Sony Alpha A7 II Mirrorless Camera Comes with New Photography-Focused Features

Sony pays special attention to its imaging department since it’s the most profitable one alongside the PlayStation. Its recent move to acquire Toshiba’s image sensor business shows its commitment to becoming an undisputed leader in the field.

One reason why it manages to stay relevant in this competitive environment is constant innovation. The latest acquisition has already resulted in new improvements brought to the alpha A7 mirrorless camera, which is already arguably among the best ones in the market.

The New A7 II – Same Old or A Game Changer?

The Sony Alpha a7 II Mirrorless Camera now brings a few notable upgrades under the hood. The first among them is phase-detection autofocus when shooting with third-party lenses, which will bring more precision and speed. A number of reviewers called out the predecessors’ autofocus as the camera’s weak points. And it’s good to know that Sony listened and that is finally being fixed.

It is also just the second Sony camera to bring fully-functional phase-detection to A-mount lenses, apart from the E-mount ones. Through a new firmware, it brings 117-point focal plane phase detection to this wide range of lenses.

Another major addition is the choice of shooting uncompressed 14-bit RAW capturing. The option can be turned on or off from the menu in case you don’t require the extra quality (which is understandable).

Lastly, talking of the update, Sony is also bringing the new firmware version 2.0 out, which among other things gives you the ability to customize the traditional movie button according to your choice.

This update is available for download through Sony’s website now. Last, but not the least, Sony is also bringing 8 new FE lenses to go along with 20 existing ones, to bring the total of lenses available for the series to 70.