Earn a Cisco Certification in Pakistan with Secrets No IT Professional Will Tell You

Getting a valid Cisco certification means a lot in the market, as it is going to boost your career as a networking professional.  This article is specifically for those who are planning to appear in the globally recognized exam of CCNA (Routing & Switching). If you would like to get a detailed description on Cisco Certified Network Associate you can simply check out my previous article “A Beginner’s Guide to a Career in Networking.”

An important thing that most people won’t tell you is that there are frauds out there who will offer you a Cisco certification, demanding hard cash for it, assuring that you won’t need to go through the exam and study process. There are chances of you getting robbed and ending up receiving a fraudulent document.

There’s no shortcuts to this.

Don’t Think You Can Pass CCNA Without Working For It!

Do not, and I mean it, do NOT trust anyone that tells you that you can get the certification by paying a third party. Let me go ahead and tell you the real story behind it.

What actually happens is that someone from a remote location (i.e. Srilanka) will attempt the online exam on behalf of you, using a fake identity. They give you the impression that they’ve passed the exam and depict that you are certified.

But here’s what actually happens. When you check the official Cisco tracking system, it does not appear over there with your picture. Don’t let the frauds outsmart you, because after reading this piece of writing you will have enough knowledge of the dos and don’ts of passing CCNA.

I would personally recommend that you do things the right way. I can assure you that if you follow the given instructions in this article, the Cisco CCNA certification will take only a matter of weeks. And on top of that you can get a discount up to 58% on the exam fee.

There are two ways to attempt the certification paper:

  • 200-120 CCNAX  – Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices: Accelerated  (One Exam)
  • 100-101 ICND1/101-200 ICND2 – Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices (Two Exams)

I recommend that you appear for 200-120 CCNAX, as it’s only one exam, hence less exams and less burden.

Pick the Right Exam

Pick the right exam from the above-mentioned names and don’t opt for 640-802 CCNA as it is not accepted anymore and is obsolete.

Now it is time to answer the million dollar question of what you need to do in order to get certified in a hassle free, secure and economic way.

People in the market charge 3000-5000 rupees just for these tips. I myself paid the same amount in order to get the information about the discount, but I’m sharing everything I learned absolutely free to help out others.  In case of any questions, you can comment below this post and I’ll answer.

Follow these simple instructions and become a CCNA today.

Step 1: Get a Discount on the Exam

1)  Register yourself as an exam applicant

Simply register online by providing all the necessary information and make an account.

There are two ways to do it


After making an account, fill out the profile information box; verify your details via email then select the CCNA routing & switching course.

2) Click the Module section

In the next step you’ll see a module which carries about 9 – 11 chapters with 20 -35 MCQs each and one final paper with 50-60 MCQs .You will be required to attempt 4 modules in total within a time frame of 2 months .Once you have completed the first module you will automatically have access of the second one and so on so forth.

Don’t answer all sections in the module; only answer chapter exams and the final exam. Attempting others will be a waste of time, although you can try out practice exam to get an idea of how things work.

Don’t start answering the module yet as there is a 75 min time to complete each of the chapters exam and 90 mins for the final module exam.

3) How do I answer all the questions?

In order to answer all modules chapter and final exam questions, you can take online help from ccna5ccnp and ccna5. It’s free and easy to navigate. Simply click the relevant section to get answers, copy the question and paste it in the Find option on the specific help website that you are using.

Passing criteria is 85%, but as you have all the answers in front of you, so passing won’t be much of a trouble. All you gotta do is act smart.

4) Wait for the discount voucher to arrive via email

Complete all the modules and after passing them all, you’ll have to wait for the discount voucher to arrive via email. Once you have received the discount code, keep it safe with you as you’re gonna need it for the Official CCNA exam. By this time you are eligible to appear in the exam anytime within a period of 3 months, and the best thing is you have to pay only 125$ instead of 300$.You will save money plus you’re now familiar with the questions and the process. Things can’t get easier and better than this!

