Pakistanis Exchanged 302 Billion SMS Messages in 2014

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Mobile phone users in Pakistan exchanged a staggering 301.7 billion SMS messages during July 2013 to June 2014, which is almost 800 million text message a day.

But what if we tell you that this number is lower than we had during 2013?

Yes, that’s right. Total SMS traffic during FY2014 decreased 5 percent as compared to what we had in 2013, showing that mobile messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, Line and Facebook are making an impact.


Similarly, the average SMS per cellular subscriber in a month also reduced to 180 as compared to 214 last year.


The rising influx of smart phones coupled with increased use of Mobile internet, Over the Top (OTT) and social media applications have reduced the dependency on traditional communication modes (voice and SMS) into reduced number of SMS exchanges over cellular mobile networks.

It is only the matter of time that voice and SMS revenues are going to get a serious hit and to get replaced by data revenues. Clearly it is the time now that cellular operator should start drawing their future strategies around data services.

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  • In first line of article there is a mistake “Mobile phone users in Pakistan exchanged a staggering 301.7 SMS messages” you simply forgot to add million or billion in front of 301.7 (digits).

  • unline your previous posts, this post is missing messages per operator, any chance to get those statistics?

      • No problem :-)

        it would be good if we can see world leaderboard i.e how many messages any other country exchanged during 2014, and we will have a glance to see where we stands in texting :-)

        secondly, you are reporting these numbers with reference to PTA or any other authority confirming these numbers to you ? (just for the sake of my curiousity)

  • SMS is one of the insanely highly charged services, lets assume each telcos charge fixed Rs 1.5 per SMS and do some calculations on that.

    1 SMS = 160 Characters = 160 bytes

    1 GB / 160 bytes = 6710886 SMS

    Rs 1.50/SMS x 6710886 SMS = Rs. 10,066,329

    To put that in some perspective we pay Rs 10.06 Million for 1 GB of data.

    I know not all SMS are exactly 160 characters and many people have SMS bundles.

  • I am sure Pakistanis have exchanged messages more in many folds on viber, whatsapp, Skype etc

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