iNew Reduces the Prices of its Smartphones

iNew is a Chinese multinational Smartphone company which started its operations in Pakistan a couple of months ago. In an effort to maintain its promise to provide the best quality of products at affordable rates, iNew have further reduced the prices of all Smartphones introduced in Pakistan.

iNew has launched 5 Android smartphones in Pakistan with the recent addition of the iconic L4. The highlight of this phone is the 5000mAh battery, which is biggest in the market to date. iNew L4 also packs a 64-Bit processor, 2GB of RAM and runs on the Lollipop 5.1 Android. All of this comes with a dual 4G LTE network option.

iNew, in a press statement, said that it doesn’t only want to create a huge customer base but is aiming for maximum customer satisfaction. To achieve this goal, iNew has dropped the prices of all smartphones,so more and more people can sample the company’s products.

The new prices of the complete smartphone range is as follows:

  • iNew L4 (White / Dark Blue) = Rs. 22,500 Rs. 20,900
  • iNew L1 (White) = Rs. 23,500 Rs. 20,500
  • iNew V7 (White / Black) = Rs. 19,500 Rs. 17,300
  • iNew V1 (Red, Yellow, Black, White) = Rs. 13,500 Rs. 11,500
  • iNew U1 (Red, Blue, Black, White) = Rs. 8,300 Rs. 7,100

The company is expanding its distribution network very quickly and has successfully covered the major cities in Punjab. The next destination is KPK and then comes the turn for Baluchistan and Sindh.

To meet the increasing demand from rural and far-fetched areas, iNew is partnering with online stores and major e-commerce portals, so anyone can buy iNew smartphones from the ease of their homes.

At the moment, the company is offering two flagship 4G LTE smartphones and rest of them are dual SIM 3G supported. However, all upcoming devices, low-end or high-end will support 4G LTE network.

  • I think the price is still way high. Just compare the price on Aliexpress, it should be more cheaper. inew is still like inandipur.

  • SCANDALOUS pricing still !
    not only do they need to bring their DRACONIAN prices down BUT they also need to launch more phones with NEWER tech … only L4 has 64 bit processor. We need to see the L3 in its flesh here (tall claims about one heluva camera in that one!) and more phones wiht 2-3 gb ram , FHD display and more features which are now the staple minimum in the smartphone market !

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