Supreme Court Bans Inaami Schemes by Telecom Operators for Ever

Supreme Court of Pakistan has upheld the Islamabad High Court’s decision regarding the ban on Inami Schemes by telecom service providers, reported Dunya News.

With this the long pending issue of Inami Schemes has been concluded and the apex court has now directed that no telecom operator can offer Inami Schemes.

In May 2012, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) issued a notice to all cellular companies, directing them to stop all SMS-based prize schemes as it was violation of the Telecom Consumer Protection Regulation, 1999.

The notice was challenged by telecom operators in the Islamabad High Court (IHC) but the court issued verdict in PTA’s favour.

After losing the case in Islamabad High Court, telcos filed an appeal in the Supreme Court against IHC’s decision.

After today’s decision, cellular companies are directed to not to offer any Inaami Schemes to the customers.

Industry sources tell that mobile phone companies used to make good revenues (Rs. 4-5 million per day per operator) from such schemes. However, all such revenues were generated through customers who were lured for big prizes that were hard to win.

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  • Reverse auction was good. Cz u knew u r current status that u were winning or not.
    Bring it back.

  • In all fairness this is true, and valid. As the CMO’s were just jockeying on game of chances, and lotteries.

  • also the call setup charges should be stopped, why they are charging 12 paisa on each call.

    • So that we can not call even from free minutes and if by mistaken any number is ported out to other network than we will be looted by the cellular companies.

  • now scams will operate more frequently because telcos are not going to announce that they will never offer any more “inaami schemes”. In fact, telcos may support scams to cause a ruckus.

  • Isn’t this decision was given last year? Zong & other telecos mentioned it on their website at that time.

    • Yes this decision was taken by PTA last year but Cellular operators knocked the door of SC.

  • decision will only last till the Inaami offers are offered to the Gp plated leeches we have.

  • sonay pe sohaga! First the sim verification forced them to close unverified sims. and now this. the telcos are in for a rough ride.

  • Every other Appeal is instantaneously carried forward to SC ever after a regional high court has diligently issued verdict.. guess that “once upon a time there was a spidey who Never Gave Up trying” attitude, we haven’t taken it in the right way after all.. :D

  • Trust me …really appreciated to SC for facilitating the nation , it must be a noble cause as lot of people waited their money while trying luck and 99% found with empty hands. Telcos are trying to implemENT the casino model 80 20

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