uae? when you will use it you will say 12Gb is extremely low volume

      • are you kidding, 4gb will never been enough for whole month, we at-least need 10 GB for video calling even for 1,2 call per day.

          • In UAE i was paying 20 AED for just 40 MB of data! 20 AED is roughly equal to 500 PKR, so u can get the idea!

            • Qatar is cheaper than. they are charging QR 25 only for 1500 MBs in a week. and 100 QRs for 6 GB in a month. just need to renew ur package weekly basis. if u dont uses 1500 MBs in week then it would be considered as used. You have to renew package after loading pre paid card of 25 for next 1500 MBs. still not good? i think not expensive . remember 4G is free with these charges. just u have to use appropriate hand set.

          • share etisalat rates, they are more expensive..uae rates are totally different from rest of the world..there is monopoly of the gov and they are most expensive in the region or i think in world also

      • khan 4gb ka to game nahe hota aajkal game size 10GB ho gayi, yi choti bacho k tarah fb , twitter, skype use kar rahi YAAR bari ho jawo ,,,,WE ALL PAKISTANI WANT 10GB 25GB AND 75GB DATA PACKAGES FORM C-COMPANIES, FOR DOWNLAODING GAMES HD MOVIES ATTACH MA CELL WITH PCSUITE.

    • And pigs will fly :P I will quote what somebody said earlier in comments:

      “bhai jaan aap aik kaam karo 3g choro aur chanay khaareed kay khao kyun kay wohi aaein ge jitna aap ka budget hai.”

    • Guys please understand its a new technology offered by Telcos, its not matter of choice because choice comes when you go to market and try to buy well settled mature technology item which have a lot of competition.

      At the moment there will be terms and condition set by PTCL, and i am sure one of them will be to bind telcos not to offer data more than a certain limit on certain price, because PTCL cannot lose monoply and corporate control in the market. So dont expect too much its all in in all up to PTCL how much they going to allow Telcos to Maximum data offer compare to price plan.

      Because they need to keep a fair competition around so even telcos wants to offer more data they are not going to able because they will be bound by their Licences terms and conditions which is going to be set by PTCL.

      So all in all if we are not going to get good data offers it would be because of First PTCL and if PTCL allows Telcos then Telcos.

      Now on its just waiting game untill Telcos release their plans.

  • i’ll use 3G/4G if they offer same price and volume provided by PTCL 1200/m and 30 GB limit.

  • I am not an expert but i think because of evo 3G and 4G service providers will face tough situation in terms of packages. There are more than 0.5 million wireless customers.

  • 1000 PKR for 2mbps with 4GB cap would be good choice over PTCL EVO 9.3mbps with 12GB cap in 1500 PKR.

  • Currently PTCL is offering 30 GB with EVO 3G for 1200 Rs and for 50 GB for 2100, but 3G services that we will receive on our smartphones or whatever you guys will use is sure to be expensive at the starting, and i don’t expect everyone to cave in the day 3G is available to consumers.. and not everyone is going to waste bandwidth all day long like it do..
    i end up using over 100 GB a month.. its the reason i own 2 EVO 3G dongles.
    as for what i will pay for 3G services is all about what speed i am getting.. what is my speed limit and at worse how slow it will be and most important.. how much volume they can provide me with that speed.. so i just have to wait few more days before i can know what im paying for 3G on cell phones but if am to guess its going to be around 2000 Rupees

      • well in my opinion it should not be coz there will be no CPE required for 3G/4G required whereas in Wimax you Have to buy CPE or pay rent of that device, it may be different for those dont have Smartphone supporting 3G/4G they have to buy Dongle just like PTCL evo

  • you can get some idea while searching the starting 3g price in india back in 2012 they launched in dec 2011 and there current prices. I can post the links here but unable to do that due to spam filter. I know India is a different market but will get some info

  • well! 4GB is QUITE ENORMOUS in mobile data bundles! even in countries where its ancient technology now, they don’t offer such bundles cheaply. But for video calls/conferences, streaming & messaging apps. 2GB/month is quite enough and I for one will be happy to pay 2k or there about.

  • Everyone is forgetting the taxes on recharge by gov. how much you will have to pay tax to get 1200 in your account? on the other hand taxes on PTCL are very less

  • The options above do not include what I am willing to pay per month :-P
    A maximum of Rs. 600 for 4GB is what will attract me from 2g services otherwise my current plan of Rs. 40 per week (Rs. 160 / month) is more than enough for me! P.S. if Zong gets cheaper on that, i’ll port my number to it the next minute without hesitation :-D

  • “3G services are finally going to surface in Pakistan with-in just weeks”
    You guys also said about DTH but it is still at large.

  • Initial Rates are going to tear you apart .. my Prediction its going to be like 1 gb for 1000 or more ..

  • I am getting 8mb on 3g telenor . if speed remain like 5mb to 8mb then 3g data will be finish in no time !

    • you are getting this because there is no load on network, when they will open for all you will not even get 0.1Mbps on 3G

  • I wants to activate 4G straight way in smart phone and ipad too. 6GB data allowance with Rs,2000 monthly is fine for every one i think.

  • How much data is it for Smartphones?

    Email (text only) = 10 KB
    Web Access (internet and Intranet) = 400 KB
    Audio Streaming = 60 MB/hr
    Audio Track Download (3 1/2 min at 192 kbps = 7MB
    3G Video Streaming = 250 MB/hr
    3G Verizon Video & NFL Mobile Streaming = 125 MB/hr
    4G Video Streaming = 350 MB/hr
    Digital Photo download/upload (Hi-Res) = 3 MB
    Video Calling (Average Bandwidth) = 480 MB/hr
    Video Calling (High Bandwidth) = 720 MB/hr
    Navigation Turn by Turn Directions*** = 5 MB/hr

    1 MB = 1,024 KB
    1 GB = 1,024 MB

  • I think for the Pakistani market Rs 50 per 500MB of 3G data would encourage a lot of users to grab 3G enabled handsets and use it more frequently. 4G is going to be very expensive.

