Telenor Announces 50% Discount on Smart 3G Phones

Telenor seems to be looking to strengthen its foothold as a smartphone distributor. The company has just announced that it will be offering a discount of up to 50 percent when someone buys two of its Smart 3G mobile phones.

There are, however, some caveats and conditions for the discount to be availed. The offer is only available for Telenor 3G devices, i.e. all Telenor Smart 3G branded mobile phones. Phones from any other OEMs are not eligible for this offer.

Customers, who wish to avail this offer, have to buy a Telenor mobile phone at full price to gain a discount for a second device. The 50 percent discount will only be available on the same model that the customer initially bought i.e. both devices must have the same model.

Telenor currently offers 5 Smart 3G devices:

  • Telenor Easy 3G, priced at Rs 2590
  • Telenor Lite 3G, priced at Rs 3690
  • Telenor Smart Mini, priced at Rs 4490
  • Telenor Smart 3G, priced at Rs 5990
  • Telenor Smart Pro, priced at Rs 6490

Details and Specifications of Telenor’s Phones can be viewed here.

Customers can avail this offer from Telenor Sales and Service Centres, Telenor Franchises, Easyshops and retailers.

The offer is more suited for people who want to buy multiple 3G devices. All of the mobile phones on the Telenor catalogue can be considered entry level devices, focused towards 3G access and people who are new to the internet.

What do you think about Telenor’s new offer? Would you be willing to buy two smartphones from Telenor to get a discount on one of those devices?

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