The 10 Best Apps for Your New iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

While the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been available in Pakistan ever since they were launched through grey market channels, they have been officially launched by Warid, Ufone, Mobilink and Telenor this month. Here is our take on ten of the best free apps that you should have on your iPhone to make the most out of the features these device offers.

Adobe Photoshop Express


Whether we love to take selfies or random photos, one of the most used features on our iPhones is the camera. Adobe Photoshop Express is a light version of the marvelous desktop software. You can reduce noise, sharpen, adjust exposure and do a lot more to your photographs with the multitude of features that this app provides. Take a photograph in HDR mode and a little editing in Photoshop express and your cell phone snaps will turn out to be top quality.

Download Adobe Photoshop Express from the iOS app store here



If, like me, you are travelling all the time and have your files and documents placed all over on your home desktop, your personal laptop or your office pc; dropbox is the app for you. It allows you to access your important files from anywhere as long as you have internet connectivity. File syncing across multiple platforms becomes easy and simple. With the recent Microsoft Office integration, it has become an even better tool.

Download Dropbox from the iOS app store here

ESPN Cricinfo


For all Cricket enthusiasts who always like to keep a tab on how our national team is doing, this is THE app for you. It has a great interface and it allows you read the latest news, watch highlights in the videos section, read blogs by some of the best Cricket reporters and of course just click through the photos section. This is the cricket world at your fingertip and to be honest it’s been ages since I visited the actual website.

Download Cricinfo from the iOS app store here



A no brainer, you simply have to have this on your phone. Miles ahead of the pre-installed email app on the iPhone. The recent updates to the app have made it much more pleasing to the eye and along with unmatched functionality, it really is the de facto standard for email on your smartphone.

Download Gmail from the iOS app store here

IMDB Movies & TV


Not sure which movie or TV show to watch on the weekend? Download the IMDB movie and TV app, look up your favorite actors/actresses, read the plot summary, glance at the reviews and ratings; download or head to the nearest store and grab the DVD. This is your one stop entertainment app and I use it to keep a tab on when’s the next season of my favorite TV show going on air and to create a watch list of movies that I intend to see.

Download IMDB from the iOS app store here



It is a great personal finance app. I have been using Wally for more than a year to keep a track of my expenses. Enter your income and savings goal and as you enter your expenses, Wally will help you manage your budget by updating you on how much you end up spending on eating out or fuel through infographics. It actually does help you to better manage your budgets and for people with leaky hands when it comes to money, it’s a life-saver.

Download Wally from the iOS app store here

Scanner Pro


Need to scan a document and email it ASAP but don’t have access to a scanner? This is the app for you. The interface might not be that slick but Scanner Pro gets the work done.

Download Scanner Pro from the iOS app store here



Listen to new music and artists, create your own playlists and follow your friends. If you are a Pakistani music enthusiast you can find a lot of established and underground local artists on Soundcloud with some amazing music.

Download Soundcloud from the iOS app store here



If you are a fan of Bollywood music or Pakistani Ghazal Maestros such as Mehdi Hassan, Saavn is one of the best apps out there for it. On Saavn, you can listen to the soundtracks of the latest Bollywood movies and create your own playlists. In the mood for Bhangra or Ghazals? Saavn gives you the option to stream music according to your mood as well.

Download Saavn from the iOS app store here

Number 10? Pick Your Favorite!

There is no one app that I would put here. I use my iPhone for heap loads of activities whether its Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram or keeping track of my fitness with apps such as Gain, Nike Plus Running or Strava. There are too many options so I leave this slot open for the readers to decide. Let us know in the comments below about your favorite iOS app.

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