Pakistani Group Hacks PEPCO to Protest Loadshedding

Loadshedding issues have been in Pakistan seemingly forever now. Governments have come and gone and it is only getting worse by the day. Different people employ different methods of complaining, one local hacker group decided to deface PEPCO website as a new way to protest against them.

The group named “Team /pak cyb3r 3xp3rt’s” decided to take the protests to a new level and instead of taking their complaints to the social media or roads, they took down the PEPCO website.

The website’s homepage had a black background with red, green and white text. The top of the website had a banner claiming PEPCO Pakistan Hacked and a sentence underneath saying “site ki load shedding mubarik ho ;)” translating to “Congrats for the site’s loadshedding”, clearly teasing PEPCO officials for their incompetence in solving the loadshedding problem.

At the bottom of the page, the group stated another amusing sentence “pury pakistan ki trf sy dil ki gehriyon sy …..samajh gy na ;D ??”. This translates to “The whole of Pakistan, from the bottom of their hearts …..hope you understand the rest”. I think everyone can understand what the blank means in the last sentence, it’s the common words we use when there’s no electricity.

The website has since been inaccessible, possibly taken down by PEPCO until they can fix it. The hacking will not cause problems to anybody (except PEPCO) so it’s nothing more than an joke but it still reveals what sort of outdated tech is being used by our government websites that any group of kids with basic hacking knowledge can do whatever they want with them.

He is the Editor at ProPakistani.

  • If the PEPCO had the system of load shedding time per colony on its website, then half of Pakistanis would have become hackers.

  • Guys i would suggest u to hack these industrialst websites who r in politics… Smhj to gaye hogay na ap …:-P

  • Well! i live in Dubai And People say that Pakistan is a Shit hole now because of corrupt Rulers there and it brings tears to my eyes because how much our country get disrespected and the way they treat us just because of this

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