3G / 4G Auction in Pakistan [Live Updates]

The day has arrived, 3G / 4G is finally happening in our country.

Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) has said that it has finalized all the arrangements for the Spectrum Auction for Next Generation Mobile Services (NGMS) to be held today.

Mobilink, Telenor, Ufone and Zong will be taking part in the bid to secure their 3G and 4G licenses.

As you may know that bidding will be done electronically through internet, all the companies will be allowed to log into the bidding system at 8AM, however, first round of bidding will start at 10AM.

The expiration duration of each bidding round will be 45 minutes or less. We will be uploading the results and other commentary on this live page regularly.

Mobile phone companies – taking part in the bid – will bid from their offices. However, there is an auction hall setup at Marriot Hotel in Islamabad, where PTA officials, members of auction committee and media will be present to witness the auction.

We will be brining you the live updates from the auction hall, till the end of the auction. Just keep visiting this page back to watch with us the entire auction:

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Live Updates

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  • why warid is not paticipating? i use warid connection, will it be in problem after 3G?

    • Speed test is good, but its meaningless. Actual speeds will be known when everybody will be on 3G, i.e. with all the load.

      • I think the idea is to get the theoretical maximum, i.e. what the speed can be *even if* there is minimal load!

        That will give us an idea what we can get even in best case scenario :D

    • Warid alreday has Technology Neutral license for higher frequency band and can offer wireless broadband on its current license after approvals from authorities

  • 3G ka koi or Faida ho ya na ho ye Faida zaroor hoga k ab ham net use karte we SMS kar skenge :D

  • Dear Aamir,
    The details mentioned under your post for “How much you can pay for 3G” are required a little correction please. You have mentioned that there are 20% users who are willing to pay more than Rs 1600. The correct details are that there are only 9% users who are willing to pay more than Rs 1600.

  • It is a bit annoying….to read the latest updates you need to scroll upwards and to read the latest comments you have to scroll downwards.

    • ahhh, I can feel it, but I am sorry there’s nothing much I can do for that right now.

      • the newly installed plugin is a lot help, now you can rearrange the updates as per your convenience, in ascending or descending order. You the folks are putting a lot in it, hats off for the all of your hard work.

  • Will 3G be available all over Pakistan as soon the bid process is completed.

    Please reply

  • I know its bit off topic but its only me or everyone that youtube is working on PTCL Broadband ..

  • auction hasn’t even started yet, and already occasionally getting errors trying to access this page. connection timeout. server error.

  • In Peshawar im using Mobilink 3G from morning-its started here before auction i think :-D

  • Can anyone tell me what will be the possible time we will get these services.

  • Limitation of Data usage will be killing for everyone.. because 3G and 4G provide a high speed bandwidth and it will be like water flows from the cliff!

  • aamir, is it possible to re-arrange this page such that your commentary and user comments are situated (and auto updated) side by side? so for latest comments, no scrolling would be needed.

    • pictures would be good from auction hall… most interested page of ProPakistani ever…

  • I’m just interested to know that after the auction when we will be able to get this service? In a weak? And more importantly will that service will start from big cities only?

  • Very good initiative @aamir7:disqus bhai. Very pleasing to see our own tech sites are following Live updates pattern like The Verge and ArsTechnica. Keep up the great work.

    • I think right now they’re assigned colors to keep the names secret. But it’d be good to know what color band is on top after each round.

  • First round is about to end and you are still on the way to the auction hall.. Great live coverage Amir.

  • Your (aamir) last post was at 9:50 then till now 10:40 no update yet! :( very boring your coverage.

  • live blogging on sleep.. i think Amir is using 3G for streaming movies with proxy… Dear plz say some thing…

  • itna wait to kabhi uni mai result ka bhi nahi kia jitna aaj auction results ka ho raha hay

  • I think People are too pumped up .. bhaio ye Pakistani Auction hai , Aram skon sy chalta hai kam … their must be nothing to update at the moment … so chill rakho :)

  • Thank You, Aamir bhai, Great job now we are more excited with your comments along pictures

  • nice job pro pakistani for the updates hats off to u for giving us minute to minute update thanx alot

  • Can someone evaluate these results please. Is the auction going as expected or is it under expectations.

