Black Friday: Daraz Prepares Itself To Withstand 30 Million Hits At A Time

Daraz’s Black Friday shopping event is fast approaching and with less than two weeks to go for what appears to be the biggest sale of the year in Pakistan, where bargain hunters across the country will try to grab themselves the best deal, it was about time we got some insight into what the ecommerce giant is planning and whether this mega sale will really be as great as it seems.

Is all the hype worth it? From how we see it, this sales event would be an interesting demonstration for the world to witness the power of Pakistani consumption just like China’s Single’s Day, their busiest shopping event of the year, reflected a shift in their economy and spending habits this year.

Truth be told, earlier this year, Google’s TechMela powered by had its shortcomings but it had its upsides too – the tech festival was a great eye-opener for the ecommerce giant, it prepared them for the worst and helped them ensure they have all ends covered for Black Friday – their (or Pakistan’s for that matter) biggest sale event yet.

The thing that didn’t work in favor of TechMela was that team wasn’t prepared for the kind of traffic it saw on the website, they underestimated the response they’d get and their modesty backfired.

During the sale, the company sold out their best-seller Infinix phones so much so that they were out of stock for two weeks as the underlying business performance was 65% stronger than their projected results. is prepared to withstand the load of every single internet user in the country, that’s around 30 million hits at a time

This time around, however, is seemingly offering the kind of sales they have never offered before and there will be a staggering growth in the visitors to their website and the company is prepared for everything – seems like they have a pretty solid plan for D-Day.

The company is all set to bring about an online revolution and claims to be prepared for the highest number of visitors one can expect and with the kind of deals they are offering across all categories, they should be.

According to, they are now prepared to withstand the load of every single internet user in the country – that makes it 30 million people. has been partnering with big companies and for Black Friday the big name with them is Telenor EasyPaisa as the official payment partner, offering an additional 25% off on products to customers who pay via EasyPay on Black Friday – you don’t have to have a Telenor number to be able to enjoy this discount – everyone can – this discount will be on top of the (up to) 70% off on products you avail during the mega sale on November 27.

We hoped to get a little more scoop on what deals will be offered on the big sale day, however, the company plans on revealing the deals in store on the day itself to keep the mystery alive and literally have us at the edge of our seats starting midnight and all through the 24-hour marathon.

  • After experiencing ‘Techmela’, most of the online buyers know what are they going to offer. Cheap marketing tactics wont take them anywhere! They should grow up and bring something innovative rather than copy / paste their competition. Anyway, lets wait and see how they cope up what they did during Techmela.

  • so can i pay “Cash on delivery” or i have to pay it online.??
    During “singles day shopping festival” i missed the deals cuz i didn’d had the credit card.

  • Such a diluted and polite criticism on, while sale was flushed down the drain – literally. Techmela failed because it was a product of misleading and fraudulent desi mindset which could help being honest just one time.

  • These will be rubbish sales as always. Pro Pakistani seems to be part of the hype machine for these companies.

  • If they are going to follow the foot steps of Bytes dot pk, know that the future of e-commerce industry in Pakistan is not bright!

  • Daraz k to halat he harab haan itnay 12 din ho chukay haan abhi tak order deliver nahi kia kisi ko 3 din mai kar detay haan kisi ko 15 din intezar karatay haan aur kuch ko faulty set deliver kartay haan aur flash sale k liyay server in k pata nahi chotay haan in se itnay zaida log handle nahi hotay aur phir apni izzat ka falooda karwa detay haan in flash sales se baat ka maqsad yeh sab k saath aik sa salook hona chaiya

  • yeah with no doubt daraz is growing bigger day by day. but they are not bringing something new to this trend just copying competitors. Like StoreMass they have brought a new trend in Pakistan by providing goods from international vendors like amazon, eBay Etc for Pakistani people who were unable to buy anything directly from them. This things highlights them as an unique online store in Pakistan.

  • All expectations are from daraz now.I expected a lot from cheezmall to be better they turned out to be worst eCommerce only 100 products on their poorly designed website.Multi million dollar investment in dustbin.

  • Hope this black Friday doesn’t turned out tobe the same eye wash as techmela and bytes.
    What doesn’t seem real is their big show of 70 % plus 25 % easy paisa i. e. 95 % so how come an item of 1000 going to be sold in just 50 rupee and let’s suppose an split a. c. of Rs. 50000 in just 2500? And let the 70 % aside but how come they will off 25 % means 12500 on an an amount of 50000.

    I’ve also heard the rumors that daraz is going to shut and therefore through this sale they are trying to collect more money in advance through easy paisa and then runaway. Discount is far away they are not gonna give u the products even on higher prices.

    • That is upto 70 percent man which means only few products will have 70 percent discount things like AC will have I think 10-30 percent discounts. Ppl should understand meaning of upto!

      • People do understand meaning of upto but instead you teach us upto meaning. U should answer the basic query that 25 % easy paisa discount is not so called “upto” that is flat discount and plus the upto discount. How? Doesn’t seem logical. And what is surety that they will deliver things after getting money from the pockets of innocent customers?

        • This will be revealed on the day but I think easy paisa offer will be in selected products not all for eg if some1 getting 5percent u will get 30 percent

  • No matter how big an online portal is in Pakistan they will always scam someone for some reasons, in my case one refund request gave me so much lies from daraz csr that it was just shocking that to what length they will go to refuse my refund, they haven’t learned anything from the international sites and how they treat their customers, daraz is a run by cheap morons who will never understand what customer service is.

  • UP TO 70% means there will be only one CHAPAL that will have a 70% off just like the SERVICE shoe sale So get ready for nothing

    • Khawaja Sahab, never in my life i found that ONE Chappal with that tag of 70% off in service store. on contrary i was just informed that the stock finished due to people rush, though once i went on the very first day at they said it didn’t come yet. So nothing is 70% off . But regardless of this u can see Daraz’s trick of 25% flat off if u pay through easy paisa. Means if u get even 5 % off on an item and pay through easy paisa u will get 30 % off, which is very untrue to believe at. All sales are topi drama specially from online stores, their items are always super over priced. That Black day of history is also not far away when we will witness this Black Friday of Daraz store. let’s see how many people get robbed.

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