PTA, Please Open YouTube or Ban Tune.PK Too!

Just to recall your memories, PTA — on directions of Supreme Court of Pakistan — had blocked the access of YouTube in Pakistan on September 17th, 2012, because it contained blasphemous videos.

Majority of Pakistanis supported this ban then as YouTube decided not block those blasphemous videos in Pakistan (unlike it did in various other countries).

Since then — for more than three years now — Pakistanis are deprived of the YouTube and everyone is instead told that Tune.PK is going to fill the gap. We were of the same view, in fact we actively advocated for Tune.PK as an indigenous solution that can become a handy alternate for YouTube.

However, Tune.PK has taken a different route now that essentially kills its core slogan of being a Pakistani video sharing website. Instead they are aggressively marketing themselves as a platform to access YouTube videos.

Meaning that in addition to videos that are hosted on Tune.PK, users can access YouTube through Tune.PK chrome extension.

Tune.PKIf you are wondering that how this is happening then you probably missed our this coverage, in which we specifically explained that how video sharing websites are using YouTube APIs to stream YouTube videos for users in Pakistan, despite the service is blocked in the country.

Now, when a gigantic website such as Tune.PK — with millions of views per day — submits to YouTube and starts showing YouTube videos in Pakistan, then there’s no point of keeping YouTube banned.

So here’s what Pakistan Telecommunication Authority should do:

  • Lift ban on YouTube
  • Block Tune.PK

As banning YouTube and letting Tune.PK to show YouTube videos is just mindless, incomprehensible and looks suspicious.

Same goes for every other video sharing website that is showing YouTube videos, but we focused on Tune.PK just because its a giant as compared to other small ventures.

And if Tune.PK believes that it can control content of YouTube, as people reporting the content will be removed from the index then its a shame for PTA. If a small start-up can manage YouTube content then why can’t PTA open the YouTube and start moderating the content itself?


Tune.PK was quick to post a response on their blog here and they have decided with withdraw their Chrome extension that allows streaming of YouTube videos in Pakistan.

Here’s what Tune.PK said: had no plans of copying youtube, our vision idea was different and perhaps we diverted from it. 

Again we are going to take down this service and bringing a new model for content uploader. This can hurt us bad but that’s what we have already prepared for.

An email from ProPakistani is still awaiting response, in which we have asked them about the timeline for removal of this extension from Chrome store.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • I like this article. Pretty in-your-face for tune. pk
    Never liked the fake copy cat web service. YouTube all the way !

  • Has YouTube accepted to remove the Blasphemous content? Can you find any such content on

    Blasphemous content was the only reason behind the ban, at least that’s what we are being told. So, please stop building your argument on the normal archive of YouTube. That archive is wonderful and access to it is basic human right. If PTA is incapable of controlling objectionable content, than deserves a round of applause.

  • I’d go with the decision of banning They indeed are successively building their repositories with more of an ill mannered contents and now this extension move is execrable.

    • Remove it as soon as possible because all the videos that will be seen on this website due to your act their sins will be added to your Nama Amal accounts.

      • Don’t remove it because all the instructional videos on Islam that will be seen on this app or website due to your act will be sawab for you and Guest does not want you to have that.

        • By the way … i m exactly of same thinking. Youtube is for all..every one is free to upload. ( however youtube policy should be revised to avoid hate speach etc) but viewinng any thing is our own choice at all…it is our wish to go for information, entertainment or ant thing wrong…they just offer All…

          • Some people do not merely ask for Youtube to have better hate speech guidelines but also better religion protection. But they do not fully understand what they say. Support Youtube had such rules for protecting religion. Then On Youtube if I say Isa (PBUH) is a Prophet and an ordinary man, then don’t you think some Christians will take it as offence because they believe Jesus is the son of god?

  • Perhaps Tune pk is giving black money to the PTA to keep a prolong ban on Youtube because they know the day will be our last day in the Milky Way Galaxy if they lift ban on Youtube.

  • Spot on! Never liked or sites like those, no value addition at all. Even before this it was just an automated script which was data mining Youtube videos. Hate to have Youtube blocked here in Pak :(

  • No offence magar aapko to har kisi se problem hoti he bhai. Aap Pakistan ke begherat Zardari ki dosri copy hen, thanda bagherat Zardari :*

  • as compared to PROPAKSTANI with TUNE.PK, all da videos i can access from youtube, with the help both ov them, so y they quarrel wid each other in this matter,
    masha Allah,
    Doodh k dhulay 2ono may say koi nahi, aisay jaisay sahib khud b haaji namazi baithay hai ,r youtube say PROXY laga k videos paish nahi kar rahay…..!
    solute hai janab PROPK r TUNE.PK par.

  • On the behalf of

    Hi Aamir,

    in response to the article posted by you.

    We very much appreciate what you have
    written, not only that we owe to take down pirated content by promoting
    which is genuine. I understand what image you perceive of and I
    believe we can clear it in coming days by bringing to the people what we
    have created so far. We are closing down all the process of Youtube
    videos to as it is indeed creating a mess, our moto and our
    vision was never made for this kind of service. We agree we got

    I am glad that you guys are actively
    involved in educating people, I liked what you said even a small team of is able to filter youtube content, fact is, yes we can.

    but had no plans of copying youtube, our vision idea was different and perhaps we diverted from it.

    again we are going to take down this
    service and bringing a new model for content uploader. This can hurt us
    bad but thats what we have already prepared for.

    I agree with things you are trying to point out but not with your entire post. Such as.

    If PTA won’t act then it will mean that Tune.PK has managed to manipulate the decision makers to an extent

    How are you driving such assumption? This
    is an incorrect statement because general audience is not aware of the
    processes of and its team. How we managed to pull this website
    to this level can be summed up in two words, Hard-work and Experience.
    No links or investements.

    I, again, appreciate you for writing
    quality articles day in day out. It is all because of support and
    criticism offered by brilliant people like you that we have managed to
    get here and I believe you will appreciate us for the steps we will take
    to stop this and bring something we can say totally is ‘Made in

    P.S I request you to change PTA statement.



    • I just read this post on their official blog. Your voice was heard. Great job Aamir Ataa and thanks to for their quick action.

  • A of now. Only a Court decision can ban a website. So instead of pleading to PTA, fill a petition in Court

      • Aamir you should reach the court,As your allegations are quite intensive, I hope you must have some reasonable proof, Otherwise its a mere Mudslinging against the companies.

      • artticle likhne mai or practically kuch kerne mai farq hota hai aamir sb……youtube open hone se ap ko kia faida ha …court mai ja kr batain…..thts it

  • After reading this article. seems like Tune.Pk ne Propakistani ko apna Ad nahi dia ya paise nahi diye :P :D ;-)

  • Dear Aamir Attaa Raising a cause to un-ban You-tube is appreciable … I know very well how strong connection you have in PTA … You know the “reality” too that what exactly the issue between PTA and Youtube … but pointing out a Pakistani Start-up in a controversial way and manipulating it with a cause is just like a sarcastic approach … this is not what I am expecting from you .. a year ago I watched your interview along with a PTA Guy (I guess he is Chairman of PTA) …. Please don’t manipulate it YouTube issue … should leave space for other Pakistani Entrepreneurs …..
    You know what is our Paki’s problem ??
    we Appropriate an ” Ego Bait ” but we don’t appreciate a hard work with a small team …Propakistani and Amir attaa are two role model for small Entrepreneurs like me and they even don’t expect this technique for virility from you … At the end I just want to ask … now how Can I differentiate a website which is using ” link-bait ” and ProPakistani ? … I think both have same Prospect i.e Controversial-Content with amalgam of suspense … #Respect #Peace for #Paki_Entrepreneurs
    دل کے بھبھولے جل اتھے سینے کے داغ سے
    اس گھر کو آگ لگ گئی گھر کے چراغ سے ،،،

    • kitne youtube band karwaoge har ghar se youtube ka clone niklega… bhi band krwado… 10,000 aor website open ho jayengi

  • Agr trains ke accident hotay hain tu Kia rails per ban Laga dena Chiya ya track repair krna Chiya.
    Pakistani log anti Islam videos Mae deputy khud aur ban Laga apne appreciate per aur jo countries video dekhty hai wha YouTube opened hai

  • Do you know what one gets when becomes biased, show jealousy or get reported from incompetent people?
    Congrats…. ProPakistani,PK you’ve lost the credibility today.

    • contentiously supporting to open youtube means propakistani and Aamir atta sb has no objection in posting blasphemous content….shame

  • I really really do expect better reporting and articles from ProPakistani. This one falls into the utterly stupid category.

  • ban on youtube is pointless, majority here reading this knows how to without much problem access youtube. PTA failed to come to an agreement with youtube to have a single video or probably its copies on the site unavailable in pakistan, if other countries can have youtube do it why not us? but it’s too late for that.

    This drama is going to continue for year so don’t rush lets have more video streaming sites blocked in pakistan. we can live in stone age forever

  • Even though, I’m not a big video sharing website user and I don’t even care if youtube gets unblocked because; if I need to access any tutorials I can download them with proxies or other tools. What I really see in this article is pure jealousy from the reputed Pakistani news portal. This article not only disappoint me but also disappoint the startups who are actually trying something.

    If China and other countries can have their own video sharing websites why not we Pakistanis can have our own. We Pakistanis are always famous for Leg Pulling. Well Done Aamir Atta you have proved it today.

  • I am Happy I am smart
    For Me PTA Has not blocked youtube
    To watch youtube online I use
    q22w (not available now a days)
    To download youtube
    I am *** PTA, Hard
    I don’t understand why have they blocked youtube
    okay leave it no time no so much English to write a long note ….
    to be continued…

  • ProPakistani is biggest defender of youtube in Pakistan, who make a post monthly in favour of youtube… and always mocking PTA for his correct discussion(to BAN Youtube)!! it is more getting likes Get TV of Internet! lolz

  • Plytube all the way.. you just need to go to a youtube link and then replace the word “you” with “ply” and you are good to go!

  • Whom you are helping by writing this leg pulling article? There are plenty of ways people are accessing YouTube content, If there are some work-arounds (ZenMate etc.) and Pakistani startups like are providing, Why YOU are feeling that much pain , You should rather put it in a way that blocking YouTube is meaningless and PTA should work hard to block only objectionable content , rather than pleading to block

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