  • Great Great updates… best thing is little tiny tune when every update come… great thanxxxx

  • WTH, That’s not exactly how you predicted and that’s not what the results of round 1 mean. Mobile companies have to at least bid for 10Mhz. The results of round 1 mean nothing. This is exactly how it was expected.

    • it is just start… price will get increment and next rounds will reduce the bidders at some stage to decide who remains alive..

    • 2 are tied with 4G which makes it difficult.. also 5MHz is small block… that’s the difference…

  • The pic of mobilink network speed test cannot be true as WiFi is ON in the pic not Mobile data.

  • @Mudassir bhai use ne Laptop ki pic khenchi hui hai! Wo signals Dongle k hon ge….isi liye 3G uper show nai horha..

  • isnt this wrong?

    08:12 by ProPakistani

    We have results of the first bid here:

    10Mhz of 2100Mhz = US 295 million dollars

    5Mhz of 2100Mhz = US 147.5 million dollars

    10Mhz of 2100Mhz = US 147.5 million dollars

    10Mhz of 2100Mhz = US 295 million dollars..

    Coz on pta website the there are two 5 Mhz of 2199 MHz

  • thnx najam, agr posible ho tu btaye k kon c comapny 2 license k lye bid kr rhe hai admin ? aur kon kon c telecom comapny ks stage pr majood hai

    • it is secret unless auction ends.. companies are alloted colors to stay anonymous..

  • Excellent coverage.. Watching from Madrid.

    ProPakistani takes lead for whole 3G coverage from day first.

  • If the CEO’s and directors of the cellular companies are there in the auction hall, then who is taking the key decisions regarding the bids they are going to make from their head offices as we are told that all the participants are gonna bid from their respective offices via internet?

    • top management in their head offices.. only Reps are there to monitor and present there organizations…

  • 10Mhz of 2100Mhz = US 295 million dollars

    5Mhz of 2100Mhz = US 147.5 million dollars

    10Mhz of 2100Mhz = US 147.5 million dollars

    10Mhz of 2100Mhz = US 295 million dollars

    3 10MHz ?

  • Finally its happening today. And great work ProPakistani for live coverage of todays event.

  • Now we have 3/4G services in our hand, & i can just hope to not using these services negatively by our nation & took maximum benefits of it instead……

  • Imagine the disappointment for those of us who live on outskirts of cities. I’m still getting Edge only on Mobilink. I’d like to think that as usual they are lazy and didnt enable 3G unlike ufone and telenor. The other alternate, that they haven’t setup 3G in my area tower is very sad :O


    • and imagine for those who are living in villages like me, we hardly get EDGE there and cannot have the taste of 3G unless we wait for an year at least :(

  • nice job. Sorry about the username( it is not addresed to you though). Thanks. Love you man, this should go on air

  • Chairman PTA also realizes that people are more interested in tea. He has promised to conclude the notes ASAP. 3G or 4G we’l remain pakistani, ha

  • If one keeps in mind the news as previously reported, all Operators have already secured what they wanted — Mobilink & Zong for 10 MHz each while Telenor & Ufone for 5 MHz each, and those at base price too. I don’t think we will see anymore bids and the auction will be concluded at base price for 2100 MHz block.

  • Can you make a live video of the place pls using the 3g network you are using right now. Please make it on youtube

  • so 3G will be launched at 1PM ? As written on the Time table picture.. Am i Right or Not?

    • They launched it for testing in certain areas. But most areas will only get it after official permission from PTA :|

      • Yes i am aware of that and i have been testing it also in certain areas of Islamabad.. As you said “After Official Permission from PTA” so it will be at 1PM or no one knows? because that PTA TIME TABLE shows launch at 1PM.

          • No bro..3G will be officially available with-in next few months. Just Seen it on ARY News.. so i think it will take atleast more then a month for official launch.

