Government Released Rs. 1.34 Billion for IT and Telecom Projects During 2015-16

The government has so far released Rs. 1.342 billion against different ongoing projects of the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication under the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) in the current financial year, according to the latest data revealed by the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms.

The Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms does not show the foreign component. However, according to the Economic Affaires Division, China has released Rs. 1.15 billion for establishment of Cross-Border Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) System between China and Pakistan for International connectivity of Voice / Data Traffic for the CPEC.

The government had earmarked Rs 922.804 million, which included Rs. 722.804 million local component and Rs. 150 million foreign component.

However the document of Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms shows that a total of Rs 1342.549 million have so far been released to IT and Telecom Ministry including Rs. 1144.5 million foreign aid and Rs. 198 million as local component.

In addition to Rs. 1.15 billion for fiber optic project, a total of Rs. 198 million fund was released for below projects:

  • Rs 13.44 million against Computerization of PM Secretariat (Phase-II) Islamabad project,
  • Rs 20 million for Construction of Cross – Border Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) System between China and Pakistan for International connectivity of Voice / Data Traffic (GB) (CPEC) against the allocation of Rs 200 million,
  • Rs 2.46 million for E-Enablement of FIA, Islamabad against the budgeted Rs 6.1 million,
  • Rs 3.2 million for Establishment of Coordination Unit at IT & Telecom Division (International Coordination Unit) against the budgeted Rs 8 million,
  • Rs 10 million for Extension of Islamabad Hospital HMIS (Hospital Management Information System) and Networking Facilities to Children Hospital (PIMS),
  • Rs 45.8 million for GSM Expansion of NAs (All Areas) against the estimated Rs 118.45 million,
  • Rs 24 million for Laying of OFC to connect Remote Location of GB and AJK against the budgeted Rs 60 million,
  • Rs million for Online Recruitment System for Federal Public Service Commission Phase-II,
  • Rs 24 million for Provision of GSM Facilities in Neelum District of AJ & K (Phase-I) against Rs 60 million,
  • Rs 36 million for Purchase of Land in Karachi and Lahore for Establishment of IT Parks against Rs 350 million budgeted,
  • Rs 4 million for Strengthening of Server Room at Ministry of IT, Islamabad,
  • Rs 12 million for Site Development and Construction of Boundary Wall at PSEB’s Site for Establishment of IT Park at Chak Shahzad, Islamabad.