Centaurus Selects Makkays to Deploy Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Data Network


Centaurus Mall in Islamabad has said that it has chosen Makkays to implement a state of the art Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise data network solution to enhance their core network infrastructure and backhaul network.

This implementation will deliver advanced quality-of-service functionality and high-speed switching technology for day-to-day applications and services.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions are highly flexible as compared to other vendors in the market, said Makkays in a statement.

The IT division at Centaurus mall will now be able to make simple network upgrades in response to increased user demands without replacing the hardware. The products used are energy efficient, cost efficient, high performing and will require less installation space, which are key requirements for organizations in Pakistan focusing on operational expenditure.

The data solution will also act as a backbone for the data center connectivity and IP surveillance solutions. It will allow the 250 employees at Centaurus Mall to communicate with one another clearly with no network congestion. Furthermore, the switches used for IP surveillance will allow up to 300 fully integrated cameras working in adverse climatic conditions without power issues.

Engr. Alam Zeb, Head of IT Centaurus Mall said: “We chose Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise because they are the leaders in this field and pioneers in applications and services. We believe our partnership is still at its infancy stage and we will definitely grow in the near future considering our upcoming project that will require reliable partners such as Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and Makkays.”

For his part, Dr. Ayaz Khan, General Manager of Makkays said: “We are glad to have partnered with a world class shopping mall such as Centaurus Mall. The selection of vendor was a rigorous process, but due to the affordability and superior functionality of our products, Centaurus Mall have decided to go ahead with us. We are currently in talks with the team to supply ICT solutions to upcoming projects within Pakistan to further cement our relationship.”

“With the growing demand of high speed networks in Pakistan, organizations are now looking for affordable solutions that do not compromise on performance and quality,” said Cem Ocal Sales Director, Distribution, Middle East, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. “Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and Makkays, who are experts in Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise products and solutions, offer just that to ensure customer satisfaction in Pakistan.”

Located in the heart of Islamabad, the Centaurus Mall is an iconic retail, entertainment, and lifestyle destination that stimulates visitors with its vibrant mix of retail and entertainment segments. This is Pakistan’s most successful destination for shopping and family entertainment. The mall offers a delightful array of beguiling attractions for every visitor all year around. Be it shopping, entertainment, dining, or fun-filled outings with family or friends, The Centaurus Mall is the place to be.

  • Ammar

    How about deploying an open WiFi for customers? It’s downright embarrassing for a mall this size to not have any, especially when cellular networks don’t work inside.

    • Guest

      I fancy EVO Chaar Ji will run there easily :D

      • Ammar

        I’ve tried Nitro and it barely worked. If phone signals don’t reach there, then PTCL signals won’t either.

    • Shahryar Ali

      We are working on it :)

    • Irshad

      Ammar is right. WiFi should be free. It adds value to the Mall. I also read about IBS in-building solutions and NOT irritable bowel syndrome :) that gives cellular coverage inside the buildings. With all this 3G/4G hype we need to have better data speeds inside the buildings which is where we spend most of our time these days. How do people expect me to check-in :)

      • Guest

        If Wifi is free in the Mall then the most of folks would go there just for entertaining rather it should be some cost,for instance, for an hour of Wi-Fi would be Rs.50 etc.

        • Ammar

          Free WiFi is offered in lots of malls in Lahore. Centaurus is bigger than any mall in Lahore so what’s the issue?

        • zulkifl

          Instead of putting price tag, streaming could be capped/limited in order to avoid misuse. But browsing should be free.

  • Ali Khan

    they should probably have sorted out the cellular problems inside the mall…on priority basis.

  • Manish Punjabi

    Ammar you make an excellent point for free WiFi – using social logins, retail establishments can offer visitors/customers WiFi and simultaneously build their database to start a relationship.
    Centaurus – Thank you and its great working with you.
    Makkays – Congratulations – Looking forward to many more such success stories

    • Makkays

      Thank you Manish. Undoubtedly, Alcatel-lucent robust, flexible and
      innovative solutions are capable to address the exact business needs of
      organizations in Pakistan. And Makkays is proud to assert that we together are successfully enabling technology at all business levels in Pakistan.

  • Basit Khan

    They did not mentioned that the IP Camera Security Surveillance system is installed by DIGITAL LINKS Pvt Ltd, and the brand is HIKVISION.

  • Umar

    Personally I would have preferred Cisco but if Centaurs wants to go cheap, then why not …