              • bro wo to testing phase hai..band bi ho jata ha beech me bar bar..wo to mene bi use kia hai isb me :P

                • woi kehra hun k PTA ki permission k Foran bad Waha 3G Service Avail Hojaegi Baqi k iLaqo me Service late late Time Lagega or 6 Months me 10 Cities Poori 3G se Cover Hojaengin

  • Pro Pakistani can you please tell us if the bidders are at the facility or are they doing it from their headquarters, We would also like it if you give lots of more pics to us. WE really want to see the stituation

    • It was mentioned, every cmopany is bidding from their HQ. they’ve an online bidding system. Every company is anonymous to other bidders. they only have color tags for ID

  • Will the winning operators be allowed to start offering 3g / 4g services from this evening..

  • We were begging for 3G all that time and now we getting 4G also with 3G :D Thats Cute :D

  • HAve you guys heard of the qmobile 4g phone that may be coming out in less than a months time

  • Ye.,. rawaan tabsara aapki khidmat mey.,. Wills Cigarette bananay walay idaray.,. Pakistan Tobacco Company k taawun say pesh kiya ja rha hey :D

    great job guys,.., (Y)

  • the way chairman PTA conclude his speech and skipped few slide remind me of my uni day …where we cheer and clap at the end guest speech….:P

  • Sherif, are you malso at the facility. you gave the result a few secs before propakistani

  • We will not be getting 3G/4G instant after the bidding process is finished. we will still have to wait atleast a month or even more then that. Just confirmed this from ARY :(

    • Jaha Jaha 3G Service ari ha Waha Bid Complete hone k Foran Baad 3G Available Hojaegi
      I am From Karachi To KaraChi mE Shahra E Faisal Side pe 3G Available ha

  • Farhan Warsi, Still the bid is exiting, the slow deleivery of update just keeps making people more impatient, i like it

  • “Chairman has announced to skip few slides from his presentation. Hugely applauded by the crowd.”
    Stay classy pakistanis :D haha

    OK ab 4G on kardo yaar. 2 saal se 4g mobile rkha hua hai .. ab bhi nahi on hua tou sale kar donga.

  • Well done Aamir. You are proving yet again to be the most efficient telco information source in the country. Sitting outside Pakistan, i am getting more timely updates on 3G/4G auction from you than my telco contacts. keep it up.

  • how sad Waridwent bankrupt right before the auction and could not participate. They would give serious competition and whould heat up the auction.

      • oops, sorry i didnt known( had the impression someguy whose parents named their child propakistani is doing this for us- sorry no offense just a pun)

  • Yar amir bhai koi achi si update dein… subha se bathroom nahi gya, itni excitement se F5 , F5 daba raha hoon. button he nikl aaya hai baahir.

  • why lot d has competition if there are 4 lots and there are 4 comapnies….Can one company participate in 2 lots at a time?

  • i think one company can bid for 15 MHZ of 3g maximum, so may be Zong wants to oust at least one competetor by getting 15 MHZ

  • … and i just keep staring at a comment while the world goes on waiting for ppl to reply

  • This is not true that the ‘Other Lots will be called off’…. Bidding hasn’t finishing yet!

  • Yar 3G k signals tou abhi tak nahi aye, neighbours ka wifi chal gya hai, us se connect krta hoon, ye cable net ka maza nahi arha.

    • Akbar bhai comments apky idher he hain ..wo neechay hide ho gye hongay. scroll down plz

    • oh bhains, i forgot to scroll up. Is ammar bhai still updating? usually he doesn’t get done with food so fast.

  • LOL now they saying that bidding me enter into second day if its not finished till 6PM :D and they wrote Launch at 1PM :D They can’t even finish things on Time :D This is the so called Management. Time is Money Time is Everything.. They should value it or They will be De-Valued Themselves :D

  • Really Good Work Pro Pakistani ….Thanks for this updates … One of the best Website in Pakistan…

  • No Content in ProPakistan reporting for 3G Auction ; we are not interested in which Internet Dongle in used there; whats the ambiance there etc. We want to know auction details :) If these details are not avaialble there then what’s the point of live reporting :)

  • Why would the auction continue into the second day when three lots didn’t even move forward in Round 2. Looks like they’re pretty much sold at their base price. And I doubt there would be a lot of completion for Lot D as well.

