General Electric To Set up Digital Power Plants in Pakistan

General Electric has planned to set up Digital Power Plants in Pakistan. It signed contracts with Halmore Power Generation Company Limited and Orient Power Company Ltd to provide its Predix-enabled Digital Power Plant solutions.

The projects will cause transfer of technology in Pakistan as more power generating companies in the private sector will acquire such digital solutions for efficient power producing plants to help meet the local requirements.

Also, the local workforce could be trained for setting up advanced applications in power sector in Pakistan as last year GE announced to invest $50 million in Pakistan to set up technology and digital center in Pakistan.

The projects will help meet the Government’s Vision 2025 to double power generation to over 45,000 megawatts (MW) and increase electricity access from 67 to over 90 percent of the population.

The project aims to provide electricity access to 90% of the Pakistani population

The deployment of GE Power’s Digital Power Plant solutions will enhance the thermal efficiency of Halmore’s power plant in Bhikki, and Orient’s plant in Balloki, Punjab, by using GE’s Industrial Internet to integrate advanced data analytics with heavy machinery. The implementation of GE’s solutions will commence at Balloki later this year.

Pakistan plays a key role in these investments. GE’s Digital Power Plant solutions for Pakistan integrate hardware, software applications with operations optimization and predictive analytics capabilities to deliver such benefits as improving thermal efficiency and enhancing plant operations.

Last year, GE announced to invest $50 million in Pakistan to set up technology and digital center in Pakistan.

Globally, GE estimates there is $1.3 trillion in value creation between now and 2025 for companies that are going digital and $90 billion is expected to be invested in the energy industry’s digitization by 2020.

Sarim Sheikh, President and CEO, GE Pakistan, explained that one of the key pillars of the energy strategy of the country is to maximize the utilization of resources through the efficient operation of power plant assets. Hence, GE’s Predix-enabled software solutions will help improve asset management and predictive maintenance. Pakistan is one of the early adopters of GE’s Industrial Internet solutions, which will contribute positively to reducing the energy shortage in the country.

Pakistan is one of the first adopters of General Electric’s Industrial Power Solutions

Powered by Predix, the only cloud-based operating system built exclusively for industry, GE’s Digital Power Plant solutions uses data analytics to provide power generators and utilities with insights about generation capacity and plant performance. The software also enables generators to respond quickly, efficiently and profitably to fluctuations in demand and supply by enhancing plant operations and business decision making, with potential increases in performance.

For example, GE’s Asset Performance Management (APM) is a Predix-based software application which draws data from all the component systems of a power plant in order to monitor, analyze, enhance and predict equipment health. APM’s anomaly detection capability helps predict outages before they happen, which enables just-in-time maintenance optimization and reduced plant downtime. In addition, GE’s Operations Optimization enables real-time operation decision-making based on analysis of plant capacity and customer demand, as well as the generating capacity and cost from all fuel sources available to the customer.

GE has three offices in the country – in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. GE-built technologies generate more than 25 percent of Pakistan’s electricity, while GE and its joint venture partners power more than 60 percent of the aircraft operated by Pakistani commercial carriers and GE Healthcare devices are installed in more than 70 percent of large hospitals across the country.

  • Lol, what’s a digital power plant exactly? Is that layman’s term for SCADA? Then maybe you would be surprised to know that’s an industry standard and nothing new in this day.

  • better get off grid and produce your own electricity via solar or wind. This wapda will always buy electricity at expensive rates then subsidize it and cry over circular debt, cause power outages and the cycle continues again….

  • History tells us that Pakistan had been a loser in any such like US help. US had never wanted Pakistan to be self sufficient.

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