YouTube Ban in Pakistan Enters its Third Year

While many Pakistanis still miss YouTube, others have either forgotten the video sharing website or they access it through proxy websites.

Google’s traffic stats for YouTube access in Pakistan reveals that 4-5 percent of Pakistanis – who used to access YouTube before September 17th, 2012 – still access the website. This data doesn’t include those sessions that access YouTube via proxy websites or VPNs as their country of origin for such sessions changes and is not accounted for in below graph.

YouTube Traffic from Pakistan


Source: Google Transparency Report

While there is no denying in the fact that YouTube is a useful resource, however, the turns of events that lead to YouTube ban are unfortunate and there is almost no definitive resolve that Government of Pakistan and Google have reached to make the website available again in Pakistan.

From unblocking the website for few minutes to engaging YouTube administration for setting up localized version of YouTube; Pakistani Government made several attempts but ban was never lifted.

Blasphemous videos, which according to YouTube are in accordance with its terms of service and must stay on its website, are the bone of contention. Pakistani Government, on the other hands, believes that all those videos must be inaccessible in Pakistan plus any future uploads (of the same blasphemous video) must be inaccessible too for the YouTube to be unbanned in the country.

For YouTube its the “Freedom of expression”, and for Government of Pakistan its the blasphemy and as a result we are in a deadlock.

Fearing public reaction, Government officials are in no position to take a stand for YouTube and unban it while blasphemous videos are still accessible.

Additionally politicians are arguably contented with the ban since YouTube could be widely used to upload videos of them doing the ill-doings. Take yesterday’s example of Rehman Malik at Karachi airport, YouTube could have only worsen the situation for Mr. Malik.

YouTube ban has also been a blessing for other video sharing websites including DailyMotion and Tune.PK. DailyMotion, a French company that offers YouTube like video sharing facility, is now sixth most visited website in Pakistan. And not to mention, Pakistan is the top contributor for DailyMotion’s 2.5 billion video views (globally) per month.

DailyMotion Traffic Sources


Source: Alexa

About the future of YouTube in Pakistan, if I may speak frankly, isn’t very bright. I don’t see it opening, particularly because politicians simply don’t want it. And even if they do, in a future date, YouTube won’t agree on their terms.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • “Blasphemous videos, which according to YouTube are in accordance with its terms of service and must stay on its website.”
    We are much happy without You Tube and dont want any such website to be opened in Pakistan.

      • Youtube is not the whole internet, 3 years since, we have learned to live without youtube . Internet can be used without social networking websites too. Banning a site doesn’t mean whole world have gone blank.

        • “3 years since, we have learned to live without youtube”

          How cute are you? In 3 years we have learnt to use proxies and VPN. No one has stopped visiting YouTube unless that person happens to somehow belong from the stone age.

          • Yes, that was the point, they have learned even if its banned, they can open it, why still they are dragging this matter when Govt. is not ready to listen a single word.

              • So, that is how you define idiocy, you are not different than those idiots who themselves chose them to govern over you and then start complaining on blogs.

                • I can now define idiocy as “person like speedBreaker: provides an illegal solution to a government-created problem.”

                • IN THIS COUNTRY, WHERE ELSE???

                  Sigh. You would think that a few minutes of googling would satisfy your curiosity, but no. You demand that I do the spoonfeeding for you.

                  Excerpts from various articles:

                  July 2011: PTA Wants a Watch on Encrypted VPNs (posted on propakistani, among many other articles)

                  August 2011: In an effort to ramp up the monitoring of internet security, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has directed all ISPs to prevent internet users from using technology that would allow them to privately browse the internet. This was stated in a PTA notice provided to The Express Tribune by a source at an Islamabad-based internet service provider (ISP).

                  December 2011: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has issued notices to all the ISPs and Cellular Mobile Operators in the country to submit the data of users using encrypted Pakistan VPN. PTA has asked everyone not to use encrypted Pakistan VPN connections unless otherwise deemed unavoidable or extremely necessary. (article on website)

                  February 2014: Very recently, as a result of an investigation into customer complaints,popular VPN service Spotflux officially announced that their data centers had been blocked by the government of Pakistan. (article on bolobhi)

                  May 2014: All unregistered virtual private networks (VPNs) to be blocked (advertisement in newspapers by PTA)

                  Registered VPNs are only for use by corporate customers with static IP addresses. And even then I have heard of sites like rozee blocked on their data centre in Karachi for VPN connection with their data centre outside Pakistan. SEVERAL TIMES. From a registered IP and a registered VPN.

