77% of Smartphone Users in Pakistan are 21 to 30 Years Old [Infographic]

Grappetite, a mobile app development firm headquartered in Netherlands while having its production office in Karachi, has released a new infographics that details the usage patterns of smartphones in Pakistan.


Based on its in-house research, the infographic reveals that a whooping 77 percent of smartphone users are just 21 to 30 years old. They love Android as two third or 68 percent of these smartphone users in the country are on Android. Remaining 24 percent are iOS users while Windows Phone OS hold 8 percent market-share in the country.

Majority of smartphone users (62.5%) connect with internet over WiFi only, with only 25 percent using the mobile internet while on the go. Some 12 percent smartphone users live without internet.

Interestingly, according to Grappetite, majority of smartphone users or 41% of users consume more than Rs. 500 per month for their communication needs, which is more than the double of what an average Pakistani mobile phone user spends per month.

Samsung is said to be the most famous brand with 34 percent market share, while iPhone is popular among 24 percent smartphone users in Pakistan. 21 percent smartphone users rely on QMobile devices which is just above Nokia that holds 20% percent market-share.

According to infographic, 16% smartphone users regularly buy paid apps while remaining 84% contents with free apps.


Interestingly, 60% of smartphone users carry more than one phone due to security situations or for other needs.

Have a look at detailed infographic yourself:


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  • I heard that the Netherlands is followed by the definite article. Am I right?

    “Grappetite, a mobile app development firm headquartered in Netherlands”?

  • @aamir, can you confirm how much i hve to pay custom duty on import a cell phone from China?
    You should make a full review about this, Thanks

  • آخری تصویر میں آپ نے داڑھی والے بندے کو ڈاکو دیکھایا ہے – داڑھی والا کبھی چوری نہیں کر سکتا – لیکن چور داڑھی والے کے روپ میں آ سکتا ہے –

    • darhi wala banda sirf bomb dhmaka kur sakta hia , mudrusay mien bachoon k saath jinsy ziaadti kur sukta hia , lekin choori ?naaa

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