Ufone Introduces Super Card with Fixed Monthly Resources

Ufone has introduced this new offer called “Super Card” for its prepaid customers that is aimed at offering amazing fixed resources on monthly basis. These free resources offered with-in “Ufone Super Card” include on-net minutes, off-net minutes, SMS and mobile internet.

Offer details:

The Ufone Super Card rather than giving U balance, gives free resources to customers. Below are details of the free resources:

  • 1000 minutes to Ufone, PTCL and Vfone,
  • 150 minutes to other local mobile networks,
  • 1000 SMS to all local mobile networks
  • 1000 MB mobile Internet for all 2G and 3G customers.

Customers can avail these resources by loading one Rs. 499 card and that too without any additional taxes or additional call charges, or the hassle of calculating rates.


Ufone Packages

U can avail this offer through ULoad as well!

When compared to other usual prepaid plans and daily promotion, one might find this offer little bit expensive. However, if you consider that Ufone Super Card will not only bring you on-net calling but you will avail off-net minutes, mobile internet and text messages throughout the month, this offer makes more sense since customers get “single window solution” with peace of mind for their complete communication needs throughout the month.

Moreover, this is probably the first prepaid offer that includes off-net minutes as well, hinting that Pakistanis can now expect prepaid offers with off-net calling facility from other operators too.

While commenting on the promotion, Mr. Taimur Faiz Cheema, GM Marketing at Ufone, said, “We have always provided the most hassle-free and affordable packages, like the Super Card, to endow our customers’ with peace-of-mind and a surety of selecting the country’s best telecom service provider.”

Just to add, by reloading a Ufone Super Card, customers won’t get any balance, instead they will get free minutes, SMS and mobile internet MBs. There are no additional taxes or any additional charges applicable with this promotion.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This offer is only for prepaid customers.
  • The price of the card is inclusive of all taxes and additional charges.
  • This offer can also be availed through ULoad.
  • Validity of Minutes, SMS and Mobile Internet is 30 days.
  • To find out remaining minutes, SMS and Mobile Internet MBs, dial *706#.
  • On loading the Super Card, instead of balance customers will receive 1000 minutes (Ufone to Ufone, PTCL and Vfone), 150 minutes for other local mobile networks, 1000 SMS for all local mobile networks and 1000 MB mobile Internet for 2G and 3G customers.

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  • Guy

    Mobilink Jazz also gives off-net minutes on their monthly Package.

    • Please tell me about the mobilink jazz off-net minutes monthly package

      • zeeshan

        Monthly Hybrid Bundle
        Rs. 999+tax
        500 Other Local Network Mins

        2000 Mobilink Mins

        2000 SMS to any local Network

        2000 MBs


        • Shaykh ul Islam Tahir ul Qadri

          do you realize this is double of Ufone offer?

          • zeeshan

            500 other network mints

        • guest

          well its a tricky offer by mobilink jazz i guesss….first of all u need to recharge about 1700 rs which will give u about 1300 Rs balance…and when u say its 999 plus tax that means about 1300Rs ( i m weak in calculations but u may calculate it accurately as per charges and taxes)…. while the ufone offer is very much clear……u get all the resources for a mere recharge of 500 Rs….tax deductions or service charges are all included…

          • arsal

            Bro u are awesome

        • ali

          999+tax mobilink
          499 included tax
          hahaha :p

    • Jibran

      They cut taxes too. :) They don’t give this much in 500 rupees.

  • Hussain

    Wow That’s Cool I love it.

  • Guest

    Major drawback of this package is that speed limit is 256 kbps , they should have atleast offered 1mbps

    • Guest

      Are you sure? I asked their customer service and they said it was 1mbps

      • Muhammad Ashraf

        the speed limit is 256 kbps over 3g

      • Guest

        check on thier facebook ..

      • Zulqarnain Malik

        check their official fb page

      • Jawwad

        It’s 1Mbps for 3G.

    • Noman

      I think you should call their helpline 333 and inform them to hi-light this issue.

    • Ahsan

      Its not so, 1000 MB is for maximum speed available.

    • Haseeb

      I am getting 1.5 mbps on my speediest software

  • Enk

    This seems nice.

  • Fahad Hashmi

    Excellent, as long as there are no HIDDEN charges which Ufone is specialized in :)

    • dj butt

      there is no balance so there couldnt be hidden charges! thats the whole idea, u recharge and get minutes/ sms/ data instead of money.

      • Fahad Hashmi

        you never know Butt sahab :)

        jahan hmari soch khatam hoti hai inn ki shru hoti hai pese kamanay k liay :)

  • KMQ

    Good One but off-net minutes should be a bit more.

