Jeffrey Hedberg Appointed as CEO of Mobilink


Mobilink today announced that Jeffrey Hedberg has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Jeffrey Hedberg succeeds Rashid Khan, who has decided to retire after tenure of over 14 years in leading positions with Mobilink and Banglalink.

Rashid Khan will continue to perform the duties as the CEO of Mobilink until Jeffrey assumes office in Pakistan, which is expected in early August.

Jo Lunder, VimpelCom CEO, while commenting on the development said:

“Jeffrey has very strong operational telecoms experience with specific experience of emerging markets.  He has held a number of leading roles including CEO of Telkom South Africa and of Cell C, prior to which he was Chairman and CEO of Deutsche Telekom USA.

I am very pleased he will be leading Mobilink through the next phase of the Company’s development.

I would like to thank Rashid Khan, who has made a significant contribution to Mobilink and Banglalink over the past decade, in particular establishing Mobilink as the leading operator in Pakistan. We wish Rashid a long and happy retirement.”

Rashid Khan, Mobilink’s outgoing CEO and President said,

“It has been an honour being a part of Mobilink and the VimpelCom Group. It is a privilege to lead an incredibly talented group of employees with whom I have shared the commitment and dedication of business excellence.

Jeffrey’s in-depth knowledge of the cellular industry, proven leadership, and business acumen makes him the ideal choice to lead Mobilink from the front. I am confident that under his leadership Mobilink will continue to prosper and lead the industry in Pakistan”.

Rashid Khan is a veteran of the telecommunication industry and has held several management positions within the cellular business arena in the emerging markets for the past 20 years.

Rashid Khan was appointed the CEO of Mobilink in 2008, upon his return from Bangalink where he led the business as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer. Prior to that, for almost 15 years, he worked in Silicon Valley for various international companies where he acquired extensive working experience in the technology sector and was awarded patents for his inventions.

Jeffrey Hedberg studied business at Northeastern University and international relations and management at the University of Denver.

Jeffrey Hedberg’s previous responsibilities include acting CEO of Telkom South Africa and CEO of Telkom’s Nigerian subsidiary, Multi-Links Nigeria.

Prior to joining Telkom he was CEO of Cell C, in South Africa.

From 1999 to 2002, Jeffrey was Executive Vice President and Member of the Board of Management of Deutsche Telekom AG where he developed the strategy for the International Division and in 2002 he was appointed CEO and Chairman of Deutsche Telekom USA.

Jeffrey joined Deutsche Telekom from Swisscom, where he became Executive Vice President of Swisscom International in 1997.

Jeffrey commented: “The opportunity presented by Mobilink—as a market leader in a dynamic, growing, and highly competitive market—is intriguing and exciting.  I look forward to the challenge of improving our performance while increasing our positive impact on the market and on Pakistani society as a whole”

Hedberg studied business at Northeastern University and international relations and management at the University of Denver.

Jaffrey is going to lead Mobilink at a time when 3G is just launched in the country and company is facing severe competition from Telenor that is fast nearing its leading position in the market in terms of subscribers.

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  • bablo

    Indeed Rashid Khan ruined this Mobilink

  • Atifsh

    question is will this gora stay in pakistan or visit pakistan on vacations for couple days….:)

  • x-mobilnker

    Rashid tenure was the era of declination of Mobilink and its employees! what comes next?

  • Saira

    Mr.Jeffery please make mobilink gprs/edge connectivity better in all Pakistan.

  • fu RK

    Mobilink employees: we are very very very happy that a*hole is leaving, F*ked us up.

    • Imtinan ChaudarY


  • Tony

    why most of these telecom companies cannot find suitable CEO talent among Pakistanis???

    • Citizen Khan

      Maybe because most of the local talent are corrupt. (involved in kickbacks) etc…

  • Thank God…not sure how this will change the company…the higher-ups need a major shake up. (Disclaimer: Ex-Mobilinker here)

    • FU RK

      Sahee, both idiot Irfan are out game, tariq rasheed need to go.

      Jeffery, please fire the VP likes of Tariq in first week. We want to work but they aren’t letting us do our job. To survive they have created politics around the company.

  • Asad

    look at the education back ground of jefrry !! haha
    shame on all telecom electrical engineers !!

  • Tariq

    Changing one person at top will not help Mobilink, Telenor will overtake them soon- they have much better and professional management and commercial understanding of the market.

    • chacha

      Sooooo damn true…mobilink is place of politics, someone was telling me that people have worked there for almost 16 years and this was their first job and now they are director, how can they add value? Telenor shifts people in 3 to 4 years. New blood brings vision, passion and versatile experience.

  • X-3G

    Technology Advanced Company; Implementing 1,2,3Gs. However, URL Not Yet Updated:

  • What we know..

    Jeffery was fired from his position in Africa, he is a real political person. Does not have the vision to lead a struggling company! wrong choice once again. They should have checked Jeff’s reference more carefully. Big mistake

    • Ali

      Can you share any article citing that information ?

  • Save Mobilink

    First thing first, Jeffery should fix the marketing, dig deep into the strategy department and reach out for there help, customer service is a cess pool, a pit of ________harassment, a trap and breeding ground for directors ______ _________, it is full of directors whose only job is to pry on young interns,

    [Comment Edited]

  • Ayesha Waseem

    HAHAHAHAHAHA !!! NOW ALL MOBILINK Ex-employees should comment on rashid khan!! :P

  • Ayesha Waseem

    Wah Babloo kyun tumhein b Rashid Khan nay fire kia tha company sy HAHHAHA

    • mustain

      sab k sab fire hi thay kuch kiya gye or kuch khud hogye :-p

  • Bonga

    Interesting to note that individuals touting emerging market credentials are being put into top slots. What is needed however are individuals with a track record of growth in a competitive, high Opex, low Capex and low-ARPU market. Whether the new CEO can succeed in growing Mobilink remains to be seen but his past credentials in Nigeria at Cell C (a start-up at the time of deregulation, acquired by Zain and later by Airtel) and Multi-Links (a CDMA operator, filed for bankruptcy and assets acquired by creditors and suppliers against receivables) isn’t encouraging. It’s also time for old-timers (read VPs) of various departments (Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Strategy, IT, and Technology) to go — time for new blood & talent at Mobilink.

  • Khan

    When Akhtar Malik will leave

    • Akhtar Malik

      when do you want?

  • mustain

    Jeff (y)