Telcos Extend Free 3G Trials


Mobile phone operators have extended the duration for free 3G trials in the country.

This extension, announced by Ufone and others, is granted due to delay in commercial launch of 3G services in Pakistan.

Earlier it was anticipated that License Award Ceremony will be held on May 10th, 2014, after which cellular companies had planned to launch 3G services commercially, however, the ceremony has been delayed now due to non-payment of license fee by 3G and 4G spectrum winners.

It is still unclear that when cellular companies will be paying their license fee.

It merits mentioning here that cellular companies have 30 days to submit their remaining fee for the spectrum they had won in recently held auction on April 23rd, 2014.

Ufone, specifically issued a statement to announce the extension in free 3G trials.

Mr. Taimur Faiz Cheema, GM Marketing at Ufone, was quoted as saying: ““It gives me immense pleasure to announce that we are extending the free 3G trial services up on popular demand by the customers, for a few more days. Now, Ufone family members will be able to experience the free 3G services for an extended period.”

Mobilink and Telenor are also extending the free 3G trials, while Zong is yet to commence the 3G trials. Zong, in fact, has asked its customers to enrol for participation in 3G trials that are likely to start from May 14th, 2014.

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  • Yup. Got a message from Ufone stating that 3G services are free until the next announcement. :)

  • Oh man. I’m waiting, when will 3G come in abbottabad. Anyone who can give me the hope. …?

  • Bhaio, their 3g is still in testing mode by giving free service for a while. That’s it.

  • all the telcos are giving 3G in very very limited areas, so we dont need their extension.

  • I have heard this is due to a new tax that has been forcefully applied on the 3G licenses which the telcos are not willing to pay. See if you can get any further information on this from someone!!

  • Trial period extended WTF? This means us users who are not in the coverage area specially in Lahore will have to wait more now for the commercial lauch :(. Seems all these operators good at making noises but slow in paying license fee. Disappointing.

  • I am not in ufone coverage area, very limited coverage area in Lahore, only few areas are covered.

  • Zong is left only without payment. zong is taking full time of 30 days to arrange money for spectrum payment, zong is planing to pay lum sum.

  • useless for peoples living in Quetta. No 3G trial here. Except for Mobilink. and i’m a Ufone user.

  • Phely nelami nhe hore thi 3G ki aur ab commercially lauch nhe horaha,,, mazeed intizaar karo PakistanioOoOo…

  • Sab bakwass,
    3g ke liye mazeed 2 saal chahiye, lhr-karachi & isb mei coverage se kya ho ga, thousands of site there is no 3g

    • ye BC elite class sali k kam han -_- hosla rko bhae pakistan nainsafo ka mulk ha sb apna phudo lgana janta han I have come to know as the executives of ufone telenor mobilink lives in elite areas so they offered services in thos areas however in lahore most of the areas are still deprived of this long awaited coverage its a sick idea tho

  • Telcos are earning much more with lower spending on bandwidth right now, they would like to delay. Plus after 3G services are active people would tend to prefer skype and viber over voice, so they are also gonna lose lots there as well.

    • how can u say that they are earning by offering free 3G trials right now?

      • I guess you are forgetting, each operator have thousands of bts locations country wide and all are offering the trail services under 100 and most of them on under 20.

  • i ported my number on ufonebut now im nt getting wny 3g!have changed settings to cdma only but still no response…edge works fine

    • Ufone sucks .. Mobilink is awesome.. not impressive speeds but they dont have any Cap and the coverage is good too :) I am still using Warid too , as soon as Warid Launches 4GLTE then Bye Bye to Mobilink ;) lol

  • Using ufone.. and want to let u know When 3G disappears . And mobile shows edge “E” as connectivity . It charges for usage and in my case they have been charging from last 4 days.. ufone charged on Internet as you can see from picture .

    • Ufone has always been a thief .. they really eat up the balance alot.. that was the main reason I switched to Warid & Mobilink :)

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