Rana Junaid Ahmed Becomes First Officially Sold iPhone 6 Owner in Pakistan

Its finally here. The iPhone 6 just went on sale stands at Ufone, Telenor, Mobilink and Warid business centres across Pakistan. There are tons of people queuing up at these sale points to join the day-one gang in Pakistan!

I can tell you that the craze is phenomenal and one of its kind here at a Ufone Service Centre in Lahore where — along with broadcasters — there are dozens of people gathered to collect their iPhones to mark this historical day.

It won’t be out of place to mention here that after six years of original launch, and several models, its only today that iPhone devices are officially being sold in Pakistan.

Now meet Rana Junaid Ahmed, who has become one of the first iPhone buyers with official warranty in Pakistan.

Rana Junaid, who appears to be jubilant and excited already, is from Lahore and ex-employee of Geo TV. Currently he owns a business and decided to buy iPhone 6 – 64GB model –  from Ufone out of his craze and love for Apple products.

Not to mention, iPhone 6 was available with few selected folks in Pakistan who had bought these devices through grey channels. However, Rana Junaid has become the first owner of iPhone 6 after its put officially on sale in the country.

It won’t be out of place to mention here that Ufone was first operator to accept pre-registrations for iPhone devices, and now they managed to sell the first iPhone in Pakistan as well. We had heard that Ufone had good number of iPhone 6 pre-orders registered with them, however, how many of them converted into sales is something we are yet to find out.

More coverage to follow on iPhone 6 Launch in Pakistan. Keep glued here.

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  • Saad R.

    Doesn’t look that excited haha

    • Guest

      Excitation exists inside the heart, not on the face – mostly :P

    • Najam

      bhai kidney sale ki h, koi asaan baat nahe

    • Nauman Ajmal

      Mera Junaid Pakistan ka pehla iPhone owner hai. and other aunties be like “where were you?” to their children

  • Eli Ehsan

    iPHONE lene aaya hai wo bhi Anarkali se li hoyee jacket main.. :/ #NotAnAppleFanClearly

    • Bilal Iqbal

      Paisy bacha kr #iPhone lia hy…;)

    • Guest

      Who cares.

    • Anonymous

      Looser!!!! Don’t criticize others if you can’t get that one

    • guest

      Ap ko bohot pehchan hai ap ki dukan se to nahi li

      • black_mesa

        teri q sar rahi hia tuo nain be shop layni hia

  • Rehmat Ali

    Don’t post the pics, log cheen lain gay iss se :)

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    buying an iphone can’t be historical, pls don’t over cook the story.

    • Haris

      Lol Exactely !* :D

    • Fakhre Alam

      hahaha comment of the day. first iphone 6 owner make sense but first iphone 6 owner in pakistan doesn’t make any sense. people already bought them through other channels.

    • Bilal Iqbal

      It is historical in US where first launch is always HISTORICAL.. lol

  • MuTaTeD

    @Aamir: Looks like you forgot to proof read the already prepared article before publishing in your hurry to post it…

    From Aamir: Thanks, its gone now.

    • MuTaTeD

      Name of the buyer also changed from Rana Humaid to Rana Junaid lolz

  • Spider

    @Aamir: You know very well how to write to target a specific audience. Excellent content writing capabilities. Keep it up !!!

    • aamir7

      wow, you have made my day. Thank you for the compliment!

      • Muhammad Aamir

        I am bewildered why you didn’t become the first person to buy an iPhone6? Then the title looks good, “Aamir Atta Becomes First Officially Sold iPhone 6 Owner in Pakistan” :D And you had enough money to buy an iPhone 6 for me also :P

        • aamir7

          Enough money? na karain sir… Moula nay parday rakhay hain bass :)

          • Muhammad Aamir

            Mazak Na Karain Bhai! I saw a website where It was written that you earn 6000$ per month :D

            • aamir7

              Jee jee, kyun nahi :D aisa kuch nahi hay sir.

              • Radz

                Someone is trying to hide his income :p dun worry Sir.. koi parchi nahi bhej rha apko.. lol

          • Bilal Iqbal

            Actually amir is waiting for some #GIFT of #iPhone6 …;)

  • Tariq

    Rana, ab signal pe dhyan se rukna :P

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    Iphone are being sold officially wait a minute, they are not sale officially from apple instead they are being sold officially from mobile service providers which means that price include custom duty and taxes. There is no sales information available on apple website, as far as warranty is concern I have a doubt whether the after sales service will be provided by locally mobile repair shop from service provider or they have officially (apple) approved customer service center in Pakistan

    • yes they are not officially launched.

  • Haseeb

    Muabrak ho Mubarak ho !!!

  • khan

    Telenor says that the Handset will be under warranty of Advance Telecom and I2. Officialdom of this scheme is doubtful.

  • Hamza Khan

    Officially misspell on title if I’m not wrong?

  • Phone Snacher

    Thanks for giving us his name and picture. He’ll also become first person in Pakistan who’s official iPhone will get snatched…

  • Is it a Guinness World Record?

  • Geekpk

    Post pics of the queued people. :D

  • Ahmed

    You mean Pakistan’s first official iSheep? LOL

  • Yasir Gilani

    First Idiot. He looks like an idiot too in this photo. 1GB flagship device in 2014 @ this price. Height of jahalat !

    • Yasir Gilani

      *1GB RAM

    • Guest

      WOW! Do you have an ability to recognize the core of a person through his face? Don’t become arrogant! By the way, you can run all the apps smoothly in this phone like an android phone of 2GB. It seems you haven’t tried an iPhone 6! Try it then make a conclusion.

    • Adeel

      iPhones 1GB ram easily beat the 2Gb ram android models, kabhi use kiya hota to aisa na hota

    • Saqib

      this is exactly what I was going to comment!

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    Since I phones are not being sold officially by Apple as we didn’t witness any partnership information from apple with local carrier hence I request the author or admin of this site to replace the word officially with legally. Don’t mislead the people.

  • Rizwan Ali

    Ab iski khair nhi :-p

  • Mohib Hassanzi

    goodluck rana junaid

  • Guest

    What does it mean? The name changed like the surgery of a person :D

    • Nasir Javed

      yaar ho gya jo krna hai kar lo… :)

    • Fahad Hashmi

      Nice catch :)

  • shayan

    In.iphone mai facetime ha ya nhi? Jo mobilink offer kr rha ha us mai facetime nhi ha

    • Sam

      Ufone walon mei bhi facetime nahin hai. These iphones are middle east models.

  • Why would someone buy an iPhone without FaceTime?, they should sell FaceTime enabled mobiles.

    • sam

      Those who after buying get the news that there is no facetime are buying these iPhone. They must have felt cheated by the respective Telco as none of them highlighted when marketing that it is without facetime. Cheaters all around!

  • it looks like he would have done better spending the money on a nice haircut instead.

  • Saad Nadeem


  • Fahad Hashmi

    This should have been aired as BREAKING NEWS on News channels..!!!

  • R.F

    lolx… har baat pa tanqeed, khud kaam karaa to theek ha.. dosra vo kaam karla to tanqeed!!! hahaha… ju loog tanqeed kar raha ha unka liya bus itna he “sharam tum ko magar nai ate”

  • R.F

    Anyhow Rana Junaid Congrats!!!!