Gold Medalist PhD Student Expelled from University for Facebook Criticism

“If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.” Noam Chomsky

In every independent country, freedom of expression is considered to be one of the basic human rights.

When the Ministry of Information Technology and National Assembly Standing Committee on IT was framing the Cyber bill, serious reservations were registered while quoting clause “Power to manage intelligence and issue directions for removal of blocking of access of any intelligence through any information system”.

According to the critics this clause gives the government/PTA unfettered powers to block access or remove speech not only on the internet but transmitted through any device, through its own determination. Not only does this infringes fundamental rights of citizens and curbs media freedom but has huge implications where privacy is concerned. This clause would allow the authority – and in turn the government – to acquire powers to order media houses’ web platforms to remove any material they deem inappropriate.

Article 19 of The Constitution of Pakistan: Freedom of speech says,

Every citizen shall have the right to freedom of speech and expression, and there shall be freedom of the press, subject to any reasonable restrictions imposed by law in the interest of the glory of Islam or the integrity, security or defence of Pakistan or any part thereof friendly relations with foreign States, public order, decency or morality, or in relation to contempt of court, [commission of] or incitement to an offence.

However, Kashan had not violated any of the above mentioned borders but still faced the music in shape of deprivation from another basic human right of access: education.

In a rare incident, the University of Agriculture of Faislabad expelled one of its gold medalist students who criticized a music event organized by the university in his Facebook post.

Syed Kashan Haider Gilani, a PhD student, received university notice stating that he was being expelled for “defaming the university image” for an act of “indiscipline and misconduct.

The student was expelled for “defaming university image on programs arranged in connection with Kisan Mela 2015, spreading wrong information, misleading student community on social media, showing disrespect to university and its administration, initiating an undesirable/unwanted debate about programs on social media, damaging repute and bringing bad name to university,” according to a notice issued to him.

Gold Medalist PhD Student Expelled from University for Social Media Criticism

Last week, the student was directed to present his written and verbal explanation before a disciplinary committee that decided about Gilani’s fate.

Following his expulsion, the university has banned Gilani’s entry and directed him to vacate hostel.

Kashan has stated that the university terminated him with immediate effect without issuing him any warning. He expressed hope that the chief minister and courts would provide him justice.

Spokesman of Faisalabad’s University of Agriculture said that the student would be given a right to appeal, adding that decision about the student’s future would be taken on merit.

UPDATE: The University has restored Mr. Gilani as a student on January 7th 2016, following him signing an affidavit not to criticize his alma mater on social media any further.

  • I simply know every dancing man with women is kanjer and girl is kanjareee… So Indian cultural adoptation is not acceptable… he is right and I support him…

    • Watch your words dude. I agree with your ideology but abusing others shows lack of tolerance. What they did is totally wrong but what good you are adding in here.

      • See, the word kanjer was not bad word itself it is used for dancers in urdu. and it become abusive because dance is not accpeted in our society in past like if man is black you cannot call him kaloo even because its not accepted…. Same In urdu a singer is Marasee… But in english popstar rockstar etc..Time has so changed and we are such ignorent that we replaced right termonologies with the worngone, Dance has become raks instead of Mujra….!! So still whoever does these acts will qualify for termonoly of kanjer and kanjaree..

        • The right words in urdu are ‘Mosikar’ ‘Gulukar”kalakar” not the ones you’ve written above.. and in my honest opinion… If a guy has tarnished the reputation of fellow students and staff without second thought then whatever Repercussions occurred are nothing but karma.. To talk trash.. One has to be trash.. Like he is.. And lastly.. You or anyone else has no right to call anyone else by any names… Let them be judged by the only Judge that matters…

        • @ProudPaki, its good that u expressed ur “Baraa”/animosity from the “Ahlul-Bidah”. (Quran 60:4)
          But I also urge thyself n the other commenter to also reject this post 1924 cancer of Asabiyah/Nationalism. We are also Ikhwaan/Akhwaat ul Muslimeen (49:10) .
          And yes we do give Nasheeha in best of manners.(3:159).