                  The situation is beyond broken.

                  • I have been using VPN on Both Public and Private Networks for 3 years and there never been a moment when i have had a Problem Connecting .LOLs

                    • And so what? That doesn’t change the fact that the use of VPN is illegal and banned in Pakistan.

                      Like someone said down below, alcohol is banned too yet is available. Doesn’t change the fact that it’s illegal.

                    • If you want to follow the law, the Government has only ordered the ISP’s to block YouTube, the end-users have not been mentioned in the court order.

                    • ???Who says I want to follow the law in this case???

                      If your ISP blocks VPNs by following law, are end users are not affected? Of course they are. That is the problem!

        • The reason for you banned YouTube is alive throughout the whole internet. Stop victimising the YouTube only.

          • My point is that people should stop limiting the internet to Youtube only. When still capable of opening it, why people dragging this matter since 3 years.

          • And let me disconnect your internet connection and ask you, how it feels now, is this experience is better than the experience that you had when only youtube was banned ?

        • In these three years, we could’ve used Youtube to show a better image of Islam and our prophet by making good documentaries and uploading them, instead of closing doors to a service which has a lot of benefits as well

          • @Ali
            My thoughts exactly, a government sanctioned reply, made with the help of the best Islamic scholars from Pakistan and other countries and from multiple sects to that video would have fixed everything much more quickly and portrayed a better image of Muslims and our internet connections would not be slowing down randomly due to them changing which ip addresses have to be blocked and messing with their DNS.

      • Yes we are happy without youtube. Thanks God hamarey andar itni sahram tu hai k agar koi Hamarey Islam pe hamla karey tu ham us ka jawab dey sakein.
        aur jo kali bherein youtube kholney k liye marti hain un ko qayamat k din pata chaley ga

        • If the early Muslims thought like you do, Islam would never have spread all the way to Pakistan.

          I praise Allah that our previous Muslim forefathers were better thinkers than you.

        • Ban krna jawab nahin tha we would have made documentaries portraying a better picture….students are at loss since lectures from MIT YALE WATERLOO are all hosted at YouTube it’s not only for watching videos of cats etc

      • If you have a little bit a love with prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W you have to protest to Ban YouTube all over the world.

        • It is your religous duty to spread Islam.
          It is your religious duty to counter lies about Islam.

          If you have a little bit of love for Islam you would try to spread it. Ban prevents spreading. Ban prevents you from responding to falsehoods about Islam.

          So what do you love??? You love allowing non-Muslims to spread lies about Our Prophet (PBUH)??? Is that what you are wanting?

          • so how much you spread Islam on internet? I have never seen you are spreading Islam @propakistani .
            Seriuosly this comment make me laugh.

            Yaad rakhna Allah tumarey dil ka haal bhi janta hai ,tum Allah se jhoot nahi bol saktey.

            • Actually I think I have posted links or details of verses and hadeeths here more than any other single person ever has. A lot of people post about Islam but often are wrong because they post what they THINK they know but I post what I can PROVE by verses or hadeeth.

              The mere fact that I have over 2000 comments means of course you’re not going to see every single thing I post.

              Furthermore, is anyone here on propakistani preaching lies about Islam? Or are they preaching in Western sites? Obviously second place. So why would you expect to see overwhelming comments by me about Islam in this tech blog and not on those sites? Use your brane man

              Remember this also: insinuating that I am not telling truth is a reflection on you, too.

              • Han tum wahi loog ho jo cheez Islam ki achi lagi us pe amal kar liya aur jo cheez pasand nahi ai us ko choor diya, tum loogo ney apney liye aik alag customize Islam ejaad kar liya hai.

                • You’re not at an intellectual level that makes sense. I repeat: if people thought like you and your viewpoint was the “right” one, Islam would not have even spread all the way to Pakistan.

                  And it is so strange to see your point. I am not a handicapped person who needs wheelchair. Does that mean I should object to building ramps? Yet here you are saying I should be happy about the ban because I am not a Islam scholar. TRY TO THINK, FOOL!

            • Aray bhai she is right is tarha to tv dekhna chordo whole internet is filled with crap….ban internet then…..thanks to u students are at loss

    • We? Who’s we? It’s just you, people like you who spend 2 minutes on the internet everyday and think everyone else does the same. For the majority though YouTube was a great, great source of informative and entertaining videos.