Step 2: Preparing for the CCNA Exam

1) Study material / free software for home based practicals

Install Packet tracer as it is going to help you in performing all practicals related to the exam .It is free and saves you a lot of money on expensive hardware .One software and your job is done. Books include Cisco CCENT/CCNA Official Cert Guide by Cisco Press. More free online material is mentioned in my previous post.

2) Exam dumps

Exam dumps are basically, guess papers or past papers. 99% of the final exam is comprised of the latest dumps. Choice of a dump file is very important so I have only mentioned the top ranking dumps sites that provide up to date material. For latest dumps visit getfreedumps, examcollection and braindumps. A dump file consists of 350-400 questions out of which each and every question of the CCNA exam is asked.

3) Exam structure

Final paper comprises of 50- 60 MCQs which are to be attempted within a time limit of 90 mins.

4) How to get extra time in the exam

Most of you might not know that people who belong to a non-native English speaking country can get a 30 min extension in exam time. As a Pakistani, you’ll be allotted a total of 120 mins to attempt the complete exam. All you have to do is request the examiner to add the additional time in your exam.

5) Passing criteria

You need to score a minimum of 85% to pass CCNA. Once you’ve passed, Tada! Mission accomplished.

Exam rectification

CCNA expires after 3 years as the technology keeps on changing with time .You have to rectify the certification in order to understand latest technologies.

Jobs In upcoming future

CCNA Routing and switching is a good option as it is the jack of all trades and in the future, you can even get hired for integration of IPv4 to IPv6.

Job placement

Cisco itself offers its students a chance to work professionally with Cisco Inc. It is also running academy monster program which helps fresh CCNA’s to find jobs and on top of that you can always trust Google for job hunt.

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Have a great one  ☺

Note about the author: Mr. Sharoon is a Networks/Systems admin by profession. He has done CCNA, CCNP & MCSE. He also has a great passion for writing.

  • Being, an exam writer for 15 years, I can say that you are right most of the time except for the fact that you need to practice the exam on real routers and switches to get the hang of the entire procedure. That way you will be able to learn faster. You can get simulations cheap and easy online. The simulations will help you practice for the exam and believe me, it will be a very good experience for you since CCNA, CCNP and CCIE along with CCDA is all about practical information and hands-on experience.

  • It was really informative ….. sir can you please guide me whether to self study or take a fully paid training for ccna from any institute ? list any of institutes which you think would be good to invest money on ?

    • You can simply check out my previous article . I have mentioned a lot about free and paid trainings . Lazaro Diaz & Kevin Wallace on Youtube would be a good option.

  • How to register with Cisco’s Official Website or Cisco’s Netcad Online academy ? there is no option

  • love this site and also this author for giving such a informative info about networking i am searching from a time but no one gives me the right solution so once again than you bro

  • Will this exam be good for software engineering ? & what’s the best age to perform this exam ?

    • For software Engineering , You should go for a proper 4 years honors degree in SE or CS. If you are short on time,take the MCSD (microsoft certified solutions expert ) Exam .

  • i m not able to register on any of these sites as a student it is asking me to register in academy? plz help meeeeee

  • “Note about the author: Mr. Sharoon is a Networks/Systems admin by profession. He has done CCNA, CCNP & MCSE. He also has a great passion for writing.”

    Bhai tune bhi Dumps parh ke ye certifications ki hen, Well-done :)

  • System Admin.. Lols Author ki value itni he dumps recommands kar rha he :D ProPakistani Koi Sharam Hoti Hai Koi Haya Hoti Hai he aisa article?

  • By the way It is illegal to use Braindumps in order to take Cisco Certification.

    Please refer to Code of ethics for Cisco certifications: http://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en_us/training-events/downloads/Cisco_Code_of_Certification_Ethics.pdf

    Clause 3 of the code of ethics:

    3. I will not use compromised exam content to prepare for my Cisco exam.

    (The term “Compromised Exam Content” is linked with wikipedia article on “Brain Dumps” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brain_dump)

    “Violations of the Code of Certification Ethics are serious. A violation, including a failure to report potential violations committed by others, can result in possible legal action, candidate sanction and removal from the program.”

