Ufone Responds with Seemingly Acceptable Curves of Faisal Qureshi

After Mobilink’s recent venture of displaying Nargis Fakhri on front pages of local newspapers, Ufone today responded with same line of action but with lesser, and as some of us would call it, acceptable curves to advertise its U5a Smartphone that its selling for Rs. 5,999.

Ufone and Faisal Qureshi are both known for hilarious TV and print ads that they have been successfully doing for over a decade now. These funny ads — Saaf Awaaz for instance — have in fact become their trademark during recent few years.

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Today, to capitalize from the fame that Nargis Fakhri got just past week and of course to bring smiles, Faisal Qureshi has appeared on front pages of local papers with exactly same pose but with a lot lesser curves for reasons I can’t discuss here.

Just to be on safe side, Faisal didn’t take any chances and wore this Islamic matching Topi (cap) with Arabic cotton scarf (locally called as Rumaal) to avoid any backlash.

Have a look below:


“Excuse me, Mobile Phone humara sasta aur behtar hay”, says the tagline to give a loud and clear message along with all the fun.

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While Faisal Qureshi has clearly been successful in twinkling the nation, we just hope that this was last ad of the series where models are asked to appear in such a pose.

We aren’t sure how Pakistani social media is going to respond to this move, especially those who were objecting in-content ads and the pose itself.

We will have to see if such a pose from a male is equally disturbing for them as it was with Nargis Fakhri or not?

And by the way, yes Balochistan was left-out once again.


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