Shahid Afridi visits Warid Contact Center

Cricket legend and Warid’s brand ambassador, Shahid Afridi, visited the company’s Contact Centre in Lahore last Friday.

Afridi, who is part of Warid’s next generation LTE campaign, provided recognition for the successful launch of the LTE services. He also congratulated the Customer Services team for their exceptional services.

Warid is the first telecom operator in Pakistan to have transformed directly from 2G to LTE technology. Company claims that its LTE launch has been a tremendous success so far.

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  • Badar

    What happens if he visit?

    • abobobilly

      Awein bus. News.

    • kamal

      dimagh kharab ho gaya hai kuch zyada hi propakistani ka kafi arsay se is tarah ka irrelevant chutyaap post kar ke……. ya phir paisay mil rahe hain shayad

  • Taha

    When warid getting 3G

    • SAMSAM

      Warid LTE is 5G baita…

      • khubaib

        lolx 5g abhi dunya main hi ni aaya :D

        • Hussain

          Janab Korea Will be first nation to start 5G Service World Wide.

          • Guest

            in 2018,2020 :D Any prophecy for Pakistan??? 2030?

      • Sani

        5G hahahah

        • Asfa Shah

          LTE is more latest technology than 3g n 4g

          • aasim

            LTE = 4G

      • nad

        but not 3G :)

      • zafar

        Zong 3G = Warid 4G :D

    • Asfa Shah

      LTE is more latest technology than 3g n 4g

  • Boyesa

    Warid LTE coverage is good in Karachi, good going Warid keep it up.

  • DJ

    lol @ Selfi guy .. :)

  • faizan

    plz help im using lg f180s. my phone search lte warid and zong but i cant connect to lte network. how i can use it????????????????