PEMRA Postpones Deadline for Cable Operators To Go Digital

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has postponed the deadline of 30th May, 2016 for the shifting of Satellite TV channels from analogue networks to digital networks.

A copy of the decision is available with ProPakistani which states that a series of meetings were held to review road map for cable TV digitization on 27th and 28th May 2016 at the PEMRA Headquarters.

After deliberation with Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA) and Cable Operators of Karachi, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Hyderabad, SUKKAR, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Multan & Hassanabdal, PEMRA has agreed to postpone the original deadline.

As of yet, no mention has been made of the new deadline.

    • And also the RS/-500 per monthly rental from currently RS/-200 per month
      Personally I have 3 television sets in my home which. Means I will have to spend 15000 upfront and from 600 per month I will need to pay 1500 per month.

      Zarb e Azab is needed in Pemra and pta

      • mery bhai 50 rupay ki market sa splitter la aao or 400 bachay ga wo mujy chanda kr dena…

          • you can use a splitter if you want to share a single uplink with three devices. But again, three STB are must required. If you have one STB, you can view digital/HD channels on that. The analogue channels can be seen without STB on rest of the devices.

          • mere bhai anday to nhi kha liye aap na? wo cable ki baat kr rhay hai 600 rupay da rhay hai splitter sa bach jain gaye 400.

            • Phir se parhain aur samajhne ki koshish karain woh keh kya rahay hain. Ya phir kisi parhay likhe shaks se raabta karain ke woh apko lafz dar lafz explain kar sakay. Andha hota to apke comment ka jawab na de sakta, magar aapne itna zaroor sabit kar diya ke aapke pass aqal nahin hai.

    • For better quality and more channels, I am willing to pay that and I am sure hundred of thousands of people will.

      • go to PEMRA website and look for authorized channels and then ill ask you what MORE CHANNELS are you talking about :)

  • cable Operators Mafia didn’t want us to Go Digital as first they stop DTH now digital.

    • so you can pay 5k upfront and 500 per month instead of 200 upfront and 200 per month?

      • Indians are more poor than us they can afford it then we can. In my area Rs 3500 for STB and 400 Per Month

        • Where does India come anywhere in this. And which world you are living in? The per capita in nominal and PPP GDP for India is $1688 and $6209 respectively. The same for Pakistan is $1427 and $5084. So, an average Indian is at least $200 richer than average Pakistani. Living in a box never helps dude, never helps!

      • I Paid 10,500 Upfront and Paying 500 RS Monthly For DWN Wireless HD TV Service.
        Cable Service in Pakistan is Pathetic, Cable TV remains off most of the Time Due to Load Shedding and Channels are not Clear. Cable TV Cannot Compete with Indian DISH TV, PTCL Smart Tv, DWN, Wateen and other High Quality Service Providers in Pakistan.

        You Pay 200 Per Month with 500 Upfront, you also Get a Poor Service.
        DTH will give you High Quality Service.

  • Ajkl jugaar ho rh hai 6 feet dish with 2 lnb one for diah tv india and other for pakistani channels and it has more than 500 channels. Plus 65 indian hd channels and v clear quality pakistani channels. Aur monthly chrges juat 200 or less. Plus star sports 1234 all hd and tenaports and ptv sports availble.

      • get 6 feet dish , 2 lnb, search on internet on how to connect 2 LNB on one dish
        set one LNB towards Paksat 1R, other towards NSS6 setllites
        get a receiver which gives you dish TV package e.g. Starsat SR2000HD ace (15 months dish tv subscription included, wifi or 3g required to see dish tv)
        Rs. 5600 ka receiver+dish 2200+1500 lnb+200 dish tv lnb

        • Zabardast! But is there a one window solution to it? I mean some shopwala who knows n installs this setup in Karachi? Or do i have to find each above-mentioned component myself? I’ve been really sick of local cable tv now. Their result has been so messed up and they don’t listen to complaints so alternate is dish. Please help out. I’m not into satellites n dishes, just a lay man. So you might have to guide me all the way to home :)

          • google for “Pakistani Satellite Forum” you’ll find people on that forum who will provide the service and set up everything for you. That forum has more info too if you want to learn everything and install yourself.

        • What should be minimum speed of wifi to watch uninterrupted hd content through this? I have 4mb ptcl dsl. But the 720p hd content buffers on hdmi dongle. So please explain.

          • wifi connection is needed just to verify your DishTV license key from server. channels will stream from satellite. So few kbps would be enough.

    • Shosha chor k kahan bhaag gaye? Aao logon k sawalat ka jawab dou Mahesar Sahab. Nawaz Sharif na bano.

  • Actual deadline was 30-Sep-2016. It was not 30-May-2016. It can be checked from Pemra website. DTH auction will be held during Ramazan.

    • No its up to cable operators who are willing to start can start any time but whole pak cable to start shifting in digital can required time many cable operators are already started digital cable in Lahore like world call, Max and ptcl start with digital cable from many years now

  • In fast moving world where Led, Smarttv, OLED are used in western world we are still on anlog cabel Yes this is expensive but person like mei am fedup with Bad cable quality i am waiting for digital cable and set of box will provide more then 200 channel’s In HD format
    The person who have 3,4 tv in homes can face problem those still can pay 200 but channels will be only 60 after pemra deadlines end

  • i totally agree that it is too much to pay for just digitilization, why government not subsidize as that is their mistake

  • All of us saying each other India is growing rapidly, India is developing fast. India already digitilized all cable tv networks exists in country. When Pakistan govt. starts something for us all of us starts crying, why?

    All of us saying “Ameer or ameer hota ja raha hai or ghareeb or ghareeb hota ja raha hai”, Why?

    If a person spends rupees one or two hundred thousands to opens a shop in (for example) Township, Lahore we buy a chilled half litter coke in Rs. 40/- we never even think about the shopkeeper how he or she managed the electricity cost, shop rent,etc. On the other hand if a person opens a shop at Mall Road, defence, gulberg etc and spends rupees 40 to 80 hundred thousands or crore all of us buy a same half litter coke bottle in Rs. 50/- or Rs. 60/-, Why?

    Remember Coca-Cola company gives more discounted prices & sometimes pays off utility bills.

    Same Attitude we are applying here we spends money on dish tv’s for digital tv (India is collecting all the profits from Pakistan) but not ready to pay small cable operators for same digital tv, Why?

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