LG G4 Details Get Leaked on LG’s Own Website

LG G4 is set to be announced on 28th of April but a recent mistake by LG has revealed the phones design, specifications and some of the features. The leak comes straight from LG’s official website where a page detailed the LG G4 for quite some time before it was finally taken down by LG Officials.

A New Premium Design:

The images revealed what appears to be a new premium design with swappable back covers offering direct competition to the Moto X and its customization options. The dozens of official images leave nothing to the imagination.

Carbon Fiber Front and Leather at the Back:



The core of the device is very familiar but comes with a variety of different colored leather backs and some plain plastic back covers with a new squarish texture. The front also sees a change and now appears to have a carbon fiber weaved design. The back is now more curved and the ergonomic design should fit better in the users’ hands making the relatively large 5.5 inch device easier to hold.

All New IPS Quantum Dot Display:

The details reveal that the G4 sees a slight bump in the dimensions as the device measures 149 x 75 x 8.9 mm. The thickness remains the same even with the more prominent curve featured at the back. The device will come with the same 5.5 inch screen but with a new QHD screen with an IPS Quantum Dot Display. It’s the same tech that is used on Sony mobile screens and offers a very wide color gamut matching AMOLEDs in color saturation while making the display more power efficient.

lg g4

MicroSD slot and Removable Battery:

The phone is set to come with a microSD card slot and a 3000mAh removable battery. This makes the phone one of the last few flagship devices that allow the use of memory cards and a user replaceable battery. The images also reveal a LG Quick Circle case to be available which features a small notification window.

The phones internals were not part of the leaked page but they are rumored to be a SnapDragon 810 with 3GB of RAM. LG has already confirmed an f/1.8 16 MP camera developed by LG to be a part of the new flagship.

The device will come in a variety of colors from baby pink to dark gray. There’s very little left to be known by LG on the event on 28th April but whatever scant details that remain will be covered at the announcement.

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  • Stone

    These so called “Leaks” are now a norm from all tech companies to build pre launch hype……only in the initial days of smartphone evolution did we have some actual leaks, now it’s so obvious it’s not even exciting any more…

    • Ahmad Khan Sabri


    • Ghulam.e.Ahmed

      totally agreed, they are saying it ” mistake ” … all these revealed by MISTAKE ?? at Official website ???

  • CoMrAdO

    Nothing to worry about. Is all about “Business Strategy”

  • Ahmed Habib

    This is just a trick, companies perform to get attention.

  • shujaswati

    I was about to buy S6 Egde but it wasn’t worth that much money. I’m more into Xperia Z4 now but I heard that Sony will release Z3 NEO instead of Z4. How true is it? Also G4 vs Z4? What do u guys prefer

    • Fahad Ali

      G4 without a doubt. From these leaks it appears that this is not a revolutionary update by any means. But the LG G3 (along with the iPhone 6) was selected as the joint winner of the best smartphone of last year at Mobile World Congress.

      It was richly deserved, that phone had massive improvements. LG seems to have focused on and ironed out some of the drawbacks of that set by brightening the display, improving the camera in low light usage (remember f/1.8 is better than the f/1.9 on the Samsung Galaxy S6) and battery performance we’re in for a pretty great device.

      Pity Qualcomm dropped the ball with the Snapdragon 810 and 808 processors overheating and slow performance issues. In that respect the Galaxy S6 is set to remain the Android performance king for the next few months.

      But considering the Snapdragon 801 offered decent performance on the G3, anyone that buys the new model is going to get good all-round value from the G4.

      That is, unless, you have used Sony smartphones before and prefer them.

      • Aadil

        G3 was NOT a good phone for anybody who had used the the G2. The screen was a downgrade not an upgrade. In the race for high resolution displays LG hurried and made a mess, the display had very low brightness and poor contrast. Battery was poor too, when compared with g2. The phone lagged and there was processor throttling.
        You are right that the G4 has a good screen but Sony has a simplistic UI and the best battery performance amongst all brands. Sony fixed there screen issues with the Z1 compact and ever since the displays have come second only to Amoled(objectively).
        G4 Vs Z4 is a tie. It will come down to better battery, tough body of the z4 Vs objectively better looks, removable battery and feature rich UI of the G4.

        • shujaswati

          is G4 waterproof like Z4?

          • Fahad Ali

            No, don’t believe so. G3 wasn’t, and this seems like an iterative update instead of a whole new redesign of the exterior.

          • Aadil

            It might be. It will presumably feature a display with in cell touch technology that allows using the screen even when it’s wet.

        • Fahad Ali

          Fair point, but the phone was a success, and an overwhelming amount of G3 users were first time converts. It did a lot of things right, starting with the form factor and a 5.5-inch display in a smartly designed package. Screen was one of its weak points (brightness and contrast), but it wasn’t terrible for indoor use.

          And that’s coming from someone that really does not like the AMOLED displays on Samsung devices. They are just too over saturated and develop problems with pixel coloring after an year of heavy use, or two years of average use.

          You’re right on other points too, however, I much prefer the classy and simplistic look of the G3 interface. Sony UI looks somewhat cartoony (or shall we say too colorful) for my taste, though the company certainly has a good thing going with its Z series.

          Unless it is an absolutely disappointment like the M9, I plan on getting the LG G4. Otherwise, it’s the Galaxy S6 standard or the Z4.

          HTC really makes some perplexing decisions and choices when it comes to hardware. Starting with keeping the same design, the UltraPixel fiasco, and now the truly substandard camera on the M9 and its performance issues due to the Snapdragon 810.

          For reference see the Anandtech review of the One M9.

          • shujaswati

            I’m using Xperia S with Android 5.x (root ROM). I find Samsung icons to be bit of a cartoonish. The bravia engine of Sony display is excellent. I might go for Z4 but let both sets to release first and see how they perform in real life.

            • Fahad Ali

              Yeah, makes sense. And true, Samsung icons are still a bit cartoony in the Galaxy S6. One can easily tire out of the user interface.

          • Aadil

            LG is doing what the customers want. That’s the reason more and more people are shifting towards LG. Their every new flagship fixes whatever is crtisicised by the customers in the previous version. That dedication will make LG the new Samsung. They are very quick to react for example they fixed the UI and camera focus on the g3 with a simple and decent design and the laser focus camera. The only thing that’s keeping LG back is trying to match Samsung instead of overtaking them.
            What I like about Sony is their battery life and they get the most useful functions into their phones. Which manufacturer designs corners specifically for phone safety? None except Sony. That’s dedication though in a very different way to how LG do it. LG listen to users, Sony do market research and consider what’s more suitable for a “Sony” device to feature.
            Certainly two of the best manufacturers right now who try to produce their best.

            • Fahad Ali

              Agreed, wholly agreed!