Rafay Baloch Recognized as One of the Top Ethical Hackers of 2014

In a significant accolade for Pakistan, Rafay Baloch, who is a 21-year-old IT security researcher, has been named as one of the top ethical hackers of 2014.

CheckMarx, which is one of the world’s leading information security publications based out of Tel Aviv, Israel, has featured Rafay as one of the world’s top 5 ethical hackers last year. The recognition comes after Rafay, who is a student at Bahria University Karachi, exposed a serious vulnerability in Android’s open source platform browser (versions older than 4.4).

Rafay Baloch, just at 21, took the world by storm after finding glaring flaws in Android’s stock AOSP browser

The inclusion of Rafay is also significant because the recognition has come from a company that has, according to most estimates, the best tool for Static Application Security Testing. CheckMarx also pointed to 2014 as a year of several high-profile attacks, such as the Snapchat leak, iCloud hack, and the Sony threats, but maintained that the majority of these attacks were done by ethical white hat hackers who merely wished to expose the loopholes for the larger betterment of the community.

“Rafay Baloch took the world by storm after finding glaring flaws in Android’s stock AOSP browser,” said Checkmarx in a blog post, which also identified ethical hackers from Egypt, Israel and Switzerland as the top in the world.

Rafay Baloch is a professional ethical hacker and has also published a book titled “Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Guide”, an in-depth guide to internet security. He has also participated in several bug bounty programs to help major internet companies in improving their security.

Previously Rafay was awarded $10,000 from PayPal, as well as a permanent job offer from the online payment solutions firm, for finding several high-risk vulnerabilities which would otherwise have put the company at serious risk of attack.

Via Express Tribune