PEMRA Bans Aamir Liaqat’s Inaam Ghar Show

Pakistan Electronic and Media Regulatory Authority today decided to ban Geo TV’s popular Inaam Ghar Show for three days for following things:

  • Showing scenes of a girl committing suicide
  • Letting go on-air an indecent call of a female caller
  • A man abusing on-air for winning a bike

Infamous Dr. Aamir Liaqat hosts the show that Geo TV presents specifically during Ramzan.

PEMRA, in a directive issued today, said that Geo TV should share its detailed viewpoint on above mentioned complaints before third day of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Update: Sindh High Court Lifts Ban: Aamir Liaqat Show to Air Today as Usual

However, for violating the code and conduct, Inaam Ghar was banned immediately for three days starting from June 28th, 2016.

Mr. Aamir Liaqat is also asked to apologize in the show for above mentioned violations or PEMRA may take action against Mr. Liaqat.

PEMRA also directed Mr. Liaqat to abide by social values and to stop wearing military uniform for commercial means without informing ISPR.

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Below is the copy of PEMRA’s letter sent to Geo TV:


    • Some good steps taken by PEMRA first banned Hamza Ali Abbasi and now Aamir liaqat.

    • Grow up guys, the reasons are clearly mentioned and you can see the recordings. You like that show does not means everyone also like it. what happening in show was unethical and insane and it should have been banned. You think if someone joins MQM they have authority to do abusive programs on TV?

      • Nop aisa nahi hai k jo MQM join kary usy aisy show karny ka haq mil gaya. Baat yeh hai k yeh jo Recordings hain yeh Ramazan k Starting time ki hain Ban karny main itna time lag gya. Jesy he MQM Join ki wesy he Ban lag gya. Yahan sy Shak start hota hai

  • Ab ma Amir bhai ki kutey jaise zuban nikalney wali acting kaise dekhonga :(

  • Aamir Liaqat (Bahropia) must be ban permanently. A vulgar and naked program in Ramzan, Aamir Laiqat always speak double meaning words.

    • lol Tanweer
      khya pehli dafa net use ker raha ho shyad tumhay facebook aur zemtv ka b pata nahi hoga … google ka tu bachay aj yeh sab ker la phir aamir liaquat ka chechora pan ka pata chal ja ga…….

  • It should have banned for rest of life or at least for rest of this Ramadan, Three days ban is nothing for the charges listed above.

  • Hahahahahaha Welcome to MQM.. 90 Days Remand k liye bhe Ready rehna ho ga Amir Liaqat ko ab :P

  • We must appreciate PEMRA steps. I hope this must be for all such programs and events.

  • kamal karte ho pande G.. har koyi awam ko chuttiya banne may laga howa hain… Ramadan aur deen (islam) ka kiya haal kiya hain tum Media walon ne. but the day will come… Jab ramadan khatm howa tho 3 din ke pabandi wah re wah..

  • What does pemra with its channels while there is a programme on the corruption of the government.It is shameful.

  • Dear PEMRA, please ban this cursed soul for ever because he is attempting to ruin our culture, religion and moral values.

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