Huawei Sponsors 11th Cholistan Jeep Rally

The 11th Cholistan Jeep rally event was recently sponsored by Huawei.

The event was organized by the Tourism and Development Department of Punjab. TDCP offered complete packages for the tour, from Lahore and Rawalpindi with 2 days to 2 nights offer and 4 days to 3 nights offers. The event was organized with the intent to promote tourism, history of Cholistan and to highlight the beauty of Bahawalpur.

The Cholistan jeep rally event started on 12th of February and continued till 14th of the month. During the first day of the event, registration of the participants, technical examination of the vehicles and medical examination of the participating drivers and navigators were held. Later, a conference was organized near Derawar fort for the drivers and navigators, where lucky draws were also held.

On the second day of the event, on Derawar and near the Derawar fort, three interesting rounds were enjoyed by the participants and the spectators; Qualifying Round, Camel Show and a cultural night amid colorful fireworks.

Huawei expressed its determination to consistently bring innovative products to its customers while contributing its best efforts to promotes such exciting and thrilling events like Cholistan Jeep rally.