Emergency Alerts App for Schools Developed

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in collaboration with Islamabad Police and mobile application developer Pure Push has developed Mobile Emergency Alert System for Schools (MEASS) to ensure effective security of schools and hospitals situated in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT).

In this regard a training session for police officers including SPs, DSPs, SDPOs and SHOs was held at Police lines Islamabad which was attended by Chairman PTA, Dr. Syed Ismail Shah, IGP Islamabad Tahir Alam Khan and AIG Islamabad Sultan Azam Temuri.


Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Dr. Syed Ismail Shah handing over tablet for Rescue 15 office to IGP Islamabad Mr. Tahir Alam Khan

Number of technical sessions were held between Chairman PTA, AIG (ICT Police) and the Pure Push to finalize the details of the project. Resultantly, the new application has been developed and tested for effective response.

Through this project, the access of Android based smartphone application will be given to the administrative staff at different schools, colleges, universities and hospitals in the Capital city who will be able to send emergency alerts to get timely help from the Police. Islamabad Police will have direct control over the system and will ensure better use of latest technology in managing such matters.

Pure Push has provided twenty smart phones, one each, for police stations in Islamabad area and one tablet for Rescue 15 office and SIMs have been provided by Zong mobile which would be used to disseminate timely information to the educational institutions. These gadgets were handed over to police officials at the end of the training session.

It may be mentioned that, this system has been developed in record time with no cost and is based on the existing mobile infrastructure. The triggers can be activated in situations like armed attack by terrorist, bomb blast, kidnapping, fire, and other suspicious activities.

    • Many common persons are Taliban :P 80%+ Deobandi/Wahhabi support them wholeheartedly. Don’t think anyone can distinguish who will misuse/abuse it, and who will genuinely use it.

      • You are misleading Arslan bcz your info is not accurate about Molvi’s, nothing else I can say.

        I am in favour of islamic state but I am not in favour of terrorism and such means used even against non muslims. Dont you want an islamic state? Or you want a modern non islamic state?

        • I want an islamic state mate, you are right, and I have the exact same thought, as having a terrorism free state. The thing is, there’s a huge difference between ”The Islam” and the Islam they’re trying to apply. The Islam they’re trying to enforce is full of sins, bidda’h and crimes against humanity, including genocide (terrorism) I oppose that.

  • Thats ridiculous. When your life is hung in a balance, you will bother with a phone app. Yeah right. Whats next? Smartphone app to help us take a dump?

    • You’re such a ridiculous person, Lol. You can take out your smartphone to call Rescue Services – 15/118/1122., I think it is MUCH easier to use a Smartphone App with a button describing exactly what is going on, no need to talk/communicate, no need to explain the situation to anyone. There are several situations where one cannot talk, actually 99% situations are like that. This App is a huge innovation in Rescue Industry, instead of using your stup*d brain to point out negativities, use some sense. This is a 1000 times better than traditional calling and telling them your location. Most phones can pinpoint your location based on 3G Internet & Mobile Network.

  • Well, here few questions raises, anyone to answer?
    1. What if the internet connectivity is down?
    2. What if the staff not having smartphone?
    3. Who will pay the internet charges?
    4. What if the school administration i.e Principal on leave and the app is installed on his/her smartphone?
    5. What if the smartphone damaged with unfortunate blast?

    • 3- Every Internet Provider must provide free internet use for this service, i.e customer not having balance should also be able to use the App, just like Rescue Services – 15//118/1122.

  • Ok let me be the devil’s advocate here and I know I am about to get a lot of hate comments but do you seriously think our government institutions are equipped to use this?

    This is going to be one of those projects which the PTA chairman will put on his CV but nothing more than that.

    The only real organisations that using ICT for Development is TPI. Google ‘TPI Pakistan’!

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