Netsol’s NSPIRE Announces Three Startups for its First Cycle

NSPIRE, Netsol’s tech incubator, today announced that three start-up companies have been selected for its first incubation cycle.

Selected startup companies will have access to to Netsol staff, including programmers, marketers, among other key employees, to help further develop and implement their business models.

First Batch of Startups in Incubation Cycle

Startups which have been selected for incubation at NSpire include:

  1. Electroid: Home automation software that controls and monitors home power consumption;
  2. Tutorciti: Online classroom that provides one-on-one lessons for students in real-time with qualified teachers; and
  3. 1Click: Online event planning platform

“Pakistan’s entrepreneurial spirit is being fueled by a growing pool of talented, highly motivated people looking to develop next-generation technologies into successful companies,” – Najeeb Ghauri, CEO of NetSol Technolgies.

Every five months, three to five different start-up companies will work from NetSol’s Pakistan campus and have access to Netsol’s staff.

Each entity can avail a rent-free co-working space. They will also be assigned mentors, including executives from the tech industry, which are chosen based on the specific needs of each incubator company. In exchange, NetSol will receive equity in each of the incubator companies.

  • Good to see established companies promoting entrepreneurship.How Tutorciti will provide live lessons? Any link to contact them?

    • We provide the lessons through our platform. You can see our website www,tutorciti,pk or facebook,com/tutorciti to contact us anytime

  • If one to one lesson is provided from experienced teacher than I think parents should now stop their kids goto school and make them sit in front of computer.

    Is that they really want to build?

    • We are not replacing school system but helping the students by giving them access to quality teachers anytime, anywhere. Please see our website and Facebook page for details, you can also message us for any information.

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