    • Buddy you are not a student. i’m a student and i know how i’m learning without youtube. whole internet have religious attacked video and images and why you don’t shut your internet ? Think Positive Buddy..

    • You can use a Knife to cut vegetables, or you can use it to kill People. Now ban Knives because they justify killing.

      You of all people should know that “Blasphemous Content” was just a lame reason put forward by our Government to block YouTube. Real reason behind this motive was totally political.

    • Blasphemy cant STOP Freedom of speech. Apni blasphemy apnay pas rakho. dosrun pe thoopnay ki kia zarurat hai. . If you dont want. Simply dont open yotube. There is whole internet for you.

    • You should rename yourself to “abu na laiq”

      Step 1 Go to alexa site and look at top sites by country
      Step 2 Write down the name of the top 25 or 50 or 100 sites that have user-generated content (like youtube) and are based outside Pakistan
      Step 3 Now count the number of those 25 or 50 or 100 sites that delete and disallow blasphemy.


      You are happy to be ignorant.

    • go to hell!!ppl like you have made this nation the 10 th failed state! abi tak stuck in the seventh century!if you dont like blasphemous videos dont watch them! hypocrite

    • There plenty of videos on Youtube which have nothing to with religion. They are educational. I recommend you watch TED, you will learn a great deal. In any case if you do not want Youtube then do not watch it, no one is forcing you to. but that does not give you the right to stop others from doing so.

  • if youtube remain blocks for another few years then we do have enough video data available on rest of video sharing sites and then we will not longer need youtube

      • At least we must say wrong to wrong things, i know we have people like you in society who used to drink alchohol being muslim & being banned by law

  • It’s banned for Pakistani peoples who don’t watch anti Islam video. And still opened for non Muslims, who can watch anytime.
    Most YouTube lovers bypass by proxy server and
    this ban for whom ?

    • Sorry your question is too logical for the ban supporters, they can never answer you.

      Also you left out one more category: almost ALL Muslims outside Pakistan can visit Youtube. Why are Pakistani Muslims punished by Pakistani government???

      • Pakistani muslims are more superior than other muslims maybe? :P hmm we’re all angels you know, better than the best!

      • Because they’re a bunch of butt-hurt religious nutcases who lose their marbles if someone wiggle them from their slumber :p

        After all we’re called “Theykedaar of Islam” for a reason u know ;)

        Everyone here is a self-proclaimed mufti and scholar in religious matters. I’d say “live & let live”. You do’t have any right to judge a person whatsoever, only Allah has that right. And he will excercise that right when the time comes.

      • I think this ‘Citadel of Islam’ and ‘Pakistan ka matlab kya…’ has gone too far. I have been able to visit Youtube since the ban and have never felt the urge to view the video which brought about the ban. That is because I find it abhorrent to view content that is offensive towards the Prophet. Are the ‘Muslims’ of Pakistan so weak in willpower that they won’t be able to resist watching the video? On a sidenote, the latter of the two slogans was invented by the religious parties which were against Jinnah and his struggle for Pakistan. When they saw that people weren’t buying their BS that India should not be divided and they will convert the whole country, the bigots decided to chant slogans to hijack the new country.

  • I think those videos have already been removed from YouTube per US court order over copyrights claim. It has not been opened in Pakistan because Govt. wants to avoid such situations in the future and wants Google to sign agreement for a localised version.

    • Google will not sign agreement for localised version until and unless Pakistan government enacts law for intermediary liability protection.

      Our government said they will do that.
      Over one year after elections, they still have not done that.

      They don’t care.

  • you can use youtbe by going to bypass dot germanystudy dot net , can even download video’s with it. it is easy

      • i pity on u speedBreaker, ur comment clearly showed that u r 2 rupee person. i mean 2 taky ka gprs internet user who even don’t know what youtube really is.

        • I pity on you that you are simply idiot who don’t understand obvious things, he is advertising his own site and misguiding people here. I mean you are a super jahil jo bolnay se pehlay sochay bhi na. 2 rupee se zyada pesa to rakh liya par aqal na i.. Ja uska link open kr aur youtube dekh jitni teri aqal hai.

          • I have no concern with his comment, i replied to the words you used in your reply and your cheap negative thought about Youtube.