  • Munna ye Pakistan ha yaha sare universities Don hay aur student trash bin ke tarah treat karte hay yeh bakyo ke lie bhe leasson hay apna muh dahyan say kholo.

  • badmash bano or phr ye log jo tum kaho gay vo karn gey. ye sb bhensen hn yahan jis ki “lathi” ho gi ya baanss usi ki hukumat hoti he. hm khud apni zaat me b itnay e intolerant hn ye to phr university he or hmi jesay logo se bani he.

  • Yes, good expel bright students like him and give honorary degrees of PhD to Rehman Malik n Hunda Shahbaz and alike and invite Ayyan Ali in the Universities for giving you lectures. We know your universities standards and reputations.
    Restore this guy with honor henceforth or get ready for public wrath.

    • By the extract of his glorious writing about the event.. It took me a while to figure out if he was even educated rather a gold medallist..

  • First time feeling shame for being University of Agriculture Faisalabad Graduate. #ISupportKashaan

  • Our universities are major reason for unemployment and wastage of young talent. I decided to never enter any university for education and I am proud of my decision. Expulsion of Kashan shows who are running these universities. Do you think education ever touched them?

    • you said “our” universities … and that kinda fits !
      altho i can’t recommend leaving out graduate education altogether but people at the helm , esp those in HEC , BIEK and co need to whipped non-stop for all the educational deficiencies found rampant in the country…

  • AM FEELING ASHAMED for being a student of the Agriculture university..yar sab ko pata hy kia hota hy yahan …couples ko aik sath baithny se rookny k lae 88 guards with guns and honda 125s ..aur male teachers jo females k sath yahan karty hain huh…harassment buht chota lafz hy q k yahan tu girls k pass koe option bhi nhi hota ..ab aty hain kissan mela ki taraf ..bilkul sahi kaha tha kashan nain pory fsd main itny behayyai pora sal kahein nhi hoti jitni es week mn hoti hy ..main es bat pe bhi sharminda hn k mn bhi pehly do sal yehi karny meely mn jata tha but Allah ka shukar hy education nain mujhy achy bury ki tameez sikha di hy ..DSA id the biggest gangsteri have ever seen …gullu but etc buht choty log hain q k wo atleast es mulk ki youth ka tu satya nass nhi kar rahy nain guards k hathon DSA office mn gradutes ko kan pakar k mar khaty daikha hy ….Ambulance main girls hostel se rat ko girls ko bahir bheejny wala scandle uni kisi tarah daba gae thi q k es mn kuch parda nasheenon k bhi bhi nam aaty thy..wo kam aj bhi jari hy ….UAF media CLUB AUR ART club k back stage aur rehersals mn en ankhn nain kia nhi daikha ….teachers main kia kahon roohani bap hain magar ye kia hy ..zalzaly q aty hain i think in my heart i knew the reason ..yahan students ghutt ghutt k mar jaty hain females ko izat ya degree main se aik choose karni parti ashamed …main tu sharminda hon Pakistan kis second Best university ka student ho k ..q k am dying from inside ..dar khouf ..huhmain unparh he theak tha …..ya shayad we deserve this as we are beggars and beggers cant be the choosers… ham tu 5 sal mn itny buzdil ho gae hain k ab facebook pr bat karty bhi dar lagta so bharas yahan nikal raha…

  • Clearly someone on the administration messed up, big time. I hope this gets enough traction so that it sets a precedent for free speech. Legally though, I don’t think he’s in the clear. As far as I know, campuses have their own byelaws/ rules that are a part of your contract with the University/ school. By doing something like criticizing the administration, you could possibly be in breach of that contract. In that case the university has every right to suspend/ expel you. So in a sense, the campus byelaws would override state laws. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Bylaws are enforced when you are physically present in a place, on the internet….well thats a whole discussion about physical/virtual.

  • You have not mentioned name of university here. It would have been there, so that these institutions think twice before doing any such decisions in future. A university did it, so they should have been given chance to feel the heat, so they know that putting such restrictions will bring them more defame.

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