Daraz Brings 50% Flat Discount on Smartphones During TechMela

Daraz is offering 50% flat discount on various smartphones during the ongoing TechMela festival. That is almost half of the saving on all smartphones that you will buy during TechMela that is ending on September 20th, 2015.

However, there’s a catch, which is that you will have to make your purchase during 8:00PM to 8:05PM.

So if you are lucky enough to have submitted your order during this time then you are all set to avail a whooping 50% discounts.

Check below the smartphones and their discounted prices during the TechMela:


Daraz has said that only limited stock of smartphones will be put up for this discount promotion.

This is no doubt an amazing offer, however, it is unclear that how many phones Daraz will put up that are available with discount. And only matter of five minutes is sure going to be challenging and fun to grab the discounts.

Daraz told that it took them just 90 seconds yesterday to clear Infinix Hot Note stocks – so much so that Daraz has run out of all Infinix phones it had. So be fast when clock ticks the 8PM.

Also note that there are going to be different phones on discount each day, schedule for which is following:

  • Infinix Hote Note (Gray): September 17th, 2015 (today)
  • Infinix Zero 2: September 18th, 2015
  • Unnjoo One (Black): September 19th, 2015
  • Innjoo One (White Gold): September 20th, 2015

Book your order here to get 50% discount

Business Rules

  • Items are on flat 50% discount everyday from 8:00 PM to 8:05 PM only
  • Discount is on limited stock only and will expire as soon as stock runs out #FastestFingersFirst
  • Discount will be visible and apply only when you enter the Discount Code on the checkout page
  • Error on using Discount Code during the sale means stock has run out
  • Each customer can only avail the 50% discount once
  • A different phone on sale each day, come back and grab your choice

Book your order here to get 50% discount.

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  • jsut to counter Cheezmall which is launching tomorrow and they are going to offer some deals too. It is probably good for buyers.

  • No hot note pro.. :(
    And there is no Infinix Zero 2 on September 18th, 2015, the link is just showing some Injoo phone. So this deal is end for me. Looking forward to Cheezmall Deals tomorrow.

      • Thank you propakistani and daraz pk Aap dono ney mil kar awaam ko bewaqoof banaya.

        Daraz walo ney shayad 1 mobile hi rakha ho ga discount per aur wo bhi apney hi employee ko dey dia ho ga.

        • apka comment parh k dil ko thandak mili coz abe 3 weeks pehle hot note purchase kia ha aur usko 50% off pe daikh k mjy attack aa gya tha :D

  • Meanwhile Kaymu showing half Pakistani Map on their official website. Kashmir should be included in the map.

  • I tried to order one on exactly 8 but it failed to identify the code, so I’m a bit skeptical about it

  • bhai nhi hua use discount code… fix time 8:00:01 pe try kia or try krta rha phir time khatam hogaya

  • tried at 8.00pm sharp but they chawal said Sorry, we were not able to recognize the Discount Code you used. Please try again. sb darama hy. 5 mobile rakh k pata ni sale laga di bastards ny.

  • Daraz is charade. Use Google itself, to find a lot of complaints against their shady practices and outright fraud in some cases. I am glad I did not disclose my email address, personal details, and phone number – falling prey to their drama. Mind you, that a few hundred phone numbers sell for at least rs. 2000.

  • i was selected for the deal but at shipping page it started error of shipping then next moment it changed to normal deal i dont know what it happend

  • It would be interesting to know if anyone was able to get it today or yesterday? I didn’t try today, but yesterday, the site became very slow around that time.

  • kisi ko phone ? tu nhi mila but daraz earned millions due tu 100000s people visit there site yesterday ad today what a shame pak major online site doing this

  • They down the web site nothing work even page is not loading on 4mb, If someone open the page coupon is invalid,, totally scam/fraud

  • pasay poray la rahe ha janab jb buy k option pa jao to full price show hoti ha blkay 140 bajnay k b charges mangh rahe ha

  • Daraz / Kaymu are the worst e-commerce websites that I have experienced especially for buying something expensive like cell phones. By now, they should have understood the negative impact of making people fool with fake advertising and fake marketing, which do not work anymore.

  • I am able to use the Discount code but the checkout procedure stuck at step 3, may be this is how they plan to gain popularity

  • This TechMela proved to be a big scam! Those who got the discount were later didn’t proceed to the checkout due to a whole lot of errors.Daraz.pk has lost all the credibility.

  • I was able to use disount coupon & it showed me discount amount, but as soon as I pressed Confirm button it was back at the previous page & the message was “this type of code can only be used for 37 times”.

  • They are liars, I had product in cart at 7:59 and was just waiting to apply the discount coupon code, all of sudden it said product doesn’t exist at 8:01 PM. They are not giving any phones on flat 50% off. (my Internet is fast so does my laptop) no excuses.

  • Please before posting anything proof read it must. Today due to invalid information you have provided regarding innjoo one 19th september you have provided TECHMELA5 discount code but actually it was TECHMELA4.

  • Is there anyone who purchased techmela 50% discounted products successfully.. i faced this issue .. two times. while ordering a phone on 19th sep and 20 sep *Today*.
    with in one min from 8:00 pm.the product vanished from @daraz.pk and after 20 min the link was valid again.. but coupen had expired.i attached both screen shot..

    Ps: anyone may say that i changed the date & time and took screen shot.i won’t mind.. but my point is to find someone who ordered phone successfully..

  • ***<>*** like all other scams in the country draz.pk is also one of them. a scam in ecommerce industry in Pakistan. they have no investment on their own, they maintain no stocks, no inventory. its just a 3 person office. every thing offered for sale is posted by other companies. i have no time to comment further, my this post is for the educated ones. try to sign up with draz.pk a seller & you will come to know details.

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