PTCL Launches EVO Nitro Cloud-Share with MicroSD Card Sharing Ability


PTCL has announced the availability of this new EVO Nitro Cloud-Share device for its customers.

EVO Nitro Cloud-Share is a WiFi Hotspot Device in the Nitro Cloud series. This battery powered Hotspot is able to connect to multiple WiFi devices over its wireless interface, providing them with high-speed internet to mobile phones, gaming consoles, laptops & PDA’s etc.

The distinguishing feature of this device compared to the previous Nitro Cloud is the ability to share the contents of the MicroSD with other users connected to the device over WiFi.

The device now also comes with a WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) option as well as a 1.0 inch OLED screen indicating signal strength, Roam status, Wi-Fi, battery, WAN Connection mode and connection status, etc.

In addition to this, the device portal is now easily accessible through “nitro.cs” instead of having to type in the complete IP address i.e . 192.168….

Each nitro cloud-share also comes with a spare battery.

Device Highlights:

  • EV-DO REV-B Access through an intelligent mobile hotspot.
  • Superior Rev.B Phase-2 Compliant device supporting speeds upto 14.7 MBPS Downlink and 5.4 Mbps uplink in metropolitan areas (currently Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi)
  • 9.3 Mbps Rev.B speeds in 200+ Cities.
  • Connects up to 5 WiFi gadgets simultaneously.
  • 1.0” OLED Screen depicting signal strength, battery & connection status.
  • MicroSD Slot supports up to 32 GB.
  • MicroSD Data Sharing Over WiFi
  • WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) a feature that lets you easily connect WPS-supported client devices without the hassle of typing in a password.
  • CDMA Rev.A speeds of 3.1 Mbps in 250+ Cities with 1X Fallback.
  • 1700 mAh battery providing up to 5 Hours of Usage. (1 Spare battery in box)

Device Price & Package Tariffs

  • Free Device & 3 Months Usage for Rs. 9,500
  • Monthly Packages:
    • Rs. 1,500 = Volume: 20 GB
    • Rs. 3,000 = Volume: 30 GB
    • Rs. 3,200 = Volume: 50 GB

Where to Buy:

  • Walk-in at any PTCL One Stop Shop
  • Authorized retail outlets

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  • Useless packages as always but the device is great specially the battery life of 10 hours(spare battery included) considering it is portable and always connected to internet

  • i bought Class Rev.B Charji device from PTCL by paying Rs.15,000 and they claiming it to have speeds of upto 36Mbps. Hear me friends, this device is giving me speed of 1.56Mpbs. My house is the next house to PTCL exchange. It seems I have been mislead and robbed by PTCL once again.

    • This is what I’m getting here in Phase 4 DHA, Lahore.

      A friend had a similar problem, turned out that his device wasn’t connecting to LTE, it would rather connect to 3G hence the lower data rates. Got it fixed in a day by visiting the one stop shop

  • If I am not mistaking wasn’t the max limit on all devices was revised to 30GB? Please correct me if I am wrong. And if thats right then why are they offering 50GB with this device??

    • No, 50 GB was a new package they introduced recently which is priced highly at 3000 per month. All previous have been revised to 30GB. After sometime, they will revise 50 gb to 30 and 30 gb to 10gb.

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