Official Prices of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus for Pakistan Revealed

The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are going to be officially available in Pakistan starting late next week. Apple’s latest flagship duo will be available in Pakistan at same time through all mobile phone operators and some smartphone distributors.

Apple partnered with almost all local telecom operators to launch its iPhones in Pakistan. This is exactly how it happened last year and currently pre-orders are being accepted while shipping will start from Nov 13th, 2015.

The added advantage of phones sold by telecom operators is that they will come with official warranties of one year. These officially sold iPhones will also be factory unlocked and therefor could be used on any local network.

The prices for the iPhone 6S and the 6S Plus are going to be as following:

  • iPhone 6S:
    • 16GB : Rs 93,724
    • 64GB : Rs 107,524
    • 128 GB : Rs 121,324
  •  iPhone 6S Plus:
    • 16GB : Rs 107,524
    • 64GB : Rs 121,324
    • 128 GB : Rs 135,124

If I may speak frankly, iPhones this time around are going to be expensive in Pakistan. These official prices are higher than the ones that are sold in open market. But then again, those open market devices come without warranty and some of you might not prefer those especially with such an expensive gadget.

Just to give you an idea, the price of the cheapest iPhone 6S is $650 in the US which converts to about 68.5k at the current exchange rate of $1 to Rs 105.

Now add some taxes (both in Pakistan and US) and this phone should ideally cost around Rs. 80K — which will be officially sold for 93.5K.

Not to mention, iPhones are available for cheaper in the open market with the iPhone 6S going for about 77k for the 16GB model and 97k for the iPhone 6S Plus 16GB model. These prices are true for both open market or online retail outlets that sell iPhones in Pakistan.

Just in case if you are wondering, both iPhone 6S and 6S Plus come in the same shell as last year’s iPhones but have deep changes as far as the internals go. Processor, GPU, RAM and cameras have been improved in both version of the iPhone.

For more detailed coverage of what the new iPhones bring, click here.

Prices via SenseApplied

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  • iphone 6s flOp n Internationally demand week hai…galaxy s7 is coming in 2 3 months with relatively good price with great specs ,design , u know how great s6 was

    • hahah bhai get your facts clear, it is the most successful iPhone flagship to date, Apple sold 13 million iPhone just in 3 days when launched, and next quarter its sales were more than to last year sales in same quarter..

      • Please update yourself….apple cuts iphone components order and many analyst are analysing lower QoQ sales for last quarter which will dent next year q1 sales too…
        In india sales are much lower than expectations and start declining in china too… and those 13 million figures represnts almost worldwide sales but iphone was release in 12 countries but people from around the world rush to get new phones to sell in their coubtries where is was not launched yet..,

        • First the sales of 6s in china is record breaking from last year iPhone sales, i don’t know from where did you read the above information.. just search on google “6s china sales”. Second the prediction of annalists doesn’t matter at all just see the reports when they announce results its always opposite. At this time it is the most successful iPhone beating galaxy. No body knows whats going to happen in future so predictions are not always true.

    • What a load of BS. I understand you are not a fan of this phone, I’m not either, but that doesn’t mean you can just spout whatever delusions you come up with out of your behind.

    • Dude where do you even get your information from? I suggest to switch your sources immediately. Just because you prefer Samsung doesn’t mean you can make up your own stories. Freedom of speech hai liken bhai thora khayal rakhou.

      PS: Your stupid comment forced me to login and send out a reply.

      • so today apple is behind expected figures thats why they release iphone SE and iphone SE very low in demand and not helping apple until iphone 7

  • There isn’t any price control or check in practice.
    You can sell anything at any price… People will buy that.
    Here, people spend 1.5 million on a car which doesn’t even have power windows, forget about other safety features.

  • These iPhone’s come with international warranty not local*, keep that in mind. If any thing goes wrong with ur phone, u will need to take ur phone abroad to claim warranty. In other other word’s, warranty these telecom networks providing is absolutely useless in Pakistan.
    We can also get any iPhone in official price if any of our relative live’s in foreign country & he/she can send us phone from there or if our local shopkeeper can provide us phone with international warranty in little more then official price, that would be far better option to go with.

    Let’s just hope Apple launch their Apple stores in Pakistan, so that Apple company & we buyer’s both can get benefit in ease.

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