Panama Leaks: 400 Pakistanis with Offshore Companies to Get Exposed on May 9th

According to the Pakistani journalist who collaborated with an international consortium of investigative journalists to first break the story of the Panama leaks, some 400 more Pakistani individuals are expected to be named in another bombshell leak after May 9.

Just like Wikileaks before it, the record of Panama Papers is expected to go public on May 9 as per The News. Anyone will be able to search the database for information regarding the Panama Papers, which have been meticulously compiled by the International Consortium of Journalists (ICIJ) with information on 200,000+ companies.

New Data, New Scandals

Even though it is the politicians who have faced increased scrutiny in the aftermath of the Panama leaks, the new data is expected to contain more Pakistani businessmen than political bigwigs.

Many businesses who have had offshore accounts in tax havens like the British Virgin Islands, Seychelles, Panama, NIUE and other such jurisdictions are expected to be revealed.

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The investigative journalist hinted that Karachi-based business owners lead in numbers, with Lahore-based owners coming in a close second. A majority of those named reside in Defence Housing Society in the cities.

When Will the Data Become Publicly Available?

On May 9, from 2 PM EDT (1800 UTC), users will be able to search through records of more 200,000+ companies in addition to the 100,000 companies that were part of the ICIJ Offshore Leaks investigation in 2013.

Since its release, many countries have seen protests and movements which have led to resignation, declaration of tax returns and increased public pressure on holders of public office.

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