Panama Leaks: 400 Pakistanis with Offshore Companies to Get Exposed on May 9th

According to the Pakistani journalist who collaborated with an international consortium of investigative journalists to first break the story of the Panama leaks, some 400 more Pakistani individuals are expected to be named in another bombshell leak after May 9.

Just like Wikileaks before it, the record of Panama Papers is expected to go public on May 9 as per The News. Anyone will be able to search the database for information regarding the Panama Papers, which have been meticulously compiled by the International Consortium of Journalists (ICIJ) with information on 200,000+ companies.

New Data, New Scandals

Even though it is the politicians who have faced increased scrutiny in the aftermath of the Panama leaks, the new data is expected to contain more Pakistani businessmen than political bigwigs.

Many businesses who have had offshore accounts in tax havens like the British Virgin Islands, Seychelles, Panama, NIUE and other such jurisdictions are expected to be revealed.

See: List of 200 Pakistani individuals and entities exposed in Panama Papers

The investigative journalist hinted that Karachi-based business owners lead in numbers, with Lahore-based owners coming in a close second. A majority of those named reside in Defence Housing Society in the cities.

When Will the Data Become Publicly Available?

On May 9, from 2 PM EDT (1800 UTC), users will be able to search through records of more 200,000+ companies in addition to the 100,000 companies that were part of the ICIJ Offshore Leaks investigation in 2013.

Since its release, many countries have seen protests and movements which have led to resignation, declaration of tax returns and increased public pressure on holders of public office.

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  • umer

    Panama is a fraud trying to defame Pakistani business men and leadership.

    • shiftew

      You are an asshat

      • umer

        I can write some leaks and put your name in it then how will you feel about it?

        • Muhammed Ovais Alam

          Are you even sane?

          • Umer

            Nawaz Sharif said during his address to nation that before judging others you should first verify and after investigation then hold other accountable. First see pm address to nation in detail then you will understand the point I am making.

            • Agree with you Umer my Madni bhai… Yeh sirf “Yahood-o-Nasara” kee sazish hai hum masoom musalmanon kay khilaf….

              • shiftew

                Lol youre an asshat too

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                  learn proper grammar before insulting other people. :-D

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                    • And people who don’t get sarcasm are retards :-D

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                      People who dont get science joke are asshats ?

              • shiftew

                Jese ke unke log to doodh sy dhuley hn,unka naam to aya heh nahin hai -_- wallstreet is the most corrupt

              • Omer Khan

                lol Nawaz Sharif is a hypocrite, He really is. He had off shore businesses of Billions of Dollars. It isnt only for NS, in other democratic nations leaders had to resign on this base. If people like you still exist. Then we truly are a ‘beghairat’ Nation.

            • Omer Khan

              lol Nawaz Sharif is a hypocrite, He really is. He had off shore businesses of Billions of Dollars. It isnt only foR NS in other democratic nations leaders had to resign. If people like you still exist. Then we truly are a beghairat Nation.

        • shiftew

          Dude as long as im being exposed of doing something wrong with someone,im okay with that

        • shiftew

          You see this world is a [email protected]#! Up place and poor will only find themselves getting ripped by rich and people who are corrupt, people like him stand up agaisnt such crimes and they bring hope to people to stand up agaisnt asshats like u

      • Askarian

        He is delusional . Still in denial.

        • shiftew

          Like seriously,wtf is wrong with him

      • ali

        what about defame of people of west ? still fraud?

        • shiftew

          Why not o.o anyone whose name is in panama leaks are fraud,journalist like him and edward snowden make world a better place

    • Zawyar Ur Rehman

      Eik aur parha likha jahil.

    • ShahRukh Naeem

      You could have just wrote “Yeh Yahoodi sazish hai”.

      • umer

        Nawaz Sharif while addressing to nation said that he is ready to resign if proven guilty.His level of confidence proves that he is telling the truth.

        • shiftew

          Like he would resign,he loves to rip poor apart,and make shitload of money, ezat dar woh log hein jinhone khud accept karke resign kardia,besides what is there to prove?you got the documents of their karnaamey.. Aur kya prove hoga

        • abbas raza

          yaar agar itna hi saaf hai tu bata da na kay passay kis tarha bhar bhachay os nay.batata kiyo nahi hai.tahi tu poch rahay hai log.

