Microsoft to Announce the Next Version of Windows (Threshold) on September 30

Microsoft is on its way to announce the next version of Windows (possibly Windows 9 or merely “Windows”) on the last day of the month, September 30.

The press invites currently only feature the tagline: “Join us to hear about what’s next for Windows and the enterprise”.

Microsoft is expected to put further light in the future versions of Windows (codenamed Threshold), and maybe even release a Technical Preview. We can also expect to see Windows 9 Server, judging by the word “enterprise”.

We already have some solid reasons to believe Windows’ future is coming given the wide number of leaks over the past two months or so. The most-intriguing (and important) is the inevitable return of Start Menu, which will now allow users to pin Metro-style apps on itself.

Microsoft will also allow these apps to either run windowed or fullscreen. It may kill the seldom used Charms menu and officially introduce virtual desktops. It is also expected to add Notification Center and Interactive Live Tiles.

Another intriguing feature is unification of Windows and Windows Phone. Recently, we saw a leak of a Windows Phone with only “Windows” written at the back. Windows 9 may be the final version of Windows, with the future updates expected to follow a one-click procedure, similar to OS X.

Finally, Microsoft’s answer to Siri and Google Now, the virtual-assistant Cortana (which famously made all the correct predictions in the 2014 FIFA World Cup) will be making its way to the flagship product of Redmond. We understand that the changes introduced in Windows Phone 8 update make porting between the two OSes easier, and Cortana might be the supreme example of this.

This news doesn’t mean that you should throw your copy of Windows 8 away anytime soon, though as the final version can take years to reach the market.

  • Microsoft can never again bring an operating system lke windows xp & windows 7
    The idea to integerate tablet version and desktop PC version operating system in one product called windows 8 is totally failed

      • Pls google about windows 8, you find criticism against it because of very unfamiliar user interface plus absense of start menu whereas you will find windows 7 is widely being used and than windows xp (still). The statistics shows how many users still love to use windows xp.

        • You can find criticism about every Windows or everything that exists in the world. By the way, you cannot say that Windows 8.1 is a flop Windows. Windows 9, which is the same as Windows 8.1, is going to be hit due to start menu? Time will tell the game’s tale!

            • Is it not annoying that Microsoft was releasing patch for Windows XP even after the 13th years. Updates it is a norm of MS.

              • security patches are different thing, they need to be issued with the passage of time, keeping in the view the release date of windows xp, hackers have learned alot and have developed some advanced tools to compromise with the security of windows xp hence microsoft has released the patches whereas updates are being released to windows 8 for making changes in its interface.
                Microsoft;s extended long term support till april 2014 and release of latest patch is enough to explain that xp is all seasons favourite & it’s still being widely used forexample, atm machines, industrial machines which are equipped with computer controls.

                • Paa G! I was giving you an example..!!! I know the difference between the security patches and the updates..!! An update couldn’t make a Windows hit..!!!

      • I would like to add one more thing, golden era of microsoft for OS is now seems to be over reason is people are now going towards MAC OS. However microsoft still takes lead in office products

        • LOL! what a leg-pull! MAC OS is going to become a king? That has less customer as compared to Windows 8. Linux is the best choice for the person who don’t have a potential to buy a PC for Windows 7 or 8, but MAC OS could never be!

    • Perhaps, you didn’t/don’t use Windows 8.1. It is much better than Windows XP and Windows 7 in term of speed etc. Initially, I hated Windows 8.1 due to its new modern design – you know every new thing looks exotic and strange. But with the passage of time, I have started to love Windows 8.1. It consumes less Ram as compared to others Windows. You need to adopt new technology like a fashion. “D

      • I dont like its graphics & user interface, every one has its own choice but still most of people are dont like windows 8.1 and I also do respect to your choice.

        • But I love its graphics far better than XP and 7. If you are using Pentium 4 or like this that has no graphics card then of course Windows will not able to show its utter graphics performance.

                • My old HP Pentium 4 could run all the programs..!! But, speed and graphics are not very well. I just checked!

                  • then you gift away your pentium 4 to NASA or CERN because it can do every thing being pentium 4 so that they can through away their super computers and save huge money :)

                  • Windows 8 is good..i hv been using it 2 years now and no issues…im using 64bit enterprise version. Been 20 years in to this stuff is stable windows than all others.

            • Says who? The minimum specs for Windows 8.1 are 1GHz processor and 1GB of RAM. If your PC could run Windows 7, it will run Windows 8.1 just fine. You can also google and download this little tool called Windows 8.1 Upgrade Assistant from Microsoft’s site that will tell you if your PC is compatible or not.

  • windows 8.1 is better than 8, 7 and xp………
    very fast takes 4 seconds to boot up desktop and 2 seconds to shutdown

  • windows 8.1 is much better than the previous versions, much better interface design and faster than before and I hope the next version may made it’s ground.
    Microsoft now trying to make more convenient products.

  • XP aae thi to 98 achi lagti thi.. 7 aagae to XP achi thi… 8 agae to 7 achi hogae.. vista ko chor k..har OS k sath aisa hi hota hy.. is liay.. keep it up MS… lol

  • The way these articles are worded gives me the distinct feeling the author is just copy pasting it, word by word, from some other site.

      • Just the overall vibe I got from reading the bit. Like it’s not really targeted towards a Pakistani audience but towards a general, much more technology oriented one that keeps up with happenings of the IT world. For example that last line about throwing away our copies of Windows 8, which might be an appropriately humorous jab for an international tech blog, it’s hardly relatable to anyone at home because honestly, how many of us invest in legal copies of Windows? And again, this line: “Recently, we saw a leak of a Windows Phone with only “Windows” written at the back.” Feels totally out of context and makes you wonder who is the we the author is talking about here because we never read any such thing on this site. Hope you got the point.

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