  • Shahid

    Good but SMS ..???
    Too small in quanitity…!!!

  • Faisal

    awesome !!!

  • Umar Tariq

    Excellent Offer, I have plans to move from Telenor to UFone when I get back to Pakistan

    • Shaykh ul Islam Tahir ul Qadri

      and I decided to bring revolution when get back to Pakistan. Priorities B**ch Priorities….

      • Fakhre Alam

        hahahha .

      • Ali


  • Jahangir

    The remaining minutes / SMS will be added when we renew the package?

  • Maddy

    Circle gives you 3000 Onnet mintues,3000 sms,300 MB internet and 150 offnet minutes for Rs300

    • guest

      Thats gud for ppl having most of their contacts having zong connections…..the main thing matters is the contacts on a specific network….as far as some drawbacks of this offer is 1. 300 plus tax is almost equal to a load of 500 (so both ufone and zong offers the same bundle price).. 2. data limit is 300 mb(ufone is offering 1000 mb)..if i compare both i would prefer ufone…..

      • Arsalan Shah

        Lol! 1GB 2G vs. 300MB 3G ..

        • guest

          yaar 3g pe 300 mb tau phir mazaq he hai na……256 kbps guzaare k liye bohat hai mjh jaisay gareeb bande k liye…hahhahah

  • hammad khan

    yaar 1000 sms se exceed kro to, sms bundle active ho sakta hai uss pe?
    coz 1000 sms pooray month k liye to insufficient hain…
    and ye limited time offer to nahin?

    • mustafa

      yr apne bolkul thek kaha kam az kam 2000 sms hone chahyein

    • Ahsan

      yes. after exceeding 1000 sms, use Ufone’s any sms bucket.

  • Vicky

    What about 10Paisa+Tax/Call charges?

    • nomy823

      im using this package and there are no call setup charges on this pakage

      • jazz khan

        from where can i get super card

        • nomy823

          Super card are available at Ufone sales and service centres…..but… I am sorry to say that calls to ptcl/vfone are being considered as other network minutes and are being deducted from 150 minutes instead of 1000 minutes. I think when these 150 other minutes are finished then ptcl/vfone call will be deducted from 1000 minutes. I am trying to raise this issue with ufone helpline since last 24 hours but their agent even dont want to understand this problem

          • Dr. Taimoor

            Thanks to share it with us. Boycott with super card then. We don’t want it!!

    • NEO

      no call charges for first 3OO minutes

  • Hasan

    Zong today launched Hybrid Bundles

    1 GB data, Unlimited On Net(no cap) and 500 sms/day at 499 + tax

    2 GB data, Unlimited On Net(no cap) and 500 sms/day at 599 + tax

  • Ahmad

    It is super dooper offer by ufone but i don’t hve ufone :-(

    • djbutt

      tau khareed lay bhai Rs. 90 ki sim…



    • guest

      except one thing…they forgot to include off net minutes….

  • fiza

    jo balnce milega after recharging this card kya wo hum share b kar saktay hain to others ???? n kya balnce ki expiry pekoi limit hai ??? plz explain it…

    • guest

      balance nahi mile ga….just free resources milain gay….just minutes,sms aur internet…

      • fiza

        phir tu bakwas offer ;?

  • Midi

    Maximum available speed is 1MBbs …U must be kidding me..

  • Saqib

    Its a reasonable offer. now we should not expect more than this against 500 recharge…if one calculate it exactly its something like 300-350 plus tax…..tau is mein ufone aur kya de……lekin kya he acha ho agar telenor b aisi he koi offer de de….wesay i think is daur mein telenor b peechay nahi rahay ga…..lekin telenor walo jald he aisi koi offer de dau plz

  • hafiz

    to get 499, you have to recharge 625 as well

    • nop you will buy a special card of 499 and load it , it will give you the minutes and sms bundle , no balance . no taxes .

  • tabish

    another drawback is that after 300 calls ufone charge 12paisa per call ……hidden charges

  • Scorpion

    Over all this offer is very good. It may be the best which most of the people need.. The only thing i find deficient is SMS offer.. 1000 sms per month are less ( if u are used to textng than online social networks)..
    Khair dual sim usage( other networks sms offers) can be be a solution to the problem….

  • Sajjad

    It is good but hidden charges are there,,,,,,,, ufone drama I mean if you don’t have balance. you cant make a call,

  • Yousuf

    Ufone should give 250 off mins rather than 150 mins, it will make this offer wonderful. Whom to give recommendations?

  • Can anyone tell me please if there is any call setup fee?
    and if there are charges for WhatsApp calls?