General Mobile 4G Review (Unboxing & First Impressions)

General Mobile 4G — a Turkish brand — was launched in Pakistan just earlier this week by during its Mobile Week Sales. It is the second Android One Smartphone to be launched in Pakistan and carries a price tag of Rs. 13,499, making it one the best choices among budget smartphones.

The phone is available in black & white. I’ve gotten the black version and here in this article I will share the first impressions of this device.

Let’s start with the unboxing.


General Mobile 4G comes in a pretty standard packaging. You get a fairly small box with the specs listed on the back and the Android One branding on the sides.






Inside the box everything is tightly packed. On the top there is the device wrapped in plastic with stickers containing key specifications.

Lifting the plastic compartment underneath the phone reveals the accessories that come with it – a 3.5mm headset with extra earbuds, charger, USB syncing/charging cable, 2500mAh battery, a user’s manual and a screen protector.

First Impressions

The phone greets you with its 5”, 720p LCD display protected by Gorilla Glass 4 and at the back you have a faux leather texture.

The back cover is removable and you can find the dual-SIM slots and a mircoSD card slot under it.


The first thing that you’ll notice while holding the phone is its light weight. It fits right in your hand and feels comfortable while holding.

This phone has the usual button placement – power button and the volume control on the right side, 3.5mm headphone jack on the top and the micro-USB charging port on the bottom surrounded by the speakers on either side of it.

On the top front you get the earpiece, a 5MP camera in the middle and your standard array of sensors.



Due to the all plastic build, you won’t get the premium glass and metal feel that you get from devices like Samsung Galaxy A3 and similar. However, the reason you will be buying this device is not for the premium build quality but for the timely updates from Google and to have the best stock Android experience at this price, and that is exactly what this delivers.



  • Stock Android Marshmallow 6.0.1
  • 5-inch, 720×1280 LCD screen
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 64-bit (1.2 GHz quad core)
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB internal storage
  • microSD card support
  • 13 MP primary camera, dual LED flash, 1080p recording
  • 5 MP secondary camera, HD recording
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/ g, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, 3G/4G
  • Dimensions: 140.50 x 69.75 x 9.30
  • Weight: 135.0 grams
  • Battery: 2500mAh

That’s it for for now. I will be using the General Mobile 4G as my daily driver for few days until I share more updates and an in-depth review.

If you want to know more about this device, feel free to share your suggestions and questions in the comments section.

  • Hello siri have a question.. Can u tell me that is it can support more than 1 ampere charger?

      • Dear Aamir He is right. Agar writer ne phone poori tarah experience hi nahin kiya to itni jaldi review dene ki kya zaroorat thi? Writer ko chahiye tha Review ki bajaye Unboxing and First impression only ke words use karta. Review myn sab phone, battery aur sound performance ka analysis expect kartay hyn. I hope you understand

          • Mobile week khatam hony sy phly agar review kr dain to mujh ghareeb ka b bhala ho jaye ga jo khareedny ki sooch raha ha.

          • Sarkar, as Zafar has correctly pointed out, there is a night and day difference between ‘review’ and ‘unboxing/first impressions’. For this article, the use of the word ‘review’ in the title is totally incorrect.

          • First impressions to daraz walo na kb ka da diya….. specifications copy paste kr k ehsan kr dia aap logo na bhi…..

    • I got it delivered yesterday. Using it on full battery since last afternoon its been almost 24 hrs n my wifi at home & 3G on the go was constant on. Just now i get remaining 15% notification. So for me its pretty good

      • I want to buy it for my little cousin. He wants a phone which can play heavy games without lag. Can you please test some heavy graphics games and let me know it lags or not?

            • Lol that does not mean it’s better. Both processors are on par, with the Note 2 even taking a lead in some scenarios.

              • Yes that does mean it’s better in performance. If u take a mediatek chip and compare it with a Qualcomm snapdragon of same caliber u will always find snapdragon better. That is another reason mediatek phones are cheap. Anyways I want phone better in terms of performance nothing else.

                • Ha, if only it was that straightforward. That may have been true some time ago. But mediatek has come a long way. You should check out the benchmark scores for snapdragon 410 and the mediatek MT6753. Mediatek is only cheaper because it’s a Chinese company, while Qualcomm is American.

  • its made in china and the thing problem with this mobile it become hot if u use more and also its a very light plastic body that’s why it is light weight

  • Assalam u Alaikum, Dear please tell what sensors this phone has especially does it has gyro or not

          • Can’t post link put look up the article on androidcentral about Google and Qualcomm teaming up and leasing Chinese odms to produce a generic android one handsets for oems around the world. Phones like this, the BLU life and Lava One introduced in India are exactly identical except for a few design customizations.

            • You are talking about 3g Android devices. This one is 4g. And it was launched in Turkey before and now in Pakistan. You don’t even know what device you are talking about

              • No I am talking about this very device, and the 60 others exactly like this, made with the exact same internals according to Google’s device specifications for the Android One program.

                • I really don’t know why you keep on commenting like you know each and everything. Read before you post. Even qmobile launched that 3g one. This is 4g phone with different processor and RAM.

      • Most Android One handsets are actually rebranded off the shelf models with a few changes. And that’s exactly what this is.

  • thanks Bilal. but agar ik video review krdo bhalay short e about speed, camera and ui wagera to discount mey lenay ka faida ho jaeyga.

  • The thing with these new chinese handsets is, you won’t find even a battery for it when in one year its battery is too weak or dead. That’s what happened with me in my Gfive G9. I couldn’t find a battery for it in all over Lahore. If there is a problem after a year, only a handful people will be repairing it. Others just simply refuse saying they don’t repair chinese handsets.

  • This is an Android one smartphone. It will get guaranteed software updates from Google directly. This phone will easily last more than other phones with similar price / specs.

    Ps: A Nexus Fan.

    • Android One is a poor man’s Nexus program. Phones with bare minimum specs, cheap build quality, and only supported for two years max. Since this phone released last year, it’ll only get upto Android N.

  • display also doesn’t seems to be sharp as it is mentioned 720p .. what is dimension of this display? ?

  • To all readers, if you are really looking for an amazing phone and in cheap price, go buy the phone before mobile week ends :)

    I am not some Daraz employee, but I recieved my GM 4G today and its damn so cool, beleive me. It has Snapdragon, Gorilla Glass, Android One and many more, what other phone you have in mind that has same feature and price even close to it. That’s all I have to inspire as well wisher :)

  • I’ve got the same but one thing is annoying me. There is no warranty coverage with the cellphone.

  • Go for Sky Vega Iron 2. Its just an amazing phone. Am using it in these days and lovin it.
    Details are in the attached image

  • What the actual f? Did the admin really censored each and every comment on the article? That’s a new low for pro pk.

  • This mobile have 2 speaker grills in the bottom but only one produce sound, is this by default or I got the faulty piece?

  • this phone have 2 speaker grills in the bottom, but only one is producing sound.. is this by default or i got the defected piece?

  • sir i have a question,, my question is thathow i buy its bettry and other assecories?

  • close