    Propakistani by publishing an article that is promoting an illegal act is also participating in such illegal activity.

    Here is Exam policies by Microsoft:


    Question: What are “brain dumps,” and are they legal?
    Answer: A “brain dump,” as it relates to the certification exams, is a source, such as a website, that contains certification exam content that has been fraudulently obtained with the intention to share it with or sell it to exam candidates. The content included in brain dumps is exactly the same or substantially similar to items appearing on the exam. Because the exam content was fraudulently obtained, using this type of material to prepare for or during an exam constitutes cheating. “Brain dump” providers are in violation of Microsoft intellectual property rights and nondisclosure agreements.

  • to join course in academy it asks the course is instructor lead and contact academy. the academy charges are more than the discount.

  • Can i know any good website to download dumps for Microsoft Certifications for free like MCSD , MCDBA….

  • indeed this is truly fruitful information for everyone who is willing to get Cisco-certifications,
    Can you please let me the procedure of MSCE and CCNP as well ..??
    these are same in process ?

  • Such a nice article, wroth writing… you sum up all the things in very efficient manner.
    although instead of Packet Tracer, i recommend GNS3 for practice. what you say about GNS3?

    • GNS3 is for sure the best . But there is one little problem with that ,as most of the people are beginners so they cant find Cisco Images for the appropriate device and their configuration.This is where Packet tracer serves its purpose because its easy to use .For CCNA CCENT packet tracer is fine ,For higher levels i.e CCNP ,CCIE GNS3 is highly recomended.

  • I gave the exam on 15 October 2015, I prepared three of my friends for the exam, and I myself had a great grip and I practiced all of the dumps, modules revised, Packet tracer scenarios revisited but I failed. 14,000 Rupees went down the drain, So be careful guys attempt the paper but before that do hell lot of practice.

  • Dear !! bravo nice article..

    problem i am facing is i am unable to find ccna >> module for discount exam . As mentioned by you below..

    “After making an account, fill out the profile information box; verify your details via email then select the CCNA routing & switching course.

    2) Click the Module section”

    Please guide me through

  • for 4 module section test , i think it is compulsory to enroll with one of the cisco training partner institute, and institute takes handsome amount for this enrollment, So whats free!!! ????

    • same problem here, there is no a way to get discount code until you are enrolled to the course. the enrollment is done by partner institute only.

  • Very informative and helpful, having more expectations from you to come-up with juniper and some wireless certification details.
    Keep up the good work.

  • sir i cant find that 4 module cources on cisco offcial website i try hard searched alot but can find these test in order to get vocher.kindly help me out

  • Hi, I am trying to register myself but page is saying to register though list of academy. Can anyone please help in fixing this?
    Would appreciate the response

  • Mr. Sharoon Emmanuel, I have a few questions regarding the way you suggested to register on Cisco Website and further process. Please suggest a way to get in touch and discuss further!

  • Mr. Sharoon i’ve already registered for the ccna course on the cisco networking academy but the thing is CCNA 200-120 is upgrading to CCNA 200-125 after August 20, 2016. The last day to test for the CCNA 200-120 exam will be August 20, 2016. So if i get the discount voucher before August 20, 2016 and i want to give the CCNA 200-125 exam after the above mentioned date. Will that discount voucher be applicable on CCNA 200-125 exam????

    • Dear Faisal, how you registered for the CCNA course without academy. Can you please help us for course registration without Academy.

  • Just want to add that you find good prep content at exams dot cf
    They even have a web-based vce simulator linked, but also have PDF downloads.

  • sir how do i apply for the ccna exam i did the discount method but i failed to avail it in time… now can i still apply for the ccnx exam directly without a discount? only because enough time has already been wasted for me and i just want to get it over with.

    • how you registered for the CCNA course without academy. Can you please help us for course registration without Academy. PLS HELP

  • I believe CCNA 200-120 is updated to CCNA 200-125 as of August 2016. Could you kindly shared information about it: Syllabus, Tips, Vouchers, updated dumps etc.

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