    • welp .. whoever takes the extra 10MHz will have a lot of bandwidth to use over the next few years, meaning faster internet for their users. I’m sure telenor and mobilik will be trying really hard to achieve that.

    • hello bro, the auctions not heated up yet and barely started, we will be seeing more coming our way.

    • Yar desert mein tou rait he hoti hai. Dessert mein shayid halwa ho. Amir bhai ka favorite.

  • All default operators are participating in the bid process who have even not deposited their spectrum related and non spectrum related dues which was even their license obligation as per de-regulation and cellular policies of telecom.enjoy watching how this mafia is supported by big guns.

  • If the first bid was placed at 10 am, every bid placed after 45 min, now we should be having the results of round 4

  • tea breaks and lunch breaks are never good for an acution, auctions must be fast so that costumer’s get tense and are forced to raise the money. Do you guys agree?

  • Sab se pehle tou aamir bhai thoonsnay mein lagay hue hain
    “Currently there is everyone busy with the lunch. I am having a (soft) drink.”

    Hadd hai.

  • Yeah that soft drink was really important.. thanks God we have not missed it.

  • Please post a few shots of the various devices offered by networks.
    If possible, tentative rates too.

    • Aap Apny Ghar Ka Address Send Karain, Main Aap Ko Soft Drink Ka Daaba Send Karta Hon!!!

  • Looks like one lot of 10 mhz of both 3g and 4g spectrum has been sold… So the war is for the other 10 mhz of 3g spectrum… One 10mhz ban of 4g will remain unsold… That’s my prediction :s

  • give us the pictures of the speed tests and the tech that is at the stalls. I wanna see what the companies are capable off.

    • They have not enough time to take a photo during lunch because then how they will able to eat??

    • These speed tests aren’t reliable because right now not many users are even aware of the 3G activation. When many dozen users will be sharing the 3G bandwidth in each cell site, then the speed will be divided.

  • cabn we pls be fast with our comments, im deasd tired of the “One other person is typing…” notifications

    • yar, majority log just index finger se type kr rhay hain, bear with them. I’m using voice to text caz too lazy.

  • paypal in pakistan? Awsome. I’ve always wanted to have it as a child, u c im 13
    Random fact: did you know paypal is going to reach pakistan before it’ll reach india
    Thanks for the update.

  • Bhookay…Kaash there would be a live video streaming.
    Ajeeb baat hai 3G/4G auction ki live coverage “texted” form mein

  • PayPal needed desperately in Pakistan. They must learn from others earning from Pakistan .. Like Payoneer etc

    • Yeah!!! Pakistan’s population is almost 180 millions, they will able to earn million of dollars. Then why they are not open Paypal in Pakistan!!

  • if they keep taking this long then by the end of tomorrow eighth round will get finished.

  • now this is slow, still, we have all the time in the world for the auction to heat up a bit.

  • I demand more pictures.. text updates look dull show us whats happening in hall.

  • guess they ran out of food and thats why the updats have started running in once again

    • aamir bhai wahan washroom gye tou tiles shiles ki video bhi banana plz. I’m redecorating my washroom soon.

  • Mubarak ho bhayio .. karachi police ki history mein first time.. they caught bank robbers of 1 case, finally. 15 apr wali robbery.

  • Bid for Lot A has increased by 3%…..

    295000000 x 0.03 = 8850000
    295000000 + 8850000 = 303850000
    and they bid 300900000 which is 2% of 29500000

    Ithay bhi Khachaaa !!!

    • Too many zeroes for me to count :( I get paid 25000 rupees for 9hrs x 25 days slave work.

