Updated Stats: 3G Users in Pakistan Reach 7.68 Million

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has remained little bumpy in reporting 3G users in Pakistan.

We have discussed this before that there’s no point in reporting 3G users as regulator can’t cross-check the figures provided by operators, still we have a new figure for December 2014, according to which 3G users in Pakistan touched 7.68 million till December 31st, 2014.

PTA had previously reported 6.37 million 3G users till the end of December 2014.

Major difference in updated 3G numbers came along Ufone’s stats that were previously either under-reported or were never reported in PTA’s figures.

PTA has now corrected its records where Ufone’s 3G customers are 3‌‌X of what they were just a month ago. Moreover, Ufone’s 3G customers’ figures from July through September 2014 are also updated in recently published data.

We are yet to ascertain that how and why Ufone’s 3G subscriptions were previously not reported and why PTA had published its earlier 3G figures without Ufone’s stats.

In any case, according to latest data from PTA, Telenor leads the market with 2.26 million 3G users till the end of December 2014. Ufone is suddenly at number two position with 1.95 million subscribers.

Mobilink stands third with its 1.79 million subscribers while Zong is ranked fourth with its 1.66 million subscribers.

3G Users’ Stats Published by PTA a Few Days Ago


Updated 3G Users’ Stats Published by PTA Today



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    • ab sun lo bhai Ufone ki stable speed milti he na k kbi 10kb or kbi 100kb to kbi 5kb like jazz having khap of 10Mhz bandwidth rola but no speed even in faisalabad and rawalpindi just a joke of 10mhz with thakkarr speed ever

      • Bhai mere zong 900kb to 1.5mb deta hai download ufone sy best hai.. Stable kaw kiya karngy beshak sstabilit itni ni but sstabilityky bawajood bhi down ho tou 400kb tk.. Stability ki kiya baat karty ho yar tum

      • Sahi kaha mane sub network check apne area me sub se best ufone hai pings or speed awesome hai mai bhi 60 rupees wala package karta hun


    • LOL. The max Ufone offers is 3Mb/sec. How can that be ”awesome” I live in Rawalpindi too, and work in Islamabad. Honestly, PATHETIC SPEED, DISGUSTING RATES, but yeah I’ll admit GOOD COVERAGE! They can shuv the coverage up their AR$E without GOOD PACKAGES or SPEED.

      • I have subscribed to 2 Mbps rate ,i am getting that speed in most areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Packages are not bad ,i like 3G offers they give to prepaid customers

        • Mate, you must be a FILTHY rich guy to subscribe for a 2Mbps Ufone Package. Unfortunately, 95% of the Pakistani population isn’t as rich as you, and especially when we ”CAN” get more SPEED & DATA by paying less, it’s more about SMARTNESS and COMMON SENSE, rather than MONEY…

          • speed and stability much matter for us not me for others no one is giving u better package of 3G 60Rs/5days with 5000min sms and Mbs
            Total 30GB for a whole month at a stable and reliable speed

  • Ufone is just providing FAKE numbers to boast around it’s (not so) successful 3G. I’ve never seen anyone in my locality use Ufone 3G, infact many Ufone users have ported on to other networks or kept a second SIM to use 3G Services. They think coming out like a BIG BOY would attract customers, or make them look good, when instead they should focus on SPEED, QUALITY, RELIABILITY, and PRICE of products.

    If they focus on offering a competitive price, just like Telenor or even less, they would get far more publicity and users, than they’ll get using these CHEAP tactics!!

      • Mobilink USER. Working in Standard Chartered Bank. :P But yeah, earlier was a ZONG user, which was pretty OK, but Mobilink’s 5GB weekly offer ROX, so now on Mobilink.. Dude it’s ONLY ABOUT SPEED, QUANTITY & PRICES!!!!!

          • Completely agree. It isn’t that great. poor for most stuff, but good for me as it offers 7GB data per week only for Rs. 60. Zong offers only 280MB Data for Rs. 70, so Mobilink is good for me………… FOR NOW….

            • For now Mobilink kinda hits the “SWEET SPOT” b/w “Price”, “Reliability” & “Quality” of 3G service and then comes telenor and Zong ….. Ufone in my view is not even in the competition . . . . but for those who just care about speed ….. then Zong is the leader as it consistently gives you more than 10Mbps on 3g..

              • Completely agree. Zong is the most stable of all, but Mobilink is in between Zong and Telenor, offering stable and economical practices.

        • i am a proud mobilink customer myself especially its 7gb per week offer stand out. loads of my cousins even got transferred from telenor,zong, ufone bcz of this offer and i hope this ofer stays permanently.
          anyways mobilink is cheaper than any other lallu panju network iff u know which package to activate.

  • i duuno but BroadBand wifi is so common,., so i think who ever has the internet settings is in this list.,.,

  • Hey, Can someone tell me the bandwidth of Warid’s 4g and Zong’s 4g. If I will get a router from market, I need to know which frequency works for which network. If anyone knows the bandwidth of Warid’s Lte and Zong, Kindly reply :) (also, it would be interesting to know about telenor’s, mobilink’s, and ufone’s 3g too..) Thanks :)

    • 4G stats remain the same. Zong had 2,242 users for its 4G network by end of December 2014. Warid’s figures were not shared for Dec 14.

  • Ufone 3g is a joke. Never crossed above 2mb. Whereas other operators rock epecially zong hats off to them for their coverage.
    Telenor is consistent with good speed where signal strength is good.
    Mobilink has good speed but area dependent even with full signals.

  • Monthly lowest cost packages are:
    Mobilink monthly = 5,000MB = 150
    Zong monthly = 1gb = 250
    Telenor monthly = 3,000MB = 400

    And now come the King:
    Ufone Monthly 1gb (3g but will get speed of gprs) = 200
    Ufone Monthly 1gb (3g – Max 1Mb) = 550
    Ufone Monthly 1gb (3g – Max 3Mb) = 750
    Ufone Monthly 1gb (3g full speed or more than 3Mb) = ?? no package yet

    How can anyone believe in figure of 3g user of ufone after aforesaid price comparison?

    • They are giving stable speed not a joke of 10Mhz Khapp by mobilink and they are giving best package for Rs 60/5days 5000 sms, min and mbs
      Any one giving u this if yes rply here.!

      • HAHA, Zong is the most stable network! Ufone sucks. No one bothers about stability (which Ufone doesn’t offer anyway) if it costs 3 – 5x more than other networks!

    • hahahaha!!
      Ufone’s packages are a shame … they are not even comparable!!
      and Obviously there is no doubt that these numbers reported by them are just a gimmick so as to lure people into believing that Ufone is right there but the reality is that they are “NOWHERE” with their 3G ….. Period

      • Yep there speed really sucks. Anyone living in Gurjat will tell you that. Signals also fluctuate a lot. I get 3G then it switches to E and then to G. Telenor 3G is easier to get then Ufone EDGE. In gujrat speeds never cross 0.30mbps on Super card offer. In isl/rwp they are 2.50mbps+

    • Ufone giving 5000mb 5000 minutes and 5000 sms for 5 days in 60 rupees I subscribed this package and getting 600kb/s

  • I reviewed al cellular company s 3g packages and Mobilink is among the best beat any other weekly package out there

  • I’m using Mobilnk 3G lite monthly package since 4 months and it works fine with stable speed :)

    • Well its more than fine and giving me speeds over 6Mbps and spikes of above 13Mbps while downloading via IDM. I only wonder how long will they be able to maintain the same tariff !

  • what i see from these numbers is, Ufone had really bad growth, other operators seem to have a good success slowly and as expected telenor has lot more 3g users considering they are offering it in lot more cities and available bundles are great, numbers suggest other wise but pretty sure mobilink is number 2 in this game of mobile internet. (how did Ufone had over a million users from july when everyone is trying too hard to get customers??? should i trust these numbers of ufone?)

  • i like ufone beacuse ufone is the best coverage in my area ……. ufone speed 4.5 mbps in area and daily 50 gb data pakage and the super speed ufone 3g

  • Ufone is the worst 3G service provider of the lot. I opened up NetIndex and here are average speeds of all the cellular operators across multiple tests and cities:

    1. Warid (4G) – 5.81 Mbps

    2. Zong (4G+3G) – 5.28 Mbps

    3. Telenor (3G) – 2.88 Mbps

    4. Mobilink (3G) – 2.06 Mbps

    5. Ufone (3G) – 1.34 Mbps

    Its clear that Ufone doesn’t want to be competition for its parent company, PeeTCL.

  • I would pay any amount of money for 3/4G if they brought coverage to my village, you see the problem is not the networks, it’s the customers. The customers are always crying and wanting cheap everything, the packages should be a lot more expensive, so that the networks can rapidly expand the network coverage of 3G and 4G. Scrap companies like Warid and force them into selling to telenor and/or zong. We can’t have these Arabic companies only supplying to small areas of Pakistan. All Arab owned shares in these networks should be forced to sell them, and get out of Pakistan, they are the ones who are slow. Bring in companies from the UK/Hong Kong like 3 Mobile scrap tax rates on mobile companies for calls. And drastically slash international rates, the government is making huge amount of tax though international connections, from Pakistanis living abroad calling Pakistan, and the cell-phone companies aren’t making decent returns, I am happy to pay rs 80,000 a month for unlimited data at 21 mbps speeds. Even for speeds of 7 mbps I would pay 40,000 rs. What is honestly wrong with you all? Wanting cheaper and cheaper, Pakistan already has the cheapest internal mobile call rates anywhere in the world, even internetwork connections are cheap, the money being made is by the government and PTA, the mobile companies are only making at most 5% profit, and PTA/Government is taking the entire cake and eating it. Don’t complain to the mobile service providers go complain to PTA and the damn government.

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