Warid to Offer LTE Smartphones on Installments With with 0% Mark-up and Free Bundles

Warid Telecom has announced its collaboration with Bank Alfalah Limited that will allow Warid customers who have Bank Alfalah credit card to get LTE handsets on easy installment plans of 6 to 12 months with free LTE Mobile Internet Bundle at absolutely 0% mark-up.


This offer includes latest Samsung, Sony, Nokia and Huawei LTE devices. With 8GB monthly mobile internet bucket, Warid subscribers can enjoy absolutely free high-speed internet either for up to 12 months, depending on their instalment plan.

Commenting on the launch of this new offer, Mr. Asim Ali, Commercial Director, Warid Telecom said,

“Having earned a great brand repute over the years for itself, Warid has always initiated the most affordable and exceptional services for its valued customers.

Aimed at facilitating our customers, we are pleased to join hands with Bank Alfalah in providing smart solutions to our customers’ lifestyle needs.

Through this partnership, our aim is to make the latest smartphone devices accessible for our customers so they can experience the latest technology, i.e. LTE by Warid Telecom”.

Currently, Warid is offering top-of-the-line LTE enabled smartphones including Samsung Galaxy Note4 and ALPHA, Sony Xperia Z1 and Z3, Nokia Lumia, and Huawei P7.

Free Data Bundles

The installment plan is for 6 to 12 months which comprises of free mobile internet bundle, which will be as following:

  • 6-Month Plan includes 8GB/month free internet for 6 months
  • 12-Month Plan includes 8GB/month free internet for 12 months

The plan shall continue to add other upcoming top-of-the-line smartphones as and when they are launched in Pakistan.


To book a handset along with Warid LTE mobile internet bundle, Bank Alfalah Credit Card customers have to call the bank’s helpline: 111-225-111

LTE Handsets on Offering


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  • Be aware that they can say 0% = 12% as they said that 100MB = UNLIMITED … they way to make us fool.

    • yeah you are right, but they knew about it one can check / verify the prices, online or from market, may be there is no diff or a little as we knew that online shops are offering 10-20% min. higher from market prices ( as per my personal experience )

  • As per plan 6 month 0% Mark up price is 93078 and 12 months 0%mark up is 98076? how its 0% Mark up

  • I have a major problem with operators getting into handset business unless it’s supported by initiatives such as joint marketing (cost sharing), subsidy, retention (locked phones), etc.

    A phone service (landline or mobile) is no different than any other utility, be it electricity, water or gas. When you turn on a switch, you expect a service like running water or using electricity to turn on a light bulb. Similarly, when one dials out, one expects to hear a dial tone. One does not expect a utility company to be selling air conditioners, washing machines, etc. It’s up to the consumer to decide as to what they want. If handset offering was indeed through a strategic alliance, one would expect some kind of saving to be passed on to the consumer, which is not the case here. Any discount obtained from the handset manufacturer is most probably going towards recouping cost of capital —- there is no such thing as free money.

    So my question is: why even get into something that would tie up cash in the form of inventory and deal with headaches of warranty, product support and payment collection issues?

    Operator’ S&M organizations are totally confused about their role and the role of a “dial tone” as a service —- they are a utility company for crying out loud and need to think how utility companies add and service customers in a deregulated environment. In a deregulated environment, obtaining a “dial tone” is not as hard as getting an electricity or gas meter installed, and is no longer about washed-up actors singing, dancing, and pitching a “life style.” Consumers use phones much like any other appliance — based on as and when needed and will select a device based on their budget & liking and use it at their own discretion, on-net or off-net.

    Operators need to think out-of-the-box to grow their revenues along with their customer base.

        • Why don’t you raise your voice against your attrited system? When your whole country’s economy is running on interest.

      • Islam is a concern of Muslims only. Dont bother your tiny mind with it. Jihad should be against religious fanatics as well as libreal fascists like you. Thats when Pak will progress. We are sandwiched between two loathsome extremes.

        • Pakistan will only progress when you will get out of Mullah-ism and those brainwashing academies (Madrassas), where nothing but people are being brain washed by those who are accused in molesting children. It will progress when people of every religion can live peacefully without life threats. Its a shame but reality.

  • if i choose Xperia Z3 [new is always better], for 6 month plan i will be paying RS-84150 and for 12 month plan RS-88956. so according to few websites its at RS-63000 [no warranty– with warranty RS-73000 (prices may change, I’ve rounded them up for better understanding)] so 8GB of LTE data is for 800 that makes it RS-4800 for 6 months and RS-9600 for 12 months plan. Given that there are no “extra” charges this may be a nice deal for many who don’t have so much cash just sitting there.
    so there you have it folk’s, perfectly deal? well no there is an obvious down side to it but then you are getting free data. you may be charged for calls and sms.
    reason for doing all this is, well i wanted to know how much warid is making out of it so i thought why not put it up there for other’s to look at it.

    • Wah! kya baat hai… aap ko Ishaq dar hona chaiye tha idhr kesy aa gaye?

      • uncle phaly 1 million main say 100 ki dictionary la k apni english thek kar lo

        • teri Eng rs.100 wali dictionary jaisi hi. Dosrun ko bhi isi kaam par laga dy. What a fag. You cant write a single coherent sentence in English without thinking for an hour.

  • baqe customers jinkay pass bank alfalah ka account na ho Ya jo prepaid use karty hain wo gayayyy tail laynay :P

  • this is real bullshit… always making fools loudly… like standard chartered billboard says serving people in Pakistan since 100 years near botbason…

  • P7, Note 4, Z3 will be hottest I believe. It’s good to see Sony back in Pakistani market though…

  • Bull Shit ……. Just cheating the innocent people of Pakistan.
    For Samsung Galaxy Note 4 4g Variant
    Current Market Price = 71000
    What they are offering
    15,513 x 6 months = 93,078 (Over Pricing is Rs 22,078)
    8,157 x 12 months = 97,884 (Over Pricing is Rs 26,884)

    So my dear country mates please do your math before falling onto the hands of cheaters

  • No way ……. Just cheating the innocent people of Pakistan.
    For Samsung Galaxy Note 4 4g Variant
    Current Market Price = 71000
    What they are offering
    15,513 x 6 months = 93,078 (Over Pricing is Rs 22,078)
    8,157 x 12 months = 97,884 (Over Pricing is Rs 26,884)

    So my dear country mates please do your math before falling onto the hands of cheaters

  • Huawei P-7 officialyy costs 41,000 PKR

    With Warid’s 6 months pla, it will cost us 49,242.

    Samsung galaxy Alpha officially costs 56,500 PKR

    With Warid’s 6 months plan, it will cost us 77,412 PKR.
    Samsung galaxy Note 4 official price is 84,000 PKR,
    Warid 6 months plan costs us 93,090.
    Sony Xperia Z3 now comes with official warranty from Inovi and that too a dual sim version and costs, 72,000 PKR, here at Warid’s 6 months plan, it will cost us 84,150 ( and that too a single sim version).
    Kindly correct me but how is this suppose to be a ” 0 Mark- Free Bundles” packages??
    You people always make fool of us. But not any more. This time, you are much more foolish than you even know

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