Google’s Spaces Is a New App for Small Group Sharing

Sharing Facebook or YouTube links is usually a hassle in social networking apps, especially when your friends use different IM apps or social network apps. It always involves a lot of app switching for sharing just one video or meme with someone, not anymore.

Presenting Google Spaces

Google is rolling out a new group sharing app called Google Spaces which lets people get together to share with each other. It’s simpler to find articles, videos or images without switching to another app because Google Search, YouTube and Chrome are built in, in this app.


When someone shares something to a space, the conversational view will let you  check out what everyone in the space is talking about

If you want to look up something that was shared earlier, a video, comments or an image, then the search tab lets you find it easily.


A space can be created by just tapping the topic of your interest once, and invite anyone to the topic via messaging, email, social network etc.

Google said that they’ll be “experimenting” with Spaces at Google I/O. They have made a space for each session so that the developers can connect with other people and other developers at the I/O event.

Spaces is available on Android, iOS, desktop and mobile web for all Gmail users.

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