      • bro if you are 24/7 on propakistani… and still getting 25000 for 9hrs x 25 days… man its a dream job for most people

      • I heard 5 rounds hongay. 8 rounds are extra case. wesy bhi ye 5, 5 rupay barha rhy hain her round mein. inko 80 round bhi de do tou kuch ziada income nahi honi compared to now.

        • Hmmm…!! Bas Har Round Main 100 Rupee Ka Afiza Karty Raho Kam Ho Gye Ha 100 round main bhi :)

    • its not much use because right now each tower has very few 3G users … after proper service opens, hundreds of users will share the bandwidth of each tower.

      • yes but they will allocate bandwidth as per number of users. if you will subscribe for 4mbps you will get 2.8-3.8 mbps easily.

        • if they have 5 or 10 mhz per cell, they can only share that between all users in that area :) isi liye tou they’re fighting over extra 10mhz

    • same here bhai. I think mery phone mein tou ab 3G wali chip bhi paray paray kharaab ho gyi hogi.

  • Thanks to propakistani for a step by step update. Some others like me are able to get a good insight while being abroad, which otherwise was never possible……Keep the good work up. We are really proud of you….. Regards.

  • FTP speed is not considered as 3G speed. FTP server is local in your network. Internet bandwidth is what users need ATM.

  • Battleship, Pacific Rim all are science fiction movies. Are they using IDM or Torrent to download these movies?

  • He’s downloading movies in auction hall
    Thats funny man rio up transformers hahahaha

  • Chalo bhaio .. mein gya khaana thoonsnay … 3G tou milna nahi hai. shutup bhai bhi chalay gye hain mayoos ho k.

  • amir bhai movies download ker rahay hain see in pic,ha ha ha, but great speed 15 mbps, qudos to ufone my operator, q kay abi to 3g sirf testing stages mei hai it will get better or stable…

      • Then why they are spending million of dollars..!! They know better than us. They will hard work to maintain their quality!

        • hope so inshala, I am using 3g for 6 years and used more than 5 operators. saying this from my own experience.

  • Jo bhi 5 MHz 3G jeete ga us k network ki highest speed 21.1 mbps hogi and jo 10 MHz jeete ga us k network ki speed full 42.2 mbps hogi. magar wo bht se factors pe depend kre gi is liye full speed to nai aai gi kissi k pas bhi.
    Signal strength
    Number of people on ONE Cell site
    Your Phone Supporting Speed

    Aor 4G ki full speed 150 mbps hy lekin wo bhi isi same factors pe depend kre gi.

    ONE Important THING SAMSUNG k jo bhi PHONES PAKISTAN se liye gai hain un me se koi bhi 4G support nai krta bhale wo S5 ho
    SOURCE : samsung.com/pk

  • I don’t think that the auction will proceed to the second day… The operators already thought that the base price was too high, so they are not going to bid for much

  • tell me guyz we have to buy new sims to use 3g service or existing sim will be able to use 3g???

  • Assalamo Allikum Aamir Bhai !
    Nice to see your enthusiasm and optimistic for 3G and 4G auction today at peak. Actually as per your guide shared http://propakistani.pk/2014/04/16/understanding-3g-4g-and-the-entire-auction-process/
    it seems different than whats happening or we have missed something to
    understand. Currently its going on only 2100 MHz while it was assumed
    that bundled lots will be on auction. Secondly you told that for 3G not
    more than 15MHz Block will be sold but than what does it mean by 2 X 10
    MHz. Last thing why the n+1 delta is small as compared to reach the
    total target of $ 2 Billion the minimum expectation of Ishaq Dar
    considering bidding process of having interval of 45 minutes.

        • they opened their network for speed test during this 3g/4g auction it will come for consumers within next 3 months if this bidding will get successful.

  • great job brother we are following up to ur hard work there and you are the only source who is providing us great updates both on speeds and bids

  • Forget to say thanx to propakistani… I am getting well info about 3g n 4g hats off to u good work keep it up.

