Poll: What is the Best Way for Telcos to Sell Mobile Connections?

This post is about a poll that we are conducting to ask our readers about the best way for mobile phone companies to sell mobile phone connections.

But Before that, please watch this just one minute long video:

Now here’s the poll:

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  • SIMS must be sale to create attractive adds that give message like “read between the line”, like coverage, signal strength and other unique benefits by showing different they are with others, by putting it some real life practical scenarios.

  • The best way is too sell the way voice is doing it. The “Oh me? I’m just chilling in the mall..”. Note the sarcasm though

  • they show us naach gana in their commercials and the tell us to visit
    their website for more information WTF

  • The best ad was mobilink directed by Jami few years back. Where a child is born and the grandfather being in another country use mobile phone to given aazan in child’s ear.

    These are the things to promote in ads not the nach gana which is literally every where.. We copy everything from Indians why not from ads? Look at their ad campaigns of ideas, vodafone, etc. They relate ads to common man and what we are doing… :s

    In short this has to do with company’s mentality, we have full of creative people who want to do creative work but if you need nach ganna at any cost TEY PHIR PHITTAAYY MUNN…

    • Agreed! One such good ad of Telenor was

      In the first scene
      children are playing together in rain, in the second scene a man is
      driving taxi in Saudi Arabia. A woman bring snacks for children to eat,
      who are playing in rain, on the same time it starts raining in Saudi
      Arabia and man feels the rain with his hand . All children in home are
      eating snacks happily from one plate. One of the boys among children,
      who is child of the man driving taxi in Saudi Arabia becomes emotional
      while eating snacks as he remembers his father. On the other hand the
      man sees the same kind of snacks on one shop in Saudi Arabia. The boy in
      Pakistan calls his father through Telenor package and man becomes very
      happy, he buys the same kind of snacks from shop and both start eating
      at same time and talking with smiling and laughing. In the background
      there is song saying “such is our relationship, despite distances, the
      bounds doesn’t break. This is how our relationship is !” At the end it
      is focused that Telenor doesn’t let the relations break.

  • NEW CONECTIONS ab biktay nahi hain asani se isliye sal0 n saaliy0 k0 nachwatay hain .. Sabhi k paas connections hain ab, Zyada aag lagti hy t0 switch kr leti hai awaam .. btw AweSome pakrra hai ap ne Zong k0 @Propakistani :P

  • I selected “Ya Naach Naach K” and that’s the best way to sell mobile connections. Actually, our nation loves music & dances. Bollywood items numbers are most popular songs. If any new outlet (bakery/boutique) needs promotion, they would install large speakers and play loud music. If there are dancers, it will multiply their marketing. It’s not about right/wrong or ethical/unethical, it about popularity and what most of the people like. Not only mobile connections, other stuff is also sold with ads involving music & dances (Kashmir Banaspati, Tarag Tea, Servis Shoes, Cold drinks, energy drinks etc and the list goes on). That’s the main reasons our news channels have also shifted towards “maraasi-pan” by adding masala of music & dances in the news bulletins.

  • nach gana keye begair bhi sab kuch biq sakta hai then why to show entertaiment where ads can be market by targeting their subject not the off side thing

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