Ayaz Sadiq Bans Assembly Coverage through Cell Phones

Expressing serious annoyance over the leak of Joint Session proceeding videos through smartphone cameras, the National Assembly (NA) Speaker Sardar Ayyaz Sadiq has barred the journalists from the coverage of NA proceedings through cell phones and Skype.

Speaker NA took notice of coverage of joint session of parliament through mobile phone and imposed ban on mobile phone coverage. He has also decided to contact PEMRA on this matter.

NA speaker said that parliamentary rules and regulation don’t allow coverage of proceedings through mobile phone.

We aren’t sure what exactly Speaker National Assembly wants to hide by banning coverage through cell phones

Parliamentary reporters can not use skype or mobile cameras for coverage of proceedings. On violation, action may be taken against the channels.

It is considered the beauty of democratic norms to keep each and everything open before the general public. Openness can give chances to the general public to make decisions independently in view what is happening, however the latest move deny such rights.

  • What Ayaz Sadiq Wants? Not allowing PTV then why not Cell Phone
    these craps are elected leaders,what they r trying to hide?

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