        • Canuck

          Confidence is because Who will do the investigation in Pakistan. No one.
          Now As per the reports from ICJI and papers published this is already an investigated case. No more investigation required.
          His sons have admitted that they own the flat through offshore companies. True
          NS is saying the companies and flats belong to his kids. True.
          Question of the matter is the flats were bought in 90’s when the kids were minors. So how was the money transferred to offshore companies.
          Why the Assets were not declared on election submissions.
          So now NS can pull this as much as he can but will have to face the consequences. Peoplelike Umer here that are not understanding the issue will keep supporting NS and it’s not their fault. It’s beyond their level. Poor ppl of Pakistan doesn’t know what is income tax system. What is declaration of assets. What is offshore heavens. Why money laundering is illegal.
          So NS is stuck and his day as numbered this time.

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      Isliay fraud hai kay ye ‘YOUR’ highness ko expose kr chuka hai.

    • reply to a shit

      Aqal sa pedal ho kia matric pass..
      Jab dusta coutries ka leaders ya baat maan rha hain and ja rha hain tu ya ganja akela he sacha ha?

    • BADAR

      You are right

    • Use Brain

      Are you a paid member of PMLN cyberwing? Because I can respect that.
      But if this is how you actually rationalize the events that unfolded before us, goes to show we need to completely overhaul our education system, the countries education system is producing dimwitted individuals.

    • Fahad

      LOL!! jo karwa rha hai ‘amreeka’ karwa rha hai.. Just saying! :P

    • Pakistani

      yey yahodi shahzish hy*

  • saeed

    Three prime ministers so far resign because of this so it’s not joke. Our leaders are like Glue and nothing affect them.

    • shiftew


      • eyescreaman


  • Shujjah Ud Din Babar

    next leaks ??? haha what a joke
    yeh just leaks nawaz shrif ko cover karnay kay liy hai just

    • Fahad

      o bhai panama wale itne weiley nai jo ganjon ko beth k cover karein! Seriously mate get a life!

  • GayleProFucker

    Fuck all currept people

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  • Adil Mufti

    Why a international agency intentionally defame Pakistani businessmen& Political Leadership ?

  • No surprises. Pakistani’s are among the worst people on the planet. Israeli’s have more humanity on them.

  • Babrak Khan

    The News story may land PM Nawaz & children in trouble

    Soon after the Panama Leaks made headlines, the children of Pakistan’s Prime Minister appeared in dozens of TV shows to defend their properties abroad.

    Talking to an anchor of private news channel, one of Nawaz’s sons claimed that the Sharif family had purchased the Flats in Park Lane after selling their steel mill in Jeddah.

    However, the story published in The News has exposed the lie of ruling family by publishing a decision of London court.

    According to The News reporter Usman Manzoor, the London court in 1999 had proceeded against PM’s two brothers and father, Mian Shahbaz Sharif, Mian Abbas Sharif and Mian Muhammad Sharif, for defaulting on a loan obtained from the Al-Towfeek Investment Fund in the name of Hudaibiya Paper Mills and had attached four properties of the Sharifs.

    UK court’s decision proved that the Sharif family was the declared owner of the London flats because it obtained a loan facility from a UK-based investment fund by pledging these properties with the fund.

    The Sharif family’s response so far has mainly remained focused on the post 2006 transactions while the family has so far tried to avoid discussing the details of offshore companies from 1993 to 2006.

    How will the Sharif family justify their claims of not owning the offshore companies and London flats prior to 2006?

    London court’s 1999 decision proves Sharifs own Park Lane flats

    ISLAMABAD: The London High Court’s 1999 decision in the Hudaibiya Papers Mills loans acquired through the Al-Towfeek Investment Fund is the most convincing and irrefutable documentary evidence… (30KB)

    London court’s 1999 decision proves Sharifs own Park Lane flats

    ISLAMABAD: The London High Court’s 1999 decision in the Hudaibiya Papers Mills loans acquired through the Al-Towfeek Investment Fund is the most convincing and irrefutable documentary evidence… (30KB)