New ‘My Activity’ Page Shows Everything Google Knows About You

Google has launched a new and comprehensively exhaustive ‘My Activity’ page, letting people know that the company does, in fact, know everything about your online activities.

Let’s take a look at the new My Activity page.

Details about My Activity Page

The Activity page holds a lot of information about you, particularly about your internet habits. Google can now show you just how much it knows about you. It tracks your search engine queries, your web history, your app usage (from Android and the likes). It gives you a timeline of all your activities, arranged in a simple card format.


Aside from showing you all the information about you, it also provides a link to the data collection services that Google uses. The information is centered around the previously mentioned web activity, searches and Google products. You can turn this behavior off if you like.

The My Activity interface also shows you a bundled list, which summarizes all the information that is viewable, but the option to view everything in detail is also available.


You can also search individually about each product by using their search function as well. For instance, you can choose to display results from Google Maps only, Image Search and so on.

Concluding Thoughts

In a sense, the Activity page lists all the things that you do with Google’s products and services, and by providing the option to modify and delete their information freely, Google is giving users some measure of control over their own privacy.

In the upcoming days you will be asked to opt in for ‘My Activity’ services. Or you can turn it on or off now if you visit the My Activity site here.

More information about it is available on the Google Support site.

Via Android Police

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