    • ziada shukria ke zaroorat nahee, jitna trafic utnay Ads, jitnay Ads utnay paisay, in the end its all about Money.

      • there r lot of ways to earn money.. if u earn by giving a gud service to the ppl so atleast we can say thanks to appreciate their work to get more benefit by their work.

  • Breaking news: zong and ufone getting 3g with 4g and telenor, mobilink going to get 3g only!

  • ye mobilink ka staal kuch zyada hy door hai lagta hai, amir bhai pohnch he nai rahe

  • Agar ek video file 2G per download ho poore din mein aur kharcha Rs 200 aye to 3G per wohi video file 1 ghantay mein hojayegi aur kharcha Rs 600 ? Agreed

  • Do the message UFone wants us to gve to the world is that.
    Now we have 3G and we are very good at Video Piracy….

  • There are rumors going around in the auction hall that only Zong and Ufone will go for 4G licenses…. i think this will be happen..

  • They are Claiming that Very Good Speed are there.
    Let the Users to be Increase.
    then Actual Situation will be there.
    this is Just a sort of Trial Now in Auction Hall

  • ye bid ka silsila simple kio nahi banaya round wagera ye sb kia hai? hona to ye chaye tha 3g itne ka 4g itne ka jo zada bid lagae bat khtm.. so complicated :/

  • pics to 1g ki speed se upload kar rahy hein… shayad … abi tak ni dikhin

  • Jab licence sb ko milna hai to ye bid ka chakkar kia hai??? jo pese dega usey licence to milega hi.. so complicated :/

  • Iran is offering 3G for 1440.Rs a month at the limit of 4GB. Pakistan shouldn’t exceed 1400/Rs.

  • Wow 519 comments :D I think this Thread will have most comments than any other thread on ProPk :P

    • Very Very Very Nice Job Pro Pakistani…..
      Really Appreciate-able (Admin Plz for you)

  • The picture you uploaded of Mobilink’s speed test shows WiFi connected on top :p Way to go Aamir Atta for fooling the followers hahah

  • Can any one tell me what does this mean???

    10Mhz of 2100Mhz

    5Mhz of 2100Mhz

    5Mhz of 2100Mhz

    10Mhz of 2100Mhz ????

  • Why the F**K they not finishing it today..These A-Holes are just time wasters.. That is the main reason we are so Backward till this time because these So called Leaders and Decision Makers are just Loosers who just keep wasting time..They Have been prepairing for this day for a long time..and now they still need F-ing time to Bid and Finalize? Just Pathetic!!! Huh!

      • Mere pas itny paisy hoty to me in Chu**** ki tarha itna time sochne me lgaata k kitny lgaon kitny lgaon :/ Ya Chairman hota PTA ka to 45 minutes wala chakar na rakhta..there are 8 rounds only. and they want to take 3 days to finish that? n still what do u want me to do?

    • after this the auction will never happen so they want to fully enjoy it … :D

  • i am waiting for 3g from last 4 years and follow all the action from last year to now on propakistani

  • Farhan Warsi is right bid has to be completed 2day. My teacher told me aj ka kam kal pe mat choro.

  • Round 5 result at 3:30, round 6 result at 4:15, round 7 result at 5:00, round 8 result at 5:45…the days ends at 6 pm

  • No one should be Removed from the Bid. The more 3G/4G providers we have the more competition is in market..so we will get reasonable/cheap 3g/4g Prices/Packages ;)

    • Yar koi speed nhi hogi dekhna kuch arsay baad sab beth k ro rahe honge k 3G or itni kam speed!!! Why??
      Taliban zimedari qubool kr lein ge.
      Geo wale ISI pe ilzam laga dein ge.
      Ch. Nisar ka kuch pata nhi hoga.
      Altaf Hussain telephonic khitaab kr rha hoga lkn Skype pe (using 3G/4G).

  • It is too good to hear that it is really going on. I once didn’t believe that it will ever go official.

      • But I hope that 3g speeds will be as fast as they are showing because I think as the number of users will increase, the speed will decrease.