    The good thing is that there will be four 3G service providers so end result would be reduced tariff and better service hopefully.

  • 1st of all initially i don’t think that all the net users will shift to 3G because most of them are using WiFi and they’ll feel OK with that..
    second is 50% of android users are office going or businessmen and they already have a facility of WiFi so i don’t think they needs the service as much.

    and coming to my third point is. the remaining 50% of android users are categorized in journalists, students, medical raps, doctors and others in which most of the users are not able to afford a service which is expensive than Rs.500/GB.

    so its mean there must b the package of rupees less than or equals to 200 per GB

    • first stage only major cities have this service and you will see in a year or two or maybe more to get services all across.
      next to your answer is like in major cities most of our young generation will use this service, because they have enough amount in their pocket. as a university student in rwp i can say this and trust me on this.next the other users which you mention I think they will adopt to this service just for status, like we all very status conscious and all those employees of multinational companies will use the service, obviously not all but many. at the time when service available all across pakistan the rates will lower and it goes on as companies receive the investment revenue.
      overall companies know better than us, thats why they have invested million dollars and million dollars extra for license :)

  • 1-2GB is more than enough if you are using cellular data for moderate use. Here in the UK I have a monthly limit of 1GB but never end up using more than 600MB. My usage normally includes Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, browsing internet and maps.
    I think if 3G is offered at a base price of Rs 500-800 per 1GB then it will be affordable and justified.

    • In the UK I get 1GB for 16 pounds (roughly rs 2600) in addition to free minutes and SMS. So it depends on the location, you cannot directly compare rates with other countries.

  • So Pakistani nation expects 3G data in less than 1200 , very bad results.

    I can pay upto 2500 if i am getting at least 10 gb data per month.

  • well i think DSL still best for me 1550 for 2MB with unlimited downloading and surfing…. Do the hell with 3G or 4G with these rates…..DSL is the best

  • The question was for 4GB data plan how much are you willing to pay and everyone is going on about 10GB/30GB/even unlimited :P Parha he nai k sawal kia he, jawab foran dena hai.

  • I will not be paying 1200 for 4 damn gb! i reserve my right to not vote. Rs,500 would do justice for 4GBs, Really? 1200 for 4 damn gb?

  • Nitro cloud is much better solution, 30gb for Rs.1500
    3g consume ur battery in just some hours,

  • After reading some of comments its seems that people think that 4gb is enough believe me when youtube is back or use any vpn/proxy it will just finished in 5 to 7 days. Video streaming is just a cap eater

  • oh bhi x is best for online watch in pakistan and when 3g open the pak girls who earns from then turn to live chat and skype is best and for lovers who cannot see another then night packages for these activites are best

  • The Chairman PTA Dr. Syed Ismail Shah held a meeting with Mr. Muneer Farooqui, CEO Warid Telecom in Pakistan. The meeting was held to discuss the reports of Warid Telecom launching 4G services without participating in Next Generation Mobile Services Award (NGMSA). It was clarified that Warid does not intend to immediately launch such service. Although the existing license of Warid is technology neutral, it would properly seek PTA’s consent. PTA will look into such a request based on the license conditions and in the best interest of the cellular industry at large and the bidders participating in the 3G/4G spectrum auction.

    Chairman PTA informed that offer of 4G/LTE services by the existing licensee will have to go through a process as per their license as well as requirements of assuring proper coverage and quality of service, enhanced monitoring requirements and commencement permission by PTA. The Chairman also used this occasion to inform that auction of 23rd April 2014 will dispel all impression about lack of interest of bidders in 3G/4G spectrum.

    He also assured the CEO Warid Telecom that as a regulatory body they would continue supporting Warid Telecom a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Group which is one of the largest foreign investor in Pakistan.

  • are bahi pehle chalne to do 3g tm pehle hy lrne lg gy

  • jb 3g chal jae ga tb khud dekh lena kia teer mara he netwrk walo ne

  • If my bill going above Rs1000 including the taxes i will not subscribe for 3G or 4G services. I can wait or use where wifi is available

  • Everyone is so excited about 3G/4G yet you guys ignore the fact that the entire mobile industry is PREPAID. These prepaid subscribers are kept afloat by the operators when they offer reactivation promos every month. This trend will not change even after 3G/4G. People will not all of a sudden start spending more on internet than they spend on normal voice services i.e. 100-200 per month.

    The only way mobile operators will get people to use internet is with bundle packs and sachet style offerings e.g. Rs. 50 for access to 3-4 apps for 2 weeks etc. something on these lines. Per month unlimited subscription will only be subscribed by those customers that are using the same package now, which are primarily post paid customers and who’s mobile is paid for by their organization.

    And pretty soon we’ll witness yet another price war among mobile operators on selling the cheapest mobile internet service.

  • It depends solely on operators wish which will buy these spectrums. But hope it will lead Pakistan towards the advancement in the technology field.

  • Limit must be atleast 10 GB for 500, otherwise mobilink is not gonna get me as their 3G/4G data subscriber yet.

  • its useless Question , it all depends what will b the sharing ration to one connection of so called 3g / 4g in pakistan . bcz if the sharing connection ration will b 10 users then its fine it hink , but m pretty sure one cant get more than 300 kbps :) let see .

  • close