            • Achaaa ? uper reply to dekh kya hai ? us mein Youtube ka to koi zikr hi nahi.. bda adab karty ho youtube ka .. kamrey mein usky icon ki photo bhi lgai ho gi bhai ne.

  • its been years and fact is if you are here on this site reading this you know enough to use a VPN or proxy to use YouTube everyday, lets not lie guys.. if you don’t want to see something, don’t look it up, its that simple. I don’t see how “blocking YouTube” made any change to what you can find on the internet

  • agar youtube band kiya hay tu google bhi kar do youtube google ki hi website hay aur google par tu islam kay khilaf aur bhi kafi cheezein hein see how hypocrite we are!!!!!!!! and blasphemous content is not just in youtube its all over internet tu is ka matlab internet he block kar do !!!!!! hypocrites

  • i bet some of the paki politicians are into VPN and streaming websites business and they are not letting off the ban

  • Sad state of affairs, this madness and mullah mindset has to be countered. This would never had been a big deal till the Government made it a big deal by blocking YouTube.

    Ask around that how many people knew about the blasphemous video before YouTube was blocked. I did, and trust me more than 90% people didn’t even know about any such video. The Government helped spread the word.

    This madness has to stop. Let have have access to technology no strings attached. People who are bothered by this wont even try using the ‘blasphemous’ service.

    Others don’t really care because religion for them is above this.

  • I hope government of Pakistan will also close down all the Night Clubs, Alcohol, Gambling and Prostitution Centers in the Country as well. Inshallah

            • Sorry, I asked but she did not think you can afford her rates. Please present proof of $$$.

              Also, I will remind you second time that you lied when you said you were leaving soon.

              • Actually I Can,
                I Have Enough DOE To Satisfy Your HOE.
                Convince Her & Get Your Commission :) 5% Of What She Demands!!
                And I Aint Leaving Son Unless I Get That Cake Of Your Sisters!!

                • Yet more lies. No one with money for education would misspell slang word dough as doe, ha ha!

                  • Thats Urban Culture Beatch!!
                    Like When I F Your Mother Right In Her Puss, She Moans Like A HOE!!
                    Got It, Now How Much For Your Sis.

    • yei ban mullahism or terrorist madrassa per lgao to shayd mulk agay barh sakay! pakistan is in this state due to pakistanis like you living in seventh century!

  • lar lar maro say apas mein, karna karana kisi nay kuch nahe hai, internet par post saab say asaan kaam hai, na deen ka koi kaam keeya hai na mulk kay liyah – me in the same boat :)

  • I want YouTube reopen in Pakistan. technically there’s no any excuse for gov. If we talk about blasphemous there’re thousands of other websites where also exist suchlike material. so plzz stop making fool yourself. It’s same like pigeon mute his eyes when he see a cat sitting opposite him. Bravo on the thinking of so-called illiterate Pakistanis who are just idiots

    • Well, technically, Youtube is accessible in Pakistan. I believe well over 90% of the people who read and comment on ProPakistani are capable of bypassing the block.

      • And 100% technically using proxy or vpn is illegal according to PTA and they shut down access to VPN services all the time.

      • It’s obvious. In fact while using PTCL WI-FI in android everyone can use YouTube through youtube APP

  • I like reading articles on this site when they present factual information. Sadly, this one has half-lies. This is not a good article.

    Article: “From unblocking the website for few minutes to engaging YouTube administration for setting up localized version of YouTube; Pakistani Government made several attempts but ban was never lifted.”

    Half-lie: it implies Pakistan government tried what it could but Youtube didn’t get accept any of our attempts.

    Truth: Our government made zero attempts. Youtube tried to meet Pakistan government officials several times about the issue, but out government didn’t care. Youtube even wrote letter to LHC (published online) with some legal requirements they need, and Pakistan government SAID they would do that but DIDN’T DO anything. And those legal requirements help every company deal with Pakistani legal system and make it easier for other companies to come into Pakistan. But our government failed us. Like this article failed to present full facts.

    In fact our government put us in reverse gear and tried to implement (very very badly) censorship system in the guise of “filtering”. How much time and money did they waste? And what did we get? On some TW1 ISPs I cannot even see some uploaded images on blogspot, they just banned entire images subdomain.

    What progress.

  • whole world connected with each other through internet , social media, video sharing etc etc etc

    now you can’t stop to every individual what people are sharing or uploading
    Blasphemous videos
    people don’t know about god islam , Quran, prophet,s education so

    that is not effective way to boycott youtube and matter is our
    people should upload thousand and millions videos about what is islam, our prophet education and convey to people about reality about ur religion then those people who upload these kind of video to embarrass on their activity
    Tolerance should be identity of islam
    if you boycott youtube you can’t express any thing and u r slowly slowly going behind of the other world

    • I don’t know why more people don’t think like you. Really. Especially I am annoyed that admin will not make CLEAR CUT statement agreeing with you and put up stories proposing same thing.

      The ban supporters just don’t understand. When you block a site with user-uploaded videos or writings, they also prevent us (Muslims) from responding to attacks to Islam.

      Any time someone posts anything against things you love like Islam or your country or whatever, you can respond. Isn’t it your duty? Maybe they will change their minds after reading your reply, maybe they will block you. but at least you did your duty.

      But if someone bans the site, that does not stop them from posting against your beloved. It just prevents you from responding. So… what is gained? How is ban working? Who is ban working for in favour of? Muslims? Or Non-Muslims?

      I am 100% sure there is sawab for promoting and spreading Islam. I am not sure there is any sawab for preventing people from learning about Islam.

      And that is what the ban supporters do.

  • The only reason they banned youtube was an attempt to persuade google to remove the blasphemous content not actually to stop access to it, but unfortunately pakistani ads dont pay enough nor does youtube get much traffic from us as compared to other countries (do u remember seeing an ad during your video before the ban?) so it doesnt really make a difference to google and if the government unblocks it the whole attempt would seem like a joke. Much like the current deadlock situation. Allah khair karein.

    • which major site has ever removed such content because a muslim government asked them to? it is a serious question. even facebook has agreement with our government to HIDE such content from pakistani users, not delete it. (and our government tells LHC court that they have agreement with facebook but lies to public about it saying they have no agreement)

      fact of the matter is, such content has been existing ever since islam was revealed to public. do you really believe non-muslims who lived in makkah in the year 600 did not commit even blasphemy? and what about the roman and persian and other empires, do you think they had writers who did not commit blasphemy? and that was about 1300, 1400 years ago. what do you think people have written and thought and said about islam since then?

      it’s not a battle you can win by living in banistan. it is something you win by engaging and explaining. da’wah is a sawab, closing eyes and ears is not.

    • no, you do not understand. this is really between pakistanis and our government.

      100s of millions of muslims around the world can access youtube. they live in countries without any agreement with youtube. why cannot we?

        • Billay Chup Karja,
          Ganjoo Ki Side Leena Choorde!!
          YouTube Khulne Da.. YouTube Khulney da..
          Saara Din DailyMotion Pe 18+ Videos Dekhney Walay..
          YouTube Khulney Da!!

          • ha ha ha…it was closed by PPP… and you people still use vpn for Youtube crying for it… lol

            • Islam Was Never Based On Force!!
              Its Our Right To Watch Anything We Want.
              God Gave Us Free Will!!
              Who Are These People To Ban YouTube!!
              [email protected] Ko Band Nahi Kartey, MNA Ka Betay [email protected] Karain To Kuch Nahi Hota, Diesel Molvi Dharney Main Mojood Aurtoon Ka Baray Main Galat Baat Karay To Koi Kuch Nahi Karta. Hamza Shehbaz Apni BeeV Ka Sath Kya Kya Karta Raha Koi Kuch Nahi Karta. Shehbaz Shareef Nikah Pe Nikah Karay To Koi Kuch Nahi Karta, Model Town Main Banday Mar Jain To FIR Nahi Kati, Yousaf Raza Gilani PM Ki Kursi Se Utar Jay To Kuch Nahi Hota Lekin Nawaz Ko Utarney Ka Liya Log Bahir Niklain To Golian Chalti Hain, Gullu Butt Ki Video Evidence Tha Lekin Woh Azad Ghum Raha Ha To Koi Kuch Nahi Kehta, Nawaz CJ Ka Liya Dharna De To Theek Ha, Imran Khan Election Main Dhandali Ka Khilaf Dharna De To Azab Par Jata Ha!!
              Kuch Sharam Karo Noon Ka Peecha Choordo.. Koi Hoosh Ka Nakhun Loo..

              • which meaning of Islam you are telling brother…
                What was the purpose of Ghazwas…and other attacks.. it was not force to occupy the land but to gain power for Spreading Islam… it is our duty to raise our voice against bad… in which way? it matters.. by words. by force or simply by thinking it bad…

                • Ghazwas Was For The People Like Nawaz Jino Ne Zulam Ki Inteha Kardi Thi!!
                  Islam Philaney Ka Liya Rasool (S.A.W) Ne Gazwat Nahi Ki Thi..
                  Balke Zulam Aur Na Insafi Khatam Karne Ka Liya Ki Thi!!

  • Strange, its working since yesterday on my mobile and i thought the ban has been lifted. Despite it is working, i am still using dailymotion as it fulfills the required info needed. Thank you Dailymotion, Vimeo and Tune.

    • Fulfils your needs, not everyones. There are no udacity or coursera videos on dailymotion, for starters.

        • You are very funny. In Israel the government does not prevent Muslims from preaching on Youtube. In Pakistan, the government prevents Muslims from preaching on Youtube.

          Now what?

            • My religion is Islam, and if it also your religion then explain why you support efforts to PREVENT Islam from spreading from Pakistan.

              • Wah g digital baba has come.baba g u r always seen as against of muslims wether there is a discussion of palastinian people or any thing about islam.u were seen as black sheep.who always praises jews n american.then this is my cute suggestion to u.f off to america.

                • Gladly. At least then I will be surrounded by non-Muslims that do not understand Islam rather than Muslims who do not. More intellectually honest that way.

                  (See how you cannot even explain why Muslims in Pakistan should not respond to attacks on Islam on Youtube by uploading reply that explains Islam. It is too mentally hard for you, just want ban ban ban)

    • I have a very easy sol to open youtube.. no speed problem :) u just need to download a think of few KBs…

  • Our Pious as angel Pakistani Muslim brother’s logic: “Good riddance! who needs youTube, because I wanna go to Janna & it attacked my religion purposefully & my religion is now a worldwide symbol of fascism & shame because of it so yeah! its good it is banned, Now let me see a pharkta hua song of Katrina kaif on dailymotion”..

  • I am using Ptcl DSL and android phone. I can visit Youtube from app. Checked through Worldcall not working

  • Those idiots who open up internet and go straight to that video because it is there …
    we all suffer due to them , Youtube has enormous educational data but obviously for few morons it is all irrelevant .

  • PEMRA decides what I should watch on TV, PTA decides which websites I should visit, The Censor Board decides what films I can see. Who gave any of these organisations the authority to do so? The organisation is the government. The government we voted for. But the people who are in the government are not interested in our freedom. What happened to Rehman Malik shows how frustrated the people of Pakistan have become of being denied every little bit of freedom. Youtube is just an example how far the government wants to interfere in our personal lives. In Punjab there are massive floods, because the money prevent floods goes into free trips our leaders take for going abroad and spending a great deal of foreign exchange. Punjab does not have any electricity because there no money for it. Yet those things are not important what we are doing in the privacy of our homes, which is none of the business of the government but the government makes its business because it does not know anything else.

  • who the hell cares about what a third class economy like pakistan cares about blasphemy and stuff! stop their websites its going to be our loss not theirs’. how much revenue do we generate for them anyways. pakistan has too much religious bigotry no wonder its a failed state

  • I see so many people having a conflict on their expressions and feelings and going into the OVERKILL mode! Why do you guys take it on your nerves? Although I never liked YouTube, nor will I ever because of their one-sided freedom of expression, that does not mean I support its ban.. . alll the fighters basically are banging their heads on an unknown wall :-D

  • hi friends :*
    check this youtube is opened for pakistan with different links . it’s localized version of youtube . through this we can watch any youtube video without any proxy or vpn . link given below .
    link: http://youpak .com

  • yahi to chahte he k ham youtube se kuch sek na sake youtube he asa web sit he jis se sub kuch sikh sakte he jo video di he kya hamare pak nabi ase he k nhi bahar wale log to hame esi bat se back male karte he k asi video banay ge or ani logo ko kharab kare ge

  • 88% log pakistan me youtube se sikhte he study repairing or b ase expiranse jo youtbe se sikh te te or study me ache hote te per baher k logo ne asi video banai or hame kamyabi se roka or ham bawakuf b bane
    ap ko b pata he hame b pata he k hamare nabi pak ase nhi te or ase wase falto video ko dak kar q jazbati ho ham

  • close