Dastawezat: Taking the Hassle Away from University Registrations for Pakistani Students

Ask any Pakistani college student what’s the most aggravating thing that they face (apart from exams prep that is) and the answer is always the same – how can we apply to top-notch universities all over Pakistan without breaking our backs? That’s the question that’s hovering over every Board/A-Level student with exams looming on the horizon. Exams and worries about university admissions at the same time? That can be too much to handle for most.

Ok maybe ‘breaking our backs’ is a figure of speech here, but applying for Pakistani universities located in major cities is no walk in the park for students and their guardians either. There’s travel, lodgings, food and a herculean amount of time and nerves involved here. Until now that is.

A Pakistani startup, Dastawezat wants to take the sting out of this cumbersome process. Here’s how.

Dastawezat Takes Care of Your University Application Submissions

Dastawezet is the brainchild of Wajahat Imam, with Mujeeb ur Rehman and Waseem Sajjad. The JUMPSTART-based startup from Rawalpindi helps students get registered to multiple universities. This is accomplished by the students sending over their documents over Whatsapp or through courier services, and let them know which universities they want to apply for.

The startup has also taken aboard some of the Entry Test experts teachers from Global Academy (Rwp) and Islamia Academy (Peshawar). If you want to prepare yourself for an entry test, the startup has compiled MCQs in CDs for those who want them. Teachers from the above-mentioned academies are also there to help students out.

Dastawezat charges a nominal Rs. 500/- per university application. The student also has to borne the charges of the admission forms regardless.


Lets take an example:

  • Suppose you, the student, want to apply for NET 2 (NUST Entrance Test Exam). Students need to submit all of their documents’ photocopy which includes 10th, 12th DMC, domicile, Form B/CNIC and benevolent certificate from school either through TCS/Daewoo Cargo or just through Whatsapp to Dastawezat.
  • Students will need to submit Rs. 3500 (with 3000 as NET registration fee and 500 as Dastawezat charges) through Easypaisa or through online Payment Solution into HBL/UBL/ABL accounts operated by the startup.
  • As soon as Dastawezat gets all of your documents, they call the student to confirm whether the documents are complete or not.
  • The student is registered over NUST Website (ugadmissions.nust.edu.pk) and all the copies of documents are uploaded there.
  • The very next day, Dastawezat submits the Bank Invoice in HBL and sends you the e-copy of the same either through email/WhatsApp.
  • Meanwhile students can also countercheck the submitted information at the respective universities website too.
  • Dastawezat will dispatch the ROLL NUMBER SLIP the very next day as they get it, and they take care of the charges for dispatching it.

This is how students can avail their services. For those who are concerned about the veracity of the process in case of some miscommunication or any issue concerning a student’s form being mishandled, then Dastawezat will bear all the charges of the new forms and will get the student registered for the test.

Students must be wondering now, that sure that’s just for one university and they barely have time to check when other universities admissions start. The startup takes care of this too. A representative from the company calls up students in such an eventuality. If students give their go-ahead, the startup follows the same procedure as before to get you registered for another university. This saves students the trouble of manually surfing the internet to check other universities admission status.

The startup is also in talks with other stakeholders for offering value-added services for students such as attestation of degrees HEC and even Equivalence Certificates from IBCC, Islamabad.

What Universities are Covered By Them Currently?

Currently the startup covers these few universities (with more in the pipeline):

  • IBA
  • NUST
  • LUMS
  • QAU
  • IIUI
  • MAJU
  • KMU
  • UET Tax, Lhr, Peshawar
  • KEMU
  • AIMC
  • Hitec Tax
  • GIKI

Each university has campus ambassadors who apprise Dastawezat regarding their Universities Admissions and in return, the startup updates their clients.


A Major Concern – Security of Documents

One thing most readers of ProPakistani would like to know is that how would the security of the documents be ensured. With any new startup, especially one dealing with confidential student information, the concern is that their data is not sold or misused in any way.

Mr. Wajahat Imam (Founder of Dastawezat) has also given this issue considerable thought. As a new and upcoming brand that wants to serve Pakistani students better, he shared how he is allaying the concerns initially:

‘As an alumnus from Cadet College Kohat, my first step was to reach out to the College Administration there and convince them of what we’re doing here with Dastawezat. The administration has agreed to collaborate, and around 50-60 students from the Cadet College have tried our services. This initiative was important to develop our brand name and also the trust factor among others.’

It seems like that effort has paid off, as Wajahat tells me that these initial students have referred many others to avail their services. Wajahat also stated that many other Academies are also on board with them, which also helps bridge the trust deficit. They’ll be displaying the copies of those agreements so that there’s no confusion regarding affiliations and authenticity. And most importantly, there’s plans to have a legal guarantee with the services that Dastawezat will be offering, so as to give their clients complete peace of mind.

Wajahat reveals that photocopies of the documents would suffice, and this can help students since they can be reproduced from their database.

Vote for Dastawezat in Startup Expo 2016

This year’s START UP EXPO 2016 also features Dastawezat, and you can vote for them here.

We wish Wajahat and his team best of luck and hope that their startup continues to grow and become a handy tool for Pakistani students who want to put their studies and future upfront and center.

You can check out the service here on Facebook. The team is currently working to get their website live and running in collaboration with internet.org.

Image Credits: Dastawezat Facebook Page

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  • It means Dastawezat fills the form on behalf of the students against a fee. Most universities mention in terms that form should be filled by the applicant himself and signed. How you deal with it and institutions allow it? Also this service is legal or regulated?

    • Yeah that’s exactly how Dastawezat works. Well actually its not an issue they mention this in order to make sure that the credentials entered are true as the student himself knows the best. I was in Cadet College 3 years back and my father used to apply on my behalf in all these universities. We have contacted different Universities Admin. Staff for this and majority of them agreed only the point raised was by IBA and Insha Allah will cater all of them. Yeah it’s legal and have involved NUST officials with us.

      • Parents/Guardians can fill the forms, there is no objection on it usually. It is fine if admission offices are okay with it. I don’t mean to discourage you. Good wishes for this initiative.

        • Thanks for Understanding Yeah we have consulted different Univ Admin Staff for this

  • People wont share their Credentials including C.N.I.C and Photo, cell no e.t.c, Specially Girls, so I would wish you all the best only.

    • Yeah exactly you have raised a good point. Meanwhile we dont have any legal guarantor for this yet but as soon as we cross certain Benchmark will employ a legal guarantor for this and this will also be resolved. Plus we are also taking high care of it as we are professionals we respect each members privacy and as far as number is concerned she can relate her father number and CNIC is of no use as we are getting the labeled copy thus its cant be fraudulently used. Still we apreciate your concern.

  • Some universities require you to fill forms with details such as your hobbies, career aspirations, achievements and other behavioral questions that can only be answered by candidates. In fact, IBA uses these details during interviews.

    How do you deal with this problem?

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