Ufone Launches Super Inaami Offer 2015

Ufone has launched “Super Inaami Offer 2015”, its latest promotion to reward loyal customer.

Promotion is aimed at rewarding customers who would recharge their Ufone accounts with Rs. 100 or more, with which they can make their usual calls, SMS or use mobile internet.

However, along with charging their account, customers are automatically entered into a lucky draw with an opportunity of winning 10 luxurious 1300cc cars, 60 motorcycles and 60 gold earrings.

What’s more, on every recharge, Ufone customers will get a confirmed prize of minutes/SMS/MBs… absolutely free!

It won’t be out of place to mention that Ufone’s Inaami Offer doesn’t involve any entry fee, subscription charges or any other kind of charges that customers have to pay for enrolment. Such Inaami offers are permissible by PTA, unlike those Inaami Schemes that require customers to call a number at premium rates for earning points during which they lose thousands of rupees.

The amount (of Rs. 100 or more that) customers are required to recharge for entry in lucky draw can be used for calls, SMS, mobile internet as per usual tariffs.

How to Win

Ufone customers have to recharge their accounts with Rs. 100 and that’s it. So with a minimum balance of Rs. 100 or more, Ufone customers will instantly and automatically enter into Super Inaami Offer lucky draw.

Please note that this Rs. 100 can be used to make your calls, subscribe to any packages or to use mobile internet as usual.


Ufone customers, who will recharge Rs. 100 or more, can win following prizes through lucky draw:

  • 10 luxurious 1300cc cars
  • 60 motorcycles
  • 60 gold earrings

On top of that, with every recharge of Rs. 100 or more, Ufone customers will get either of following guaranteed reward:

  • 50 Free minutes (Ufone to Ufone, PTCL & Vfone);
  • 50 Free SMS
  • 50 MBs of Data Free

Conditions for Guaranteed free Reward:

  • Please note that due to technical limitations, Super Card rechargers will not be eligible for Minutes, SMS & Data, however they will be included in the random automated extracted list of lucky winners for Cars, Motorbikes & Gold Earrings.
  • Expiry limit for guaranteed free reward (mentioned above) is one calender day and these resources will expire at 23:59Hrs.
  • Customers can check remaining resources by dialing *707#
  • Call setup charges for free reward is 10 paisas plus tax

Promotion Duration

This promotion is valid from 7th April, 2015 to 15th May, 2015. So any recharges of Rs. 100 or more during these dates will be eligible for the rewards.

However, this promotion may be amended or terminated earlier at the sole discretion of Ufone in accordance with the Consumer Protection Regulations (2009) and any amendments.

Terms and Conditions

  • Each recharge of Rs. 100 (inclusive of taxes) will be counted as one/single (1) entry and multiple entries are allowed;
  • This offer is valid for all Ufone subscribers including MNP and all Prepaid and Postpay subscribers;
  • Ufone reserves all rights to disqualify entries it deems late, fraudulent or in contravention of the terms of this campaign or against the generally accepted business principles;
  • Only those subscribers shall be considered eligible for the campaign whose SIMs have been verified by the Biometric system.
  • To participate in this offer and to be eligible to avail the prize under this offer it is mandatory that the SIM is registered in the name of the subscriber;
  • In case of corporate customers, even where the SIM is registered in the company that has purchased the SIMs to use by its employees etc., the prize shall be awarded to the actual user of the SIM;
  • The final list of winners shall be announced at the end of the campaign.
  • The winners shall only be notified by Ufone Contact Center representative via phone calls made from 333 CLI to their subscriber number. No messages will be left on answering machines or voicemail systems. Any call or SMS from any other number whatsoever declaring the subscriber a winner should be considered as Spam and Ufone bears no responsibility for any such calls.

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  • There is still going to be a “lucky draw”. There are still going to be scams looting “innocent” individuals who are asked to send balance to claim there prize. Even if you give proofs to Ufone, they don’t even block the SIMs let alone press criminal charges, which means they support the scams. All the best to the “lucky” relatives of Ufone employees ;)

  • oh, I am using Super Card every month… I have to wait till its end -1 day to load another one :(

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