PTA Now Capable of Measuring Quality of Service for 3G and 4G Networks


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) organized a two days training for its staff in collaboration with NEMO Anite (Finland based Company) at PTA HQs from 26th to 27th June 2014.

The aim of this training was to impart knowledge and skills to PTA officials so that they can effectively monitor the Quality of Service (QoS) parameters in 3G/4G environment.

Earlier in 2006, PTA procured NEMO outdoor equipment to measure the QoS of GSM mobile networks. Now, Anite has provided an upgrade of its NEMO QoS Monitoring Platform to PTA for 3G/4G.

The NEMO Invex (Tool Model) enables outdoor drive test measurements and benchmarking to ensure QoS of the Cellular networks. Anite has an established position in mobile benchmarking, drive test measurement, and optimization solutions for perfecting the air interface of wireless networks.

Saybi, the local partner of Anite, has also supported the training, with the aim to impart the 3G/4G QoS knowledge and hands on experience on NEMO Invex 7.0.

On this occasion, Chairman PTA, Dr. Ismail Shah, thanked Saybi Anite for provisioning of an upgrade model to PTA. He further stated that this solution will enable PTA to monitor licensed QoS Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of 3G / 4G networks in the country to ensure that quality standards are met and users get the services at anticipated quality standards.

With this upgrade and training, PTA officials have been up skilled on 3G/4G and LTE technologies.

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  • ch irfan

    4g abhi aai nahi aur training kar li hai. 4g lte kab aay gi kisi ko pata hai ?

  • Muhammad Aamir

    It means now they will able to recognize the quality of Warid 4G LTE. Aamir Atta, any news about Warid 4G LTE?

    • Naveed

      Warid will be launching 4G LTE in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad after this EID

      • 4G LTE Lahore….. mein aae gi men Mianwali men rehta hun per men phir bhi khush hoo

  • Kick

    Last QOS report on PTA website is from 2008 and hope to get one for 4G/3G in 2020

  • EffEff

    Mazaaq mut karoo bhai….. PTA is capable of nothing…..

    • Ammar

      ye 3G kia ap k pind k chaudhry sahab le k aen hain?

  • Raza

    From Left To Right, Front Row: BIG MORONS
    Second Row: MEDIUM MORONS
    Third Row: SMALL MORONS

  • MMH

    PTA please check extremely poor 3G Qos of Telenor at G-10/1, Islamabad.

  • SSFF

    2 days aren’t enough for even learning the abc of network quality measurements.

    Just running the ready-made script on NEMO and doing coverage, call connectivity measurements isn’t enough. There is more to Network quality measurements.

    Moreover, interpretations of the measured data is the main thing and it cannot be taught in just 2 days of training.

    First off, the concerned ‘engineers’ in the enforcement division need to have decent understanding of the 3G/4G technology. Only then they can proceed towards learning the different QoS parameters that would be monitored, and finally the NEMO measurement tool.
    The only person having sound knowledge of the 3G network is the PTA chairman himself, and I doubt he will be doing the QoS monitoring himself.
    PTA no doubt has state-of-the-art measurement tools but it also needs to train its enforcement division engineers or at least hire skilled drive-test engineers. Most of the engineers working over there are only doing typical govt. paper work (typing letters, applications, minutes of meetings etc.), which is sad.

  • Wasi

    No they don’t have the ability nor gut to do that. They are just bunch of safarshi appointees.