Warid to Commercially Launch Mobile Paisa this Week


Warid is all set to launch its Mobile Financial Services under the brand name of “Mobile Paisa” this week, we have confirmed.

Warid is partnering with Bank Alfalah — one of the largest private bank network in Pakistan — for its mobile financial services that are built on Visa’s Fundamo technology and is managed by Monet, Dhabi Group’s MFS arm in the country.

Warid was granted Branchless Banking  license last year and it soft launched Mobile Paisa earlier this year. Now after meeting all the prerequisites, company is ready to commercially rollout the solution in the country.

Warid will be aiming at the growing branchless banking segment in the country. According to State Bank’s latest available stats, branchless banking transactions in Pakistan crossed 52 million mark during July-September 2013, while total value of transactions during the quarter reached to staggering Rs. 224 billion, showing 16 percent growth in numbers and whooping 29 percent growth in value of transactions.

Interestingly, new entrants captured a share of 11.3% of total transactions during the reported period, hinting that there is enough room available for every player.

Notably, Pakistan’s 86% of population is still unbanked and this is where branchless banking is going to play a key role in equipping them with financial solutions.

New entrants, such as Warid, are bound to face fierce competition from settled players, however, mobile financial services are arguably undergoing the maturing stages, and hence providing new players with equal opportunity to offer innovative solutions to consumers to mark their presence.

We are just waiting for the MFS players to drop their service charges to make their offering more attractive for the masses. With new players entering the market, this has to happen.

While we are not fully clear, it is indicative that Warid will offer Money Transfer service and Utility Bill payment solutions at the time of launch of “Mobile Paisa”.

Keep watching this space for more details about the commercial launch of Mobile Paisa.

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  • Nadeem Arrian

    Outstanding , i need to send out money back home and i am a Warid user, its great and thank you Warid

  • Ahmed Habib

    I think propakistani sleeping, it has already launched and you can avail the service by agent locations!

    Also mobilepaisa(dot)com(dot)pk is for you! Go check out rates there…

    • aamir7

      We have clearly mentioned in the article that product was soft launched in January. Its commercial launch now.

      • Ahmed Habib

        Ha, what changed in commercial launch compared to soft launch, other than website design?

        • aamir7

          You clearly lack the mandatory knowledge to differentiate between commercial and soft launch.

          For a layman, commercial launch is full scale deployment of any specific product, while during soft launch the product remains in pilot to figure out any deficiencies or flaws.

          • Ahmed Habib

            Ah thanks!

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  • Azi

    Aamir bhai i request to write one article with all companies compare price chart so we can understand who is best ….

    • test

      Warid is the best

      • Guest

        Such a compelling argument.

  • Lex

    The logo change was prompted by a legal challenge brought by Vodafone against warid’s use of MPaisa as it is registered in favor of Vodafone in Pak and other countries.

  • Videovertex

    Oe yar free social apps do to koi baat ho.Ab jis ne funds transfer ni krne